Best Ways to Boost your Products’ Visibility on E-commerce

E-commerce, a marketplace where there are millions of sellers trading their products to buyers in monetary exchange. Among those millions of people, it is a real challenge to make your business stand out, by strengthening the popularity of a product. One of the very important criteria for increasing sales is boosting products’ visibility. Amazon has some guidelines and rules to follow while improving products’ visibility, for which merchants can hire Amazon Service Providers for support. 

Why is it necessary to improve your products’ visibility?
Business is a continuous activity. Regular sales are instrumental in increasing profits. A business cannot expect to depend entirely on existing customers. You need new customers to maintain high sales. There are many such reasons:

  • Brand reputation – It’s human behaviour to acknowledge the things which he/she sees frequently. Similarly, when a buyer sees your product among all other products on an e-commerce website the first thing comes into the mind is, “maybe this is a famous brand that’s why it is displaying?’ Thus increasing your brand reputation. In business, brand reputation is an important concept to ensure customers’ loyalty and increase new customers. To increase your brand reputation you need to improve the product’s visibility so that buyers can see and acknowledge it.
  • Attracts traffic – Traffic is not directly related to increment in revenue and profits, but there is a high probability that visitors can turn into l customers. The business works on probability and prediction there is not always a certainty there. Hence, as a merchant, if there is even a slight probability that your visitor can purchase your product you should not ignore it. Apart from this traffic also helps in increasing your ranking on the site and thus increasing more traffic.
  • Increase in revenue – Brand reputation attracts buyers thus increasing traffic resulting in a high probability of converting into customers consequently increasing the revenue of the business; all these things depend upon each other. Business operations are interrelated with each other. For better results and success of the business, it is necessary to pay equal attention to all the business operations. Every business activity has its importance, ignoring any one of these may cause you heavy loss.
  • Easy accessibility – If your product is visible on the website it is easy to access by the customers. They will not prefer to go through all the catalogues and search for the same product. Moreover, today’s customer is educated and aware of how things work on the website. Your product visibility is enough for a buyer to create some trust in your brand. He will visit your website and if he found things as per his preference he will purchase it in a go increasing your sales and revenues.

Best ways to boost products’ visibility – 
It’s time to understand the best ways to increase and improve business’ virtual presence through products’ visibility on the web. One thing you need to know is that websites like Amazon focus on your overall performance; therefore it is best to hire an Amazon Service Provider to help you to increase your products’ visibility. 

  • Product title – The first thing any buyer notices is the title of the product. Your product title should not be too long. Amazon allows 200 characters limit to title a product. The title should contain the required and most used keywords searched by customers for better search results. A good product title will increase your conversion rate.
  • Product presentation – Presentation of your product means best image quality since buyers can not touch and feel your product they will look at an image closely. An image should not be blurring. As per Amazons’ guidelines you can use high – quality image minimum of 1000*1000 pixels. While uploading products’ images follow the guidelines carefully to avoid suppressing the listing of the product.
  • Product description – Product description consists of the information that is important for customers to know. It answers the question “what value does a product contain?” It should not be too much in convincing language as it may look like a compulsion to the buyer. Use natural language and power words.
  • Bullet points – Use bullet points to describe the important features of your products. As it will be easy for the buyer to read, he may or may not prefer to read the paragraph. Include keywords in your points.
  • Product price – The major factor that influences the buyers’ decision is pricing. It also influences your conversion rate and sales. It is also one of the important factors of Amazon Buy Box.
  • Reviews – Positive and relevant reviews from customers about a product are important for your ranking. Try to take more reviews from your customers but don’t force them it will cause a negative impression on them. But reviews should not seem fake, it should be realistic. 
  • Response to questions – The questions which you respond to are shown on the product’s page. Hence try to answer as many questions. While responding to questions, answer the solution politely and thoughtfully.
  • Product listing – Try to complete your product listing by completing every single field mentioned. Also while listing select the most relevant sub-category and category for a product. Don’t make any error and follow the guidelines carefully while listing your product 
  • Delivery on time – Deliver products at the correct time and at the correct place. Don’t delay it. Many websites like Amazon focus on the overall performance of merchants. It plays a major role in your ranking.
  • Inventory management – Proper inventory management can save you from going out-of-stock of popular products. Amazon prefers those merchants who manage their inventories properly as it decreases the cancellation of an order, refunds. It also ensures delivery on time.

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To make your product visible online you are required to follow and remember various things. Many times it becomes difficult for a merchant to fulfil all requirements without any error as it can lead to suspension of sellers’ accounts. Hence, you need the best Amazon Service Provider to help and support them.

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