Festive season - Ways to increase sales on Amazon

The festive season is the best time for Amazon sellers to boost sales and increase profits. It is the time that brings so many opportunities for millions of sellers to strengthen their position and attract more and more potential customers on the largest online marketplace Amazon.


This year it is more significant for Amazon sellers as compared to previous years because of the pandemic. Pandemic had laid hands on the growth of a business, but the festive season is all set to remove all the hindrances from the way of sellers that leads to growth.


Amazon festive season, on the one hand, is exciting for Amazon sellers as it gives them a chance to balance and recover the loss that had happened during the past few months due to the unfortunate global medical emergency. Yet, on the other hand, it’s very busy and a little bit tiring to manage all the things quickly while bestowing customers with an incredible experience. 


So without any further fuss, here’s are the effective measures to boost your sales during the festive season while crediting your profit and loss statement.


  • Check the inventories – Festive season means more sales and, for selling more you need an adequate quantity of product. That’s why check your inventories first, and make sure that it is as per the current demand force in the market and if it is not enough then place the order and confirm from your supplier that you received it as early as possible.

    Besides, in the middle of festive season, you may run out of stock and at that time even suppliers remain busy. Thus, communicate with your supplier regarding this issue in advance, and if you want you can look for another supplier as a backup. Ensure that you do not face the shortage of products in the festive season and miss this golden opportunity.


  • Audit your Amazon product listing – During the festive season, the preferences of customers change slightly in comparison to the regular days. Therefore for Amazon sellers, it is significant to audit the product listing and optimize it in prevalence with the preference of customers.

    It is essential and crucial to do because if you do not update your Amazon product listing, customers will not find it intriguing and exciting enough. After all, during the festive season, the psychology of customers is to find something exciting. Once you optimize it check it once again to ensure that it can increase conversion rate.

  • Present appealing product image On Amazon, shoppers cannot touch and feel your product; all they have is the image of the product. Thus make sure that you present an appealing product image. Confirm that the best products from your marketplace are photographed and presented well. And make sure to replace the old images with new ones.

    Besides, make sure that you strictly comply with the rules and regulations issued by Amazon while uploading pictures because you wouldn’t like suppression of the product listing amidst festive season.

  • Make sure your product is easy to find – On Amazon, there are over 5 million sellers. Now naturally, it is quite hard to make sure that your product is easy to find, but not impossible. For this, a seller needs to search and use the popular keywords relevant to their product. You need to make sure that the moment a shopper searches for a keyword your product appears in the top results.

    Another way to ensure that your product is easy to find is by utilizing Amazon PPC. Therefore review your advertisement strategy. But remember, for Amazon Sponsored Products and Brands also you need relevant keywords to increase the conversion rate. And make sure that it is in your budget to avoid unnecessary cost.

  • Run promotions and festive deals – Now the festive season is the exciting phase for customers because they get a chance to explore good bargains and discounts for the product they are intended to buy. To avail this opportunity, along with making a product look attractive and easy to find, Amazon sellers should run promotions and festive deals to make the product look more exciting to customers.

    But Amazon sellers must ensure that price is sensitive to customers for this provides exciting offers to the customers. A seller has the option to either provide a discount or free shipping or both in a calculated way, that it satisfies customers as well as the sellers. During the festive season, as the sales are more, a seller has an option to provide an extra discount because it can be balanced with the volume of sales.

  • Manage your logistics As people are more than excited to purchase in the festive season due to the exciting offers, it is evident that during the festive season, the workload on logistics intensifies. A sellers’ responsibility is not over after receiving the order, he/she has to make sure that the shipment of the product reaches the customers at the right time.

    Therefore manage your logistics accordingly and make sure that the transport trucks are in proper working condition. Even if you utilize Amazon FBA, ensure that your inventory reaches the FBA warehouse at the right time. And for the sellers who opt for self-fulfilment shipment make sure that you do not delay the delivery because customers may cancel the orders if it gets delayed.

  • Confirm the efficiency of operations – Festive season is generally the busiest time for Amazon sellers. It increases the workload and, for that, you need proper backend support. The festive season is not a onetime thing; it is a chance for a seller to increase their customer base. Therefore make sure you handle everything efficiently from managing inventories and running festive deals to deal with returns and refunds on time.

    Also, make sure that you do your account conciliation on time and file your GST to avoid legal issues. It would be best to hire Amazon Service Providers to decrease the workload as they are proficient and experts in managing all the aspects quickly and effectively.

  • Optimize Amazon product detail page – Last but not least is to optimize the Amazon product detail page as per the changes you made. It is the page that consists of each and every detail of the product from product description and price to shipping and reviews of the customers. During the festive season, you need to optimize it with the latest images, prices and shipping services. Needless to say, before ordering the product customers go through the product detail page so ensure that it is attractive enough to catch customer’s attention.

The festive season is a chance for sellers to showcase their business effectively. Represent your business in a way that customers want to see. Check all the aspects and execute it competently while enhancing your business reach. And be transparent with your customers to gain their trust and build and establish your brand image.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon.

Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

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