Why and How to sell on Amazon

Are you planning to take your business online?

Today with the growing competition merchants are finding new and innovative ways to enhance the business reach and connect with different customers across the world. And with the technology advancement today e-commerce has become the first choice of sellers to take their business online and among the entire e-commerce websites what can be the best other than the largest online marketplace Amazon.

You might be wondering why only Amazon, when there are so many other e-commerce platforms are available, right!!
Then let me ask you a few questions:


  • Do 197 million shoppers visit other e-commerce platforms per month?
  • Do other e-commerce platforms provide a wide range of 12 million products to sell?
  • Do other e-commerce platforms provide effective advertising tools like Amazon PPC?
  • Do other e-commerce platforms rank high on the list of customers’ loyalty at the rate of 68%?

The answer is simple “NO”. These are the very few things because Amazon provides a myriad of options and aid to both Amazon shoppers and Amazon sellers.

Being an Amazon seller has its own perks because instantly as you become the one, you not only get to expose yourself to the billions of customers but also get the opportunity to refine and nurture your business.

However, sellers are always in dilemma regarding the selection of e-commerce platforms because of the query “whether the selected e-commerce platform will be right for my business or not?” 
Fortunately, if you select Amazon for your business, then you never have to worry about this question; right from the household to advanced technology equipment, from kids section to senior citizens section, Amazon offers a wide range of product catalogue for its sellers.

Now that you know why Amazon is the best let’s move to discuss how to sell on Amazon. Here is the step by step guide for the beginners.


  • Register your account on Amazon The first thing you need to do is to register yourself on Amazon. For registering yourself as an Amazon seller, you only need your tax information that is GST and PAN Number, Government-issued national ID and an active bank account. Amazon provides two selling plans that are individual and professional, depending on the number of items you want to sell on Amazon. On Amazon, you can even sell a single item, there will be no issue. Furthermore, it is advisable that if you are intending to sell more than 40+ items, then go for a professional selling plan.


  • Gets access to Amazon Seller Central – Once you complete the registration process, you gets access to Amazon Seller Central. It is your marketplace that allows you to manage your inventory, edit the details regarding the products you are offering to the customers, download business reports, keeping track of sales and many more functions. In a nutshell, it is a dashboard from where you manage your online store.


  • Do the listings of products – A product list is the entire product portfolio of your business. For selling a product on Amazon, you need to list it first by uploading details regarding the products. Make sure to fulfil all the requirements in response to products’ UPCs and GTINs. It should be done very carefully because in case Amazon feels that you have copied the listing then it will suppress it and you won’t get the product ID. It is advisable to take help from Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) to avoid ending up with the wrong listing.


  • Build a product detail page – A product detail page consists of all the information of the product you are offering to the customers. The page must contain Title, Image, bullets, Descriptions, Variations, Featured and other offers. While building a product page makes sure to use keywords for increasing the search ranking and also follow the standard as issued by Amazon like maximum characters, image size etc. Since it is quite difficult to comply with all the standard and time consuming, if you want you can hire Amazon Third-Party that is SPN.


  • Deal with the shipping procedure – Amazon provides two options to sellers for the shipping of product that are; first, do it you own means you will directly ship the product to the customer, and the second is Amazon FBA that means you send your inventory to Amazon then it will be their responsibility to ship the product to the customers. Both have their own pros and cons that depend on the nature and performance of your business. Shipping is the crucial aspect of online shopping; customers want effective and quick service at an affordable cost. Therefore be cautious while planning your shipping procedure.


  • Manage after the sales – On Amazon; sellers can measure their performance to make sure that they are meeting their set targets. In addition to this, Amazon sellers also need to manage customer reviews. Customer reviews are like a personal recommendation and are very helpful for gaining new customers. If there is any query by your customers, then fulfil it as early as possible.


  • Future opportunities – If you don’t get the expected results don’t feel discouraged, remember it is the beginning. Amazon provides many tools to aid your business and to take it to another level such as Amazon PPC, Promotions and Coupons and let you expand your business globally; all you need to do is to put little effort. Avail proficient services of the Amazon SPN, to manage your online store expertly.

It is a tough job to begin your business online but not impossible. Connect yourself with Amazon and experience the privilege of marking up your position across the world. If you are facing trouble with the management of your Amazon account, then associate with Amazon Service Provider Network.
Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands of Amazon Service Providers that helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.
Evantage with its end-to-end Amazon store management services, allows you to build and mark a strong potentiality and existence on Amazon.com undoubtedly helps in making your brand as a household name in an international market. We do take care to set an eye pleasant and SEO-friendly Amazon stores which enable online merchants to reach out easily, a surplus global audience helps in strengthening brand recognition and scale business to a new altitude. 
Begin your Amazon Journey with us!!

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