How to do effective lead generation on an e-commerce website?

Due to pandemic COVID-19 when other industries’ growth rate has been declining since the last 3-4 months, E-commerce is one of those few industries that has been growing and generating revenues. During a lockdown when malls, retailers, local markets, showrooms, grocery stores were closed, consumers turned to online shopping on e-commerce.

According to data and reports e-commerce will increase from 15% growth in 2020 to 25% growth by 2025. E-commerce is growing rapidly, Amazon being the highest use e-commerce website is growing at a 20% rate on a monthly basis with Average website pages viewed per visit 8.92. Due to this increased traffic on Amazon, sellers’ first choice to sell their product through e-commerce is Amazon.

But as the buyers’ traffic has been increasing, sales are increasing on Amazon or other e-commerce websites and so the competition between sellers. Due to the advanced digital marketing techniques and process, it is difficult for sellers to mark their online presence among thousands of different sellers.

Sellers can sell their product and attract more and more buyers by generating effective leads that have the potential to turn consumers’ interest in a product into an action of buying the product.

Tips to do effective lead generation on e-commerce-

Lead Generation in simple words is the interest and enquiry by consumers into a product. It is a process by which marketers then try to convert this interest into the action of purchasing a product. There are many ways to do effective lead generation which are –

Focus on Target Audience – E-commerce is a pool of various buyers from the entire world with different preferences and choices. Therefore the very first thing to do is to focus on the target audience for whom you produce the product and do marketing according to the targeted buyers to generate leads. If you don’t focus on the target audience then your product can never generate high sales because the information is not reaching the needed people.

Optimize Sales Page – A sales page is a page which is created to bring traffic there and sell a product. Optimization of the sales page is important to improve the performance and ensure high conversion of visitors into consumers. Digital marketers use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost sales by attracting traffic. Effective keywords, title and content are some of the important tactics to generate leads.

Provide Valuable Content – On e-commerce sellers don’t have real-time direct interaction with buyers. Valuable content includes product description, product specification, how to use, and other relevant information that buyers must know to help buyers to make a decision. If buyers don’t find the required information about a product he will not purchase the product because they are not getting to know the purpose and use of a product.

Optimize Call To Action (CTA) – Digital marketers use CTA to evoke an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. CTA should immediately follow the marketing message. Ultimately the main aim of a marketer is to stimulate buyers to purchase a product. Digital marketers use action and urgency words to motivate customers like “Get Access Now”, “Be the early buyer and receive 20% discount” etc.

Advertisement and Brand Awareness – To generate lead consumers must know about your product and what value addition is there. Nowadays consumers want to buy the product which has some value added to it. Advertisement and Brand Awareness makes the targeted audience aware of your product and encourages them to visit your page and know more about the product. It builds your brand equity and customer loyalty.

Offer discounts and coupons – E-commerce can be called as an imperfect market competition where sellers sell heterogeneous products which are slightly different from others. It is a blend of competition and monopoly, thus to attract customers, sellers offer discounts and free coupons or any other gift to lure them. It is necessary because you cannot just decrease the price of a product. 

Email Marketing – Email marketing is a personal advertisement through emails. By sending personalized content about the product that includes its description, specification and price to attract buyers and to retain the old customers. According to the preference of customers and their choices, email marketing helps to let them know about the new products and offers.

Recommendation and Review – After the sales are done, you can encourage consumers to review your product and recommend them to their friends and family. Reviews are important because many buyers read on average ten reviews to know and gather information about a product before making a decision and maximum buyers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

E-commerce websites are a pool of million of buyers and sellers. There are many customers out there, who are ready to buy products, but the challenge is to make them reach your website to increase your sales and it is difficult when thousands of sellers like you are there. You need expert knowledge of digital marketing to boost your sales. Hence many sellers look for a service provider.

Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.

Evantage ensures that our clients receive the best and follow every guideline carefully given by Amazon. Our best digital marketers analyze the problems of clients and give the required solution we help you with the best service.

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