Amazon Advertising: How to do it?

Amazon is a big world and all of us are a part of this giant world, believe it, or not. But the customers you use amazon today, don’t just use it for buying products but they use it for various other work, for instance, to check prices, discover new products, and conduct product research. 

We might not agree to it, but we know we all have done it. And therefore, it is necessary to buckle up your advertising strategy and work the way customers want us to. 

Amazon marketing services (AMS)
Amazon sellers can market their product through Amazon Marketing Services which is similar to Google Ads, where the seller only has to pay the money when shopper stops and clicks on the link.  

The ads are conducted after using keywords, related products, and the shopper’s interest to place ads where the consumers are most likely to click on them. 

The following guide will explain to you the different advertising strategies to make your products visible to the targeted audience. 

New features of Product Attribute Targeting Ads
Since 2019, Product Attribute Targeting ads (PAT ads) have come into use which has changed the shape of amazon advertisement. 
Tha PAT ads help to use offensive and defensive techniques. The latter is the one with which you can make sure that your conversion cannot be stolen by your competitors and with the former technique, you can go after competitors with similar products.
While product targeting, you can easily reach the shoppers as they keep refreshing the page to find the product similar to yours. The PTA ads help the advertisers to focus on every minute detail and gain customers. 

Seller’s access to Amazon Vine Review program
The vine review program on Amazon is the one where selected product reviewers on amazon buy some preferred products are reviewers buy those reviewers also called the Vine Voices.

Amazon gives preference to authentic reviews on the products, therefore, it has become difficult to get reviews on Amazon, and when you get one, you have to make sure that it is authentic.   

Customer product review is one of the authentic ways through which you can conduct your review, but that might take a lot of time and effort, however, you can always use some effective strategies to make customers leave a review for your products.

  • Your listing and product photos should set a clear expectation for your buyer. 
  • Through amazon’s early reviewer program you can get 5 reviews right away.
  • Amazon vine products for the third party seller. Through Amazon vine products, sellers have gained a lot of sales and advertising on new products. 

Clouting of inventory tolls in 2020
It is necessary to keep forecasting inventory levels. by using inventory management tools. The tools help you to be organized in a way with is better than a bunch of spreadsheets.   

There are two ways through which you can easily keep a record of your sales volume. 

  • Historical search volume
  • Historical sales by a competitor

If you are selling on Amazon, then it is definite that the amazon is tracking your inventory performance index (IPI). It is a number that calculates the excessive inventory, sale through rate, stranded and stock-in inventory. IPI is usually based on monthly or quarterly sales.

Use of sponsored brands for customer acquisition
While selling a variety of products, sellers need to come up with different tactics for captivating customers and, sponsoring with brands is a new trend used to attract them. 

If you are running a sponsored brand campaign, you can show three different products that will help your customers to know what you are showing and then guide them to your storefront. 

Amazon DSP, improving loyalty and retention of customer
If any customer is coming to your online store, he expects great deals, high discounts, timely delivery, etc. Through Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform DSP, you can target the customer who has shopped a long time ago, say 90 days and informs them about the new deals on your store, especially when you know that they might have to restock the old products they had purchased. 

Listening to customers is the best way to increase brand loyalty. Showing your potential customers that you listen can help you humanize your brand. 

At Evantage, we help you to boost your sales by following the latest trend and planning the strategies to help you to boost Amazon sales with the help of our team of experts.

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