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Amazon Advertising: How to do it ?

Amazon is a big world and every one of us uses it, and not just for buying products but also for various other work, like, to check prices, discover new products, and conduct product research. Which makes it essential to buckle up your advertising strategy and work the way customers want us to.

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Ways to sidestep the Amazon Price War

Pricing is one of the main criteria to win the share of amazon’s buy box. But sometimes, the merchants are concerned about the prices for increasing their profits. Instead of worrying about having the lowest cost among your competitors and getting into price wars and making it ugly, you can avoid it, for the good

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How to market your product to Generation Z

If you want to boost your sales, the best way is to the generation of active users who are the next active decision-makers i.e. the Generation Z. This Generation has some different buying patterns as every generation does

But first, it is important to know who GenZ actually is?

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