Tips to Make your Amazon Product Packaging Stand Out Glamorously

Packaging, a way to represent your product more attractive.

Selling on Amazon is an easy task but to sell much higher and better than your competitors demand efforts. Higher and better sales are directly proportional to what you are offering to your customers.

At present, the worth of the utility has intensified, unlike before now customers understand the value of their needs and are even ready to pay a little more than their fixed budget just to have the best of the best services. It inspires sellers to strive more to satisfy more customers. Yet, on the world's largest online store, it's not easy for an Amazon seller to satisfy the customers, owing to the reason, there are thousands of customers who are doing the same.

This explains why one needs to be different from others, directing, a seller should focus on every aspect with more attention to make the difference. And we are going to focus on one such aspect called "packaging".

Some of you must be speculating "why should I focus on packaging when I'm already paying extra attention to my marketing and advertising strategy" or "what's there in packaging to pay attention for, it's nothing more than placing the item in the bottom of the box and covering only the top and sides with cargo tape and to put Amazon logo on it". This is where many sellers make a mistake.

Why is packaging crucial?
The packaging does impact the customer's purchasing decision and they unknowingly get influenced by packaging. It does not only save the product from getting damaged but also imparts details about the product. Apart from serving this basic purpose, if you wrap your Amazon product attractively in a package then it will be an eye-catching candy for all like to own something unique and beautiful. And not to forget your product packaging is the first impression that defines your services.

Now that we know what place packaging holds in the sales of the product, let's look at a way of how to make it stand out from others.

Before looking for other tips to create an amazing package for your Amazon product, make sure that your packaging fulfils these basic criteria:

  • It should be able to prevent any physical damage.
  • It must include all the required information and labels as per the requirements.
  • It should contain appropriate cushioning.
  • Use top-quality materials for the packaging, don't be a miser.

Once you ensure to fulfil these basic packaging tips, move ahead and try to make it more attractive and safe by following the given points:

Keep it simple - Simplicity is a grace. Keep your packaging as simple as possible. It should be easy for customers to open it because if not then they might not look forward to having it again for no one has all the time in the world to open a package. Also, the fonts you use should be standard, a customer should be able to read it, don't use much fancy fonts that it becomes outright hard for them to read.  

There is a very thin line between simple and bland understands it first, utilise eye-comforting colours and contrast the fonts with it to ensure that the content is readable. And not to forget to include complete details with your brand name.

Be authentic and differentiate it - You can never stand out if you are not yourself. If on the packaging you include false information which is not at all genuine, then be prepared for suspension because being an Amazon seller one should be aware that Amazon highly cares about their customers and not to forget how it affects your brand name adversely. 

In addition to this, be different, don't be the sheep in the herd. Your packaging should speak of your brand name, people should be able to differentiate between you and another brand, then only you will be able to make your brand name or else you will keep lurking behind the established brand. Create a brand image with packaging.

Opt for customising boxes/wrappers - To make a long-lasting impact, an Amazon seller must give out customized boxes and wrappers but ascertain that it is product specific. For instance, you are dealing with baby products, it would be appropriate to use vibrant colours and cartoons. Similarly, if you are selling organic products, you can use green colour and eco-friendly materials. Besides, use the box according to the product's size. Find the right box and then customize it according to the products.

Consider the demographic traits of the customers - Before packing a product look at the place where it needs to be delivered. Know the customer segment and try to give the personalized touch to the packaging at a cheap cost. For instance, you can simply put “thanks for shopping from us" in the local language of the customer or can use some famous quotes about their cities or states etc. There are many creative things to do, so step out from your comfort zone, and modify the traditional packaging method. Because a promising package can help strengthen brand recognition and create brand loyalty.

Focus on all-weather packaging - A logistics goes through multiple locations before reaching the ultimate customers. Before giving a package for shipping, test it and confirm that it can withstand the harshest environment it may face, whether it is temperature differences or hush weather. Regardless of what your product is, cover it in a waterproof sheet before putting out the last outer cover, pack it from all the sides so that dust won't get in. Modify packaging according to the climatic conditions of the places. Because it is the responsibility of an Amazon seller to deliver the fresh piece to the customers and also because you don't want to deal with negative reviews over packaging.

Wrapping up

You spent so much time and money to convert your sales on Amazon amidst such intense competition, so don't let all the efforts go in vain. Good packaging keeps the product as well as brand name safe. Amazon cares deeply about their shopper and being an Amazon seller it's your duty to meet with their expectations while bestowing them an incredible experience.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

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