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Ferquently Asked Questions

Amazon is the biggest product search engine in the world. Millions of customers visit Amazon marketplace for product buying, and selling products on Amazon can deliver tremendous traction and sales.

you should always be present ,with your full strength ,where your target buyers are searching for products , and amazon being the biggest search engine is the must have place to sell your products

Here is the Fulfillment by Amazon process:

Set up an FBA from the seller Account.

  • Create your product listing.
  • Be prepared with your products.
  • Ship your products to Amazon.
  • Amazon selects, packs and delivers to the customer when a customer orders your product.
  • Amazon also provides customer support!

You have two options to sell on Amazon: you can sell as an individual or sell like a professional. Before jumping into the process, Make sure you are ready with the following things from your side:

Your business name, address, and all the contact details.

  • A credit card with a valid billing address that is internationally-chargeable.
  • A valid contact number that can be used in the following process of registration
  • For the registration process, your tax identity information.

There are two selling plans available on Amazon.

1. Professional Selling Plan

2. Individual Selling Plan

Professional Selling Plan is for sellers who would love to sell more than 40+ items a month. A monthly subscription fee of $39.99 and a sales fee per item vary from category to category.

On the other hand, sellers who want to sell less than 40 items on Amazon do not have monthly subscription fees. In each category, there will only be charged per item that varies.

Professional Seller Account costs $39.99 per month for subscription fees where there are no such fees for individual sellers. But individual sellers must pay $0.99 for the item sold.

On the other hand, Individual Sellers will not be able to use features such as: feeds, spreadsheets, inventory loading tools, order reports, order-related feeds, and customized shipping rates.

Professional sellers can also sell in extra 10 + categories where individual sellers are not.

You can complete the registration process in less than an hour. However, for a smooth registration process, you will have to collect all the information that will be required="" while registering.

Monthly charges apply only to Amazon Professional Seller Accounts. Upon completion of the registration process, the monthly subscription period will begin.

For manage every bit of your Amazon Seller Account, you can go to the Seller Central website. Anything related to sales activity can be done from Amazon Seller Central, such as adding product information, inventory, managing orders.

Amazon will notify you via email and text message when a buyer places an order. You can change your account notification settings at anytime.

Several customers are selling the same product on Amazon. Each seller is eligible to compete for the Buy Box when such a scenario occurs. In Buy Box, Every seller has to prove excellent services by providing great user experience to the buyers. Amazon uses performance-driven winners in Buy Box, and they don't give assurance to any sellers in winning Buy Box. It is completely performance driven!

On the Amazon product page, you can use the "sell on Amazon" button and add inventory details using different methods. You can add one product at a time and add multiple entries using the spreadsheet as well.

Broadly, because of the following reasons Amazon seller accounts get suspended:

  • Below expectations, i.e., your customer metrics (cancellation rate, order defect rate, late shipment rate, policy violations, on-time delivery, contact response time). Amazon sends a notification if they find any discrepancy and ask store owners to determine the issue. Neglecting to determine the issue regularly brings about the suspension.
  • Infringement of Amazon's Selling Policies.
  • Infringement of Amazon's standards about Restricted Products.
  • Including individual data in the description may lead to account suspension.
  • Uploading copyrighted images (images not taken by sellers themselves) to a product page of without authorization from the owner of the image.
  • Purposely selling forged duplicates of products
  • If a retailer opens more than one seller account under a similar individual's name or same business' name without Amazon's permission.
  • If Amazon discovers that the seller account is related with a recently suspended Amazon merchant account (for example, having a similar business address and additionally same Social Security/Tax ID as well as checking account and additionally IP Address with the recently suspended seller).

