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Drive your Brand affinity with Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) Services

Customize creative details with Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) Writing Services of Evantage

For an Amazon marketplace, it is a mandatory requirement to procure the richest web content in terms of product descriptions, images, and detailed specifications for your product listings on Amazon. Developing such enriched brand content is a need of the hour and getting in touch with the dedicated providers for your business is something that builds an intricate marketplace.

Drive your brand affinity with Evantage store's Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) which allows the registered sellers to showcase the proposition of their products through enhanced images and enriched web content. Amalgamating enhanced brand content with your product detail pages will eventually result in higher and optimal conversion rates, stimulated traffic and exponential sales when strategized effectively.

We, at Evantage store., dispense an experienced workforce with a learned team of project managers, consultants, content developers and marketers so as to develop optimally enhanced brand content for your Amazon marketplace. The major EBC services at Evantage store. are:

  • Customized Creative Briefing – Effective comprehension of your business objectives and target audience through a thorough briefing procedure and consultation with your creative executives for close co-ordination. When it relates to EBC initiatives, we carry out a deep understanding of your marketplace's style guidelines, site traffic, competitive considerations and budgets to proceed further.
  • Content Strategy and Direction – We assign a dedicated team with a project manager in order to handle your creative account while closely working with the clients to identify extensive features you wish to highlight for your products. Enhancing your brand story through attractive themes then becomes an easy task.
  • Design and Implementation – We dedicate hours to deliver specific templates for your brand, while managing the Enhanced Brand Content for your Amazon marketplace and providing prompt feedbacks for your lead generation.
  • Specialized Amazon content – We tend to specialize in Amazon enhanced brand content, Amazon A+ content as well as A+ enhanced content marketing, dedicated for your Amazon Marketplace.

Evantage store. offers a range of packages for you to choose from according to your requirements. The starter, economy and premium packages are all designed to provide your Amazon marketplace with the best possible enhanced brand content.

Enhanced Brand Content

Fixed Pricing

  • $ 600 Per Page/Product

Variable Pricing

  • NA


  •   Enhanced Brand Content services provide expert assistance creating rich content pages, enhanced product descriptions, and images and detailed specifications for your products on Amazon
  •   Writing product titles, descriptions, and product features
  •   High-resolution imaging and videography
  •   Optimized product descriptions (SEO)
  •   Listing products on Amazon marketplaces
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