Reasons for Massive Account Suspension on Amazon

Hope you have your Amazon seller central account active! This second quarter period of Amazon seems to bring sorrow for many Amazon sellers. Recently, the Amazon’s action of massive suspension of many Amazon accounts might have shocked you. This strict step of Amazon has revealed a message that Amazon will not let anyone violate its policies at any cost. 

Amazon guidelines about Reviews

  • As per the guidelines of Amazon, it strictly abides its sellers to serve their customers in the best and satisfactorily way to give a good buying experience to them. 

  • It has the legitimate policies enforcing the Amazon sellers not to force or give any alluring offers to the buyers in the exchange of leaving positive reviews. Amazon takes it as bribing the buyers which are against the Amazon ethics and policies. 

  • Amazon appreciates the buyer’s response that is legitimate but not asks its sellers to force them.

How do the customers react?

When customers get satisfied with the service and products they buy and receive, they leave their reviews about the products and feedback about the sellers. 

How do reviews affect?

Have you ever thought- Why reviews are so important for your Amazon store? The reviews left by the buyers affect the further sales of the products. Positive reviews work as the magnet to pull more buyers while negative reviews repel them and also affect the trust and loyalty towards the sellers. In case of negative reviews, you must know the way how to deal with negative reviews on Amazon

What is the Case?

  • Amazon has reported that many Amazon sellers are being caught who are offering gift cards, vouchers, gift or any products to write positive reviews so that it will attract more visitors and would contribute to having more sales.

  • The sellers have seemed to force (cannot directly) the buyers to leave their reviews obviously want positive reviews. They offer them gifts and other discounts in the exchange of positive reviews.

  • Also, the sellers are adopting the unethical way of writing the fake reviews for products. 

  • This is totally against the Amazon policies and therefore Amazon has taken this strict step of massive suspension of the seller central account along with the deletion of fake reviews.  

The Reaction of Amazon sellers:

  1. Those sellers who have been deprived of selling on Amazon post their account suspension are angry.

  2. Most of the sellers have complained that Amazon has been deleting the reviews. Though Amazon claims that it has only deleted the fake reviews. 

  3. They say that deleting the reviews affects the product’s response immediately. Sellers have faced a decrease in sales when the positives reviews are less. 

  4. Some sellers are defending themselves and claiming that they are not aware of such activities on their account.

  5. The Amazon sellers are alleging that their competitor sellers are recruiting the people to write negative reviews for their products.  

Amazon has brought some changes in its policies:

  1. Amazon has limited the period of reviews display to one year only i.e. only for 12 months buyers will be able to see the reviews despite the lifetime of seller central account. 

  2. Amazon is using AI to check the authenticity of the valid reviews and fake reviews. 

To conclude:

Amazon always works for the welfare of its customers and therefore doesn’t want that any fake or wrong review could misguide the customers from having a good products and services. It follows the ethics and works with legitimate activities to create a good selling-buying experience for their sellers and buyers and expects same from its sellers. Since prevention is better than cure, then, before involving in any issue, it would be safe to Save Yourself From Getting Suspended on Amazon Seller Central-Reasons & Reinstatement 

With the billions of products and millions of online retailers, selling on Amazon, the giant online marketplace is involving a cut-throat competition. This competition might be resulting in such malicious activities that are being done by the Amazon sellers to make them at the top. Here you may feel hard to sell on Amazon, but, if you follow Amazon guidelines and policies and do not violate or manipulate its policies, you will be safe from Amazon aggression. In fact, you will earn a lot of money on Amazon. If you have problems while selling on Amazon, it’s better to take Amazon assistance


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