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With Amazon global selling program, Amazon sellers can cross the overseas to expand their selling markets and widen their customer’s list with buyers all over the world. The year 2006 has been noticed for introducing the worldwide selling program for Amazon sellers. With this feature, the sellers can sell their products in any marketplace on Amazon.

The global selling program allows US sellers to list their products in nine international Amazon marketplaces- UK, France, Germany, Italy, India, Spain, China, Canada, & Japan. With this listing, Amazon says, it can ship goods in 180 countries around.  The sellers with only their domestic accounts can sell across Amazon’s different marketplaces. For better services, Amazon merchants should choose Amazon to fulfill their orders.

What do the sellers need to do?
As sellers put their inventory in the warehouse of Amazon where they have their account, in a similar way, for selling overseas, they need to put their inventory in the marketplaces of Amazon. Through FBA, sellers can export their items in bulk to Amazon’s warehouses in which they want to establish their business.
How global selling changes the tax and services-
The sellers when they decide to sell in the US, Canada, and Mexico, they need to put their inventory in Amazon’s warehouses located in corresponding hubs. With the existing account, you need to register account and bank related information in the country where you want to have a foreign business.
The bank details can be the same for all marketplaces as you have filed it for your domestic Amazon account. With this, you are required to abide by the deals and tax policies of those countries. Also, you need to setup FBA barcodes for US countries so that Amazon can ship and export the goods from your account. This may cost you from hundreds to thousands, so if you are well established in your domestic business, they only initiate for global access.

Benefits of Global Selling through FBA:

Saves Money: Uploading bulk items in overseas warehouses is money-saving than shipping items individually. Shipping every single item at merchant's side can be costly and complicated as dealing with other markets and currencies need extra care to handle accounts and currency issues.
Huge scale opportunity: With global selling, the merchants have higher chances of sales as their customers are not only limited to local buyers instead globally. About 250 million customers are reaching Amazon stores globally. As per Amazon, sellers from 89 countries use FBA to ship their goods. This increases buyers on Amazon and thus selling opportunities of Amazon sellers all around the world.
Hassle-free services: When you opt for FBA, everything gets already settled down, (Read: Upsides and Downsides of Amazon FBA). Amazon itself takes care of taking orders and shipping from and to the global hubs. Even if you are getting trouble maintaining your international accounts and payments-related services, you can hire the best Amazon service provider as all you are doing for money, so money, accounts, and costs need to be well managed.

With the one Amazon account, sellers can easily access other marketplaces. The location is now no barrier to sellers that can stop them to sell their products across overseas. As per Amazon's vice president of seller services, Tom Taylor, “The FBA helps local sellers to access the global market on Amazon”.  With the understanding of compliance over the tax and shipping policies of global marketplaces, domestic sellers can sell their products and earn globally. Above all, you need to understand the growing demand for the items that are trending on the marketplace, else you might lose all your investments and no expected profit would be gained. To know- how to attract your customers, have a look at If you follow these tips you will never loose any customer on Amazon.

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