Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO - What's the Difference!

Search Engine Optimisation SEO, the spirit of marketing when it comes to a digital platform. Whenever any seller decides to switch on the digital platform, the very first thought to cross mind; is how to enhance visibility to gain customers, that's where SEO helps.

In the age of digitalization, both Google and Amazon are dominating over the internet with their remarkable SEO tactics. Even though Amazon may only be a product search engine, but a search engine nonetheless. Customers may search on Google the trends about the product, but out of 10 every 9 user search on Amazon for buying a product. Today more than billions of shoppers turn to Amazon when they want to look for a specific product and for that Amazon sellers need to pit effective SEO techniques to be seen on the screen. 

Now that you know both Amazon and Google are incredible search engines, you might wonder that the same SEO strategy can be used for both...but you are wrong!! Despite being using the same premises to achieve ranking, both search engines aren't the same at all.

Merely having a great product won’t do wonders to achieve high ranking on Amazon, that's why you need to know about Amazon SEO. Often budding Amazon sellers thought that Amazon SEO is the same as Google. Therefore, here we are differentiating the key differences between both the search engines.

What's the main difference between Google SEO and Amazon SEO?
The prime difference between both of these search engines is that Amazon SEO algorithm A9 is designed to sell a product across the specific marketplace that is Amazon, whereas Google focuses more on selling advertisements in general. Because of this difference, it is clearly evident that their parameters are also different. While Google ranks based on clicks, Amazon focuses on conversion rate. Meaning, it considers whether a seller has got a sales volume to attain the desired ranking.

What to go with short tail or long tail keywords?
On Amazon, unlike Google, short tail and less on long-tail keywords are on focus. Amazon algorithm A9 while ranking the product, focuses more on the individual keywords rather on long-tail keywords since the consumer focuses more on the product name, not on its description while searching. For getting a higher rank on the search results, you have to focus your attention on crucial details of all parts of your product listing. Stuffing long-tail keywords on Amazon will not give you a high ranking.

Are repetition of keywords useful?
Repetition of keywords or we can say keywords density matters for Google SEO, not for Amazon SEO. On Amazon even if you use the keywords only once in the whole product description it is sufficient. But keep one thing in mind that Amazon A9 focuses more on the primary keyword and that keyword must be included in the title of the product as it weighs more. Additionally, the keywords should you use in the product description on Amazon must be relevant to a product category. Not worrying over keyword density provides a good opportunity to utilize multiple keywords for targeting the audience precisely.

Is external linking allowed on Amazon?
No!! Amazon sellers are not supposed to link to external sites or product pages from their listing strictly. Surely, you can derive traffic on your Amazon store by using the product link outside of Amazon, but you cannot use external links in your product listings. Whereas, on Google, external sites that link back to your page are extremely crucial. The reason behind such difference is Google isn't a specific search engine, whereas, Amazon is specifically for products. That's the reason why A9 focuses more on your internal content, your digital presence outside Amazon will not be considered by A9 algorithm whole ranking your product on Amazon.

Final Thoughts
In a nutshell, both Amazon and Google have different parameters and perspectives for ranking pages. Just because both of them have a word SEO, doesn't mean that they both are the same. If Amazon sellers will plan SEO the same as Google for their Amazon store, it will affect them adversely.
To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
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