Amazon PPC – an effective advertising tool for Amazon sellers and vendors

Fortunately, Amazon has its own advertisement tools to assist Amazon sellers and vendors to enhance their visibility. Yet, it is quite perplexing the way these tools utilize and execute. Before investing money to do advertisement it is requisite to comprehend the basics of the widely used Amazon PPC. The fundamental cause behind this is Amazon has over 5 million sellers across its entire marketplace and is the largest online e-commerce platform it has been increasing rapidly.

To grab the position in the Amazon marketplace, it is indispensable for Amazon sellers to have a perfect and professional plan for Amazon PPC. If they don’t have a well-defined Amazon PPC strategy, then it will be difficult to boost sales and ensure viability on the platform. With the growing competition and varying ways to achieve an aim.

What is Amazon PPC

Before the discussion about why Amazon PPC is the best advertisement tool on Amazon, we must understand what Amazon PPC really meant?

Amazon PPC (Pay per click) is an advertising model that works on the basis of the bid made by different Amazon sellers. A seller has to put a target bid price when they start a campaign and then Amazon’s search engine with the help of this bid price places sellers’ product on the page. If you put in a higher bid than others then, sometime, you will appear first on the search engine result page (SERP). In this model, advertisers pay a fee to Amazon each time when the potential buyer will click on their advertisement.

Remember, Amazon uses individual keywords not, keyphrases to place a product on SERP. 

Amazon PPC model has three formats:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products - This is the advertisement for individual product listings on Amazon. When a customer searches for any product on Amazon and, if your product’s keyword is relevant to that search, then it will appear in the search result. It allows the seller to start their product campaign in a few minutes even if they had never advertised before. Sponsored products always work effectively with relevance to conversion rate but, it will give anticipated results only if you have used accurate keywords for your product. 

  • Amazon Sponsored brands --  Before utilizing this format, a seller must-have an Amazon brand registry to avoid Intellectual property issues. Amazon Sponsored brand features sellers’ brand logo, headline and multiple products. When shoppers click on a brand logo, Amazon takes them to that respective brand. It is a crucial feature of Amazon to spread brand awareness and make it recognize. Similarly, to Amazon sponsored products; this format also works effectively only when an accurate keyword is used

  • Amazon Product Display Ads – This works little differently from both Amazon sponsored products and brands, unlike those two features, Amazon PDA targets shoppers’ interest and complementary products. Although Amazon PDA is only for Amazon Vendor Central, it allows them to advertise an individual product to a wide audience. It usually appears below the “Add to Cart” option on Amazon product detail page and can also appear at the bottom or right of search results.

Why Amazon PPC is an effective tool for advertisement on Amazon

There is much reason as to why Amazon PPC is considered as an effective tool for advertisement on Amazon which are:

  • Amplifying sales – Advertisement has always been the best way to increase sales. Amazon PPC through its format of sponsored products and brand expose Amazon sellers across the entire marketplace. It aids to increase their visibility and also builds the reputation of their brand logo. It helps Amazon sellers to gain the trust of the shoppers.

  • Cost-effective – Amazon PPC is the cost-effective marketing technique since a seller only has to pay for the click. For instance, if a shopper clicks on your product advertisement, you have to pay 4$ for per click, but in return, you are selling the product worth 80$. Also, if sellers feel that they are paying more for a click, then they can reduce it by using a more appropriate and relevant keyword. 

  • Allow tracking - If sellers feel that their aggregate conversion rate in response to Amazon PPC is low, they can analyze which advertisement is more effective and can take action accordingly. All the activities of shoppers are tracked by Amazon PPC and sellers can access it and can determine where shoppers are clicking more and where they are deserting.

  • Fast campaign – Amazon PPC provides quick service, a seller puts a bid and if his keyword is one that is being searched most by the shoppers, he can have a lead in a second. It enables sellers to initiate their campaign as soon as possible, especially in holidays or festival sales. Amazon sellers can attract a lot of traffic only if they select the keyword accurately. 

  • Enable to select target customers – Amazon PPC’s two format Amazon Sponsored Product and Brand works only based on a keyword. The selection of keywords depends upon the seller. While selecting the keyword, keep general information about the customers in your mind and, Amazon search engine will show the advertisement, where it will be relevant. It means you pay only to reach the people you want and attract the real and potential lead.

Right from the proper product listing to select an accurate keyword. It requires experience and professionalism to lay out the perfect plan regarding the utilization of Amazon PPC. Thus, Amazon sellers can take help from Amazon Service Provider Network.

Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.

Evantage is furnished with long-term expertise and deep knowledge to drive massive traffic towards your e-commerce site, making your store as a search optimized both locally and globally. With best SEO follow ups, we assure that your Amazon site persistently holds good ranks. We follow the smart content approaches to ensure the uniqueness of your site.

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