If you are new on Amazon, presumably this is going to be the most befuddling question you might have to manage. It is significant here that there is no mercy shown by Amazon's Seller Performance team for reasons such as:

  • I will work harder starting now on
  • I acknowledge there was a mistake on my part (but no clarification concerning why the mistake occurred)
  • I am not sure of what turned out wrong, however, will try harder now

Whatever reasons you have, Amazon will always need to explain what the issue actually happened. It will also require you to explain what all the actions you are taking, targeting the root cause so the problem doesn't happen again, as well as what measures you are taking towards the affected customers.

You have to "appeal" against the "Suspension" to retrieve your Amazon suspended store. You have to make sure that you follow these points while doing this:

  • Make an appeal on the formal letter head
  • Mention if you work with an integrator of solutions or an outsourcing partner to manage your inventory feeds, etc.
  • Identify a problem of what caused your listings to be deleted, originally
  • Specify all the quality processes you currently have and those you plan to incorporate into your Amazon Store in the future to ensure a good buyer's experience
  • Keep a positive and professional tone

You can appeal for your suspension, but there is no assurance that you will be reinstated by Amazon. Once you've sent an email to, it's unlikely you'll get a response from Amazon unless they need more details from you or they don't want to hear from you again.

It is, therefore, best to send the answer all at once with all the explanations. Yeah, at the start it might feel like describing a situation to a wall, without any human interaction from Amazon, but that's how Amazon functions.

It is worth noting here that seller performance team may be incorrect, so you must always have the proper evidence to support your claims. If there's anything you don't think is right, try to understand what's going on or maybe going on and then rule out the possible causes. This is how Amazon functions and on similar lines you need to deal to them.

If you've done something you're not allowed to do on Amazon, then you probably have a long way to go before Amazon allows you as an active seller on Amazon. Having a long, profitable and trouble-free sales experience on Amazon is therefore best to stay out of all prohibited things.

Sell on Amazon is a program that enables you to list and sell your product on

Selling on is easy. First you list the products that you want to sell on marketplace. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase. You will receive a notification to ship the product. You deliver the product to the customer and confirm shipment or let Amazon fulfill the order for you through FBA or Easy ship. Amazon will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting our fees.

You can sell items in the following categories:

Apparel, Automotive, Baby Products, Batteries, Beauty, Books, Consumables, Consumer Electronics (including Cameras and Video Games - Consoles), Digital Accessories (including Mobile Accessories, Electronics Accessories and PC Accessories), Groceries, Home, Jewelery, Kitchen, Luggage, Mobile Phones, Movies, Musical Instruments, Office and Stationary, Personal Care Appliances, Personal Computers, Pet Supplies, Software, Shoes and Handbags, Tablets, Toys, Video games (consoles and games) and Watches.

Please note that certain categories are restricted and require prior approval before you can start selling.

You will need the following information to register:

  • Your business details
  • Your contact details - email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business
  • Tax Registration Details (PAN and GST). GST Details are mandatory if you are listing taxable goods and need to be provided at the time of registration Don't have GST yet? You can click here to apply

You don't need a website to start selling on marketplace. Once you complete registration, you will have access to our Seller Central platform using which you can list your products for sale on

No. At this time marketplace allows shipments only within India. You can sell in the US and the UK though our Amazon Global Selling Program.

We will clearly indicate on our product detail pages and offer listing pages that the product is sold by you and the invoice will carry your name.

We charge you when you get an order. Listing on is free. Refer to Pricing for more details.

You can stop selling at any time. If you have availed any paid Amazon services, contact seller support to get them removed.

You are eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is delivered. Amazon ensures payment for your sales (minus the Amazon Seller fees) is deposited securely into your bank account every 7 days, including your Pay on Delivery orders.

You can use our Web-based interface to list products one at a time, or excel-based inventory files to list your products in bulk. The procedure and information required="" will vary depending on whether your products are already in the catalogue. Once you complete your registration for selling on Amazon, you will be guided on the steps needed to list your products. Click here to view our listings tutorial on Seller University (sign in required="").

Please note that currently it is mandatory to have ISBN/ bar codes to list on Amazon. If you are a manufacturer or do not have these, you can request for an exception by contacting seller support through your Seller Central account. Some product categories might require additional information to list your products.

