Key points to remember for products’ photography on Amazon

Development in technology has changed our lifestyle to a certain extent. Earlier we used to buy products from local city markets and now we buy things just by one click on desktop or mobile screens. Indeed technology is bringing new advances for a better chance. Right from our daily lifestyles to large scale industries and multinational companies, technology has been transforming almost everything.

Today Amazon is the worlds’ largest online marketplace. There are billions of buyers and sellers on the platform to exchange products in monetary terms. Online shopping now becomes way more common across the world. In 2019 approx 1.92 Billion people purchase through e-commerce which was 14.1% of total retail purchase in the same; this rate is expected to grow by 7.9% in 2022. On Amazon itself, more than 197 million people visit each month

Now the question arises “what makes the buyer attracted towards online shopping?” Today consumers are educated and mature. Unlike earlier, they now focus on quality rather than quantity. Before buying, buyers read the product description but first, they look at the product closely. Product image forms a perception in the mind of customers about the product. They observe the product image thoroughly by zooming and seeing pictures from different angles. It gives them the idea of how it would suit them.

Ways for attractive product photography

An image of a product influences a buyer's decision heavily because they are unable to touch it in online shopping. Thus, an image should be able to create an impression on buyers. Here are some points to follow while taking images.

  • High definition image– While clicking a picture of a product make sure that you have a high definition advanced camera. The image should be clear and not blurry as many buyers zoom it to have better knowledge about a product. A picture with good quality creates a positive impression about your product in the consumer mind, influencing their buying decision.

  •  Accurate image angle --  – An angle of a product should be accurate and perfect. Merchants should take images from all the angels like main (front) view, back view, side view or any other, depending on the structure of the product. Image from different angles is required to upload on Amazon because a buyer cannot see your product in real. Hence, make sure that every picture is taken perfect from every angle. Many merchants hire Amazon Service Provider as they have a better understanding of professional photography.

  •  Plain white or light colour background – Before clicking an image, confirm that you have a plain white or any other light background for the picture. The colourful background makes the picture look dull and also ruins the overall presentation of the products’ catalogue. Whereas, a white background shows each feature clearly and sharply. The background should be plain to avoid creating confusion.

  •  Size of image --  Size of the image should adjust according to the product. Make sure your product does not look like it misfits in an image frame. If the product size is smaller, then there should not be much space left. Thus, it would be better to take support from Amazon Service Provider because there are restrictions regarding the size of the product on Amazon. Therefore, merchants need expert help to complete all the guidelines.

  •  No extra items in the image – Adding extra items, other than the main product may confuse buyers. Always maintain lucidity with your customers. If there is a complementary product with the main product show it separately with proper headings. Another important thing is you should always show what you will be delivering; it creates trust in customers about your brand. 

  •  Avoid indecent content – Both sellers and buyers use Amazon across the world. There are millions of people from different countries and religions. So you must avoid any mockery and indecent content which may directly or indirectly hurt the sentiments of others. Amazon has a strict policy regarding this. Your main aim should be to focus only on a product, not on mannequins.

Product image is the prime thing that urges buyers to go through your product catalogue. Amazon has issued various guidelines regarding product image to maintain the standard. It is difficult for merchants to do that on their own. It requires expert knowledge and a professional photographer to fulfil guidelines and take a clear and sharp image. Merchants on Amazon can take help from Amazon Service Provider Network.

Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.

Evantage store's, imaging solutions are designed for businesses with a futuristic vision and appreciation for quality while believing in the beauty of high-definition images for their products. We not only apply the hardware consumables to the images but also scientific and technological analysis to enhance genuine photo quality.

Create an attractive image for your product with us!

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