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Ferquently Asked Questions

Amazon is the biggest product search engine in the world. Millions of customers visit Amazon marketplace for product buying, and selling products on Amazon can deliver tremendous traction and sales.

you should always be present ,with your full strength ,where your target buyers are searching for products , and amazon being the biggest search engine is the must have place to sell your products

Here is the Fulfillment by Amazon process:

Set up an FBA from the seller Account.

  • Create your product listing.
  • Be prepared with your products.
  • Ship your products to Amazon.
  • Amazon selects, packs and delivers to the customer when a customer orders your product.
  • Amazon also provides customer support!

You have two options to sell on Amazon: you can sell as an individual or sell like a professional. Before jumping into the process, Make sure you are ready with the following things from your side:

Your business name, address, and all the contact details.

  • A credit card with a valid billing address that is internationally-chargeable.
  • A valid contact number that can be used in the following process of registration
  • For the registration process, your tax identity information.

There are two selling plans available on Amazon.

1. Professional Selling Plan

2. Individual Selling Plan

Professional Selling Plan is for sellers who would love to sell more than 40+ items a month. A monthly subscription fee of $39.99 and a sales fee per item vary from category to category.

On the other hand, sellers who want to sell less than 40 items on Amazon do not have monthly subscription fees. In each category, there will only be charged per item that varies.

Professional Seller Account costs $39.99 per month for subscription fees where there are no such fees for individual sellers. But individual sellers must pay $0.99 for the item sold.

On the other hand, Individual Sellers will not be able to use features such as: feeds, spreadsheets, inventory loading tools, order reports, order-related feeds, and customized shipping rates.

Professional sellers can also sell in extra 10 + categories where individual sellers are not.

You can complete the registration process in less than an hour. However, for a smooth registration process, you will have to collect all the information that will be required while registering.

Monthly charges apply only to Amazon Professional Seller Accounts. Upon completion of the registration process, the monthly subscription period will begin.

For manage every bit of your Amazon Seller Account, you can go to the Seller Central website. Anything related to sales activity can be done from Amazon Seller Central, such as adding product information, inventory, managing orders.

Amazon will notify you via email and text message when a buyer places an order. You can change your account notification settings at anytime.

Several customers are selling the same product on Amazon. Each seller is eligible to compete for the Buy Box when such a scenario occurs. In Buy Box, Every seller has to prove excellent services by providing great user experience to the buyers. Amazon uses performance-driven winners in Buy Box, and they don't give assurance to any sellers in winning Buy Box. It is completely performance driven!

On the Amazon product page, you can use the "sell on Amazon" button and add inventory details using different methods. You can add one product at a time and add multiple entries using the spreadsheet as well.

Broadly, because of the following reasons Amazon seller accounts get suspended:

  • Below expectations, i.e., your customer metrics (cancellation rate, order defect rate, late shipment rate, policy violations, on-time delivery, contact response time). Amazon sends a notification if they find any discrepancy and ask store owners to determine the issue. Neglecting to determine the issue regularly brings about the suspension.
  • Infringement of Amazon's Selling Policies.
  • Infringement of Amazon's standards about Restricted Products.
  • Including individual data in the description may lead to account suspension.
  • Uploading copyrighted images (images not taken by sellers themselves) to a product page of without authorization from the owner of the image.
  • Purposely selling forged duplicates of products
  • If a retailer opens more than one seller account under a similar individual's name or same business' name without Amazon's permission.
  • If Amazon discovers that the seller account is related with a recently suspended Amazon merchant account (for example, having a similar business address and additionally same Social Security/Tax ID as well as checking account and additionally IP Address with the recently suspended seller).

If you are new on Amazon, presumably this is going to be the most befuddling question you might have to manage. It is significant here that there is no mercy shown by Amazon's Seller Performance team for reasons such as:

  • I will work harder starting now on
  • I acknowledge there was a mistake on my part (but no clarification concerning why the mistake occurred)
  • I am not sure of what turned out wrong, however, will try harder now

Whatever reasons you have, Amazon will always need to explain what the issue actually happened. It will also require you to explain what all the actions you are taking, targeting the root cause so the problem doesn't happen again, as well as what measures you are taking towards the affected customers.

You have to "appeal" against the "Suspension" to retrieve your Amazon suspended store. You have to make sure that you follow these points while doing this:

  • Make an appeal on the formal letter head
  • Mention if you work with an integrator of solutions or an outsourcing partner to manage your inventory feeds, etc.
  • Identify a problem of what caused your listings to be deleted, originally
  • Specify all the quality processes you currently have and those you plan to incorporate into your Amazon Store in the future to ensure a good buyer's experience
  • Keep a positive and professional tone

You can appeal for your suspension, but there is no assurance that you will be reinstated by Amazon. Once you've sent an email to, it's unlikely you'll get a response from Amazon unless they need more details from you or they don't want to hear from you again.

It is, therefore, best to send the answer all at once with all the explanations. Yeah, at the start it might feel like describing a situation to a wall, without any human interaction from Amazon, but that's how Amazon functions.

It is worth noting here that seller performance team may be incorrect, so you must always have the proper evidence to support your claims. If there's anything you don't think is right, try to understand what's going on or maybe going on and then rule out the possible causes. This is how Amazon functions and on similar lines you need to deal to them.

If you've done something you're not allowed to do on Amazon, then you probably have a long way to go before Amazon allows you as an active seller on Amazon. Having a long, profitable and trouble-free sales experience on Amazon is therefore best to stay out of all prohibited things.

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