You can view your orders and manage them through “Manage Order” inside Seller Central( you will have access to after your complete registration). If you are using Fulfilment by Amazon, your orders will be fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. If you are using Easy Ship, you can pack your orders and schedule pickup for our team through your Seller Central account. If you choose to store and deliver your products on your own, you need to pack and ship products to customers and then confirm to the customer about the shipment through your Seller Central account.

Yes. Amazon helps you protect against fraudulent orders placed on your products and payment fraud

Yes. Customers can leave feedback. Maintaining a high feedback rating is a critical factor for success on It’s the best way for customers to identify you as a trustworthy seller. Your rating appears on the Offer Listing Page and is one of the first things that customers see. In other marketplaces, we have observed that customers are more likely to purchase products from sellers with higher ratings. Your feedback rating is a key metric used by to measure your performance.

Once you are registered Amazon seller, you can also contact seller support once you complete your registration through your Seller Central account. Once you are logged in, use the "Help" button on the top right find a variety of help options. If you cannot find an answer to your question, click "Get Support" to get in-person support.

Please click here to register to sell on Amazon. You will need the following information to register:

  • Your business details
  • Your contact details - email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business
  • Tax Registration Details (PAN and GST). GST Details are mandatory if you are listing taxable goods and need to be provided at the time of registration

Yes. If you are listing taxable goods, GST details are required="" to sell online. You need to provide GST number to Amazon at the time of registration. However, if you are selling only GST exempted categories, then this may not be required="". Note that if you start selling any taxable goods you need to register for GST as per GST laws and provide your GST number to Amazon.

We have 3rd party providers who are trained on Amazon’s imaging and cataloging guidelines and can assist you in creating high impact listings. They also have preferential rates and offers for Amazon sellers. You can contact them anytime through your Seller Central account once you complete registration.

Your packaging requirements depend on your chosen fulfillment option. You can also search for Amazon branded packaging material on and select the appropriate packaging material according to your packaging requirements.

It is a seller loyalty program for sellers on, where Amazon provides opportunities to registered sellers to receive Rewards by successfully participating in Reward-earning tasks/ contests.

You may earn Rewards by participating in tasks/contests available to you. The Program helps you grow on and earn Rewards at the same time.

Subject to the terms and conditions for each offer and the Program, each time you satisfy the eligibility criteria of such tasks/contest, you stand a chance to win the Rewards associated with each offer are awarded to you upon successful completion.

Your Rewards Account balance may be redeemed in full or in part for the options available below

You can spend your Rewards balance on any of the following:

  • Cash Rewards
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Services under the Amazon Service Provider (Free Account Boost, Free Transportation, Free Product Images, Free Product Listing)

No, the Rewards earned by a seller do not expire

No, there is no annual fee or subscription fee required="" to be paid for enrollment or participation in this Program.

No, Rewards can only be earned after you have been registered for the Program and have successfully completed the task.

Product Detail Page is a page of the products listed in Amazon sellers’ product listing. This page contains product description and every minute details of a specific product including size, colour, size, weight, shipping details, reviews and other crucial information that customers would like to know before making their final decision.

Even if the sellers appear on top of search results on Amazon, they won't be able to make sales unless their product detail page gives all the information that customer needs to know. Here are the features of an effective product detail page.

  • High-resolution image and video
  • Title and brand of the product
  • Include a rating of the product given by the customers
  • Availability status of the product
  • Product Features
  • Product description
  • Price and shipping
  • Reviews from customers
  • Include recommendations for other products
  • Include buy box

Reviews influence the purchase behaviour of customers. Often we find various products on Amazon that have the same features, same price inclusive of shipping charges, same guarantee period, the same delivery date. Now in this condition customers go through the reviews to know about your customers’ experience. On average, every customer reads ten reviews before making a decision and maximum trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

There are many ways to increase the reviews for your Amazon Marketplace

  • Follow up with your customers, ask them about your service and encourage them to review your products.
  • Quick response to their query and solve it quickly always reply positively.
  • E-mail to review about it and can also prepare questionnaires for quick response.
  • Use social media to connect with customers and you can also conduct polls.
  • Customer retention is equally important as attracting new customers and keeps notifying them about new product arrival and offers.
  • Maintain basic courtesies with your customers.

Amazon offers over 12 millions product catalogs. It is necessary for the seller to determine what to sell because if sellers randomly choose any product then there is a high probability that they will end up selling the products that are not profitable and not have enough market; it will be a waste of both money and time. Thus for better ROI and brand recognition it is requisite for the seller to determine what he would like to sell on Amazon.

To find the best niche in the huge Amazon online marketplace, research needs to be done accurately. So here are the effective tips for Amazon sellers to figure out what to sell on Amazon while keeping the profitability in check.

  • Search the popular keywords on Amazon. It will help to find the relevant product that will give you profits as well as help you to build your brand image on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Find the market gap that you can fill to get the benefit of first-mover advantage
  • Look for durable and easy to carry items that permits you to make your shipping cost or FBA fee manageable.
  • Look for high-profit margin products so that even if you provide a discount, you can still manage to earn a profit.
  • Analyze the existing competition of the product that you are intending to sell
  • The growth of a business depends upon the owners’ knowledge and attitude towards the business, hence make sure that you are familiar and have interest in the product

The answer to this question is the customers inclined more towards the seller who delivers the product fast and at low cost. Although consumers will be happier if you provide free shipping, let’s be rational here, not every Amazon seller can afford free shipping. Along with this, a seller must look for the option that will deliver the products to the consumer early. Because if customers find another seller who is offering the same product in fewer days, then, needless to say, they will place an order from that marketplace. Therefore Amazon sellers should opt option which is cost as well as time-effective.tim

If sellers want to execute the shipping process on their own – Under this two options are available:

  • Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) – Under this a seller also known as a merchant, himself completes the entire shipping process without relying on Amazon.
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) – The prime difference between FBM and SFP is that by opting for the latter one a seller fulfils the order by using a Prime badge.

If sellers want to execute the shipping process with the help of Amazon – Under this, three options are available:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) –Under this, it is the responsibility of Amazon to manage your orders and deliver the products to customers on behalf of you.
  • Amazon Seller Flex –A seller can not apply for it because Amazon itself sends an invitation for this. Under this shipping method, Amazon converts the warehouse of the seller into the FBA warehouse.
  • Amazon Easy Ship –available
  • only for sellers who carry out their business on Under the Easy Ship, Amazon itself picks order from the seller’s location and will deliver to the customers’ location.

This year it is more significant for Amazon sellers as compared to previous years because of the pandemic. Pandemic had laid hands on the growth of a business, but the festive season is all set to remove all the hindrances from the way of sellers that leads to growth. It is an exciting chance for Amazon sellers to balance and recover the loss that had happened during the past few months due to the unfortunate global medical emergency.

Here are the effective measures to boost your sales during the festive season while crediting your profit and loss statement.

  • Check the inventories to make sure you don’t run out of the stock
  • Audit your Amazon product listing in prevalence with the preference of customers.
  • Present appealing product image
  • Make sure your product is easy to find by using keywords and Amazon PPC.
  • Run promotions and festive deals.
  • Manage your logistics to make sure that the shipment of the product reaches to the customers at the right time.
  • Confirm the efficiency of operations to ensure you have proper backend support
  • Optimize Amazon product detail page as per the changes you made.

Fulfilment by Amazon is the largest fulfilment network in the world, Amazon sellers register themselves for the Amazon FBA and then send their inventory to Amazon for its management and shipping. Customers place for the product and, if it is FBA then it’s the responsibility of Amazon to fulfil that order. Amazon permits sellers to track their inventory whenever they want.

Here are the benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for Amazon sellers:

  • Facilitates shipping management
  • Discounts on shipping rate
  • Removes burden to deal with returns
  • Illimitable storage capacity
  • Enhance business reach as seller becomes Amazon prime seller
  • Acceptance from the customers as it helps sellers to strengthen their brand name.
  • Permits sellers to focus on core business operations

Amazon buy box is the white rectangular box that appears on the right side of the product detail page. It was created to provide the best value to the customers in exchange for the money. So when a shopper begins to purchase an item through this box, at the very same time the Amazon sellers who ranked highest by Amazon will show up there, thus enabling the best sellers to make more sales than others.

By fulfilling the eligibility criteria, Amazon sellers get permission to compete to win the buy box. These are the criteria that need to be met:

  • Professional Seller Account – The very first criteria is that the seller must have his/her own Professional Seller Account to compete to win the buy box.
  • Buy Box Eligible – It is the status that is given to the experienced Amazon sellers and the one who performs the best.
  • New Items – A seller is required="" to sell new items instead of used one to be eligible for the buy box. For used items, there is a “used buy box”, which is separated from the main box.
  • Adequate Inventory – The last but not least, you must have constant adequate inventory, to be eligible to compete for the buy box.

On Amazon, the “buy box” eligible feature is not shown by default. You have to switch it on by following steps-

  • Step – 1 - In Amazon Seller Central Click on the Inventory tab and select Manage Inventory.
  • Step – 2 – Select the preferences tab.
  • Step – 3 – From the column displays section, select buy box.
  • Step – 4 - Save changes
  • Owing to the fact that Amazon strives hard to provide the best of the best services to its customers, it is quite difficult for the Amazon sellers to win this buy box.

  • Orders Fulfillment Method
  • Landed Price
  • Shipping Time
  • Inventory Availability
  • Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  • Valid Tracking Rate
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • On-Time Delivered Rate
  • Feedback Rate
  • Customer Response Time
  • Feedback Count
  • Sales Volume/Inventory Depth
  • Cancellation and refund rate
  • With appropriate research, one can determine what to sell on Amazon, but that is not enough, simple to trick to establish a position on Amazon is to select the product which picks your interest as well as have high profit margin with the scope of further growth potential.

    • Books
    • Fashionable apparels/clothing
    • Voguish accessories
    • Beauty and personal care products
    • Baby products
    • Technological and electronics appliances

    The sellers should be careful enough while selling on Amazon because it has a buyer-centric policy. Which means sellers must strictly comply with the set standards issued by Amazon to avoid getting their account suspended. Besides, Amazon is the largest online marketplace that signifies the level of competition on it and it can be a bit complicated if a seller tends to ignore the frequent updates. Therefore, sellers should be well aware of the do's and don'ts on Amazon, so they can make the most out of Amazon while bestowing incredible experience to their customers.

    Here is the checklist for Amazon sellers of do's and don'ts that they must take into consideration to ensure the visibility and profitability of their marketplace.


    • Do go through all terms and conditions
    • Do focus on product catalogue
    • Do optimize product detail page time to time
    • Do select the best shipping method
    • Do update marketing strategy


    • Don't spend more than budget
    • Don't ignore to whom you have to convince
    • Don't neglect customers’ feedback
    • Don't avoid pricing strategies
    • Don't enter into the highly competitive market

    Amazon SFP comes under the 'Fulfilment by Merchant' category. Under this shipping option, sellers fulfill orders by their own but by using a Prime badge, meaning a seller will have access to Amazon Prime customers. If a seller opts for this option, then he/she must provide standard shipping services to the customers. Since Amazon provides accessibility to prime customers under this option, it is not open for every seller.

    For enrolling in this SFP shipping method, Amazon sellers must comply with the following requirements which are:

    • Have a professional seller account on Amazon.
    • Must ship 99% of your orders on time.
    • Maintain a valid tracking rate of 99%
    • Premium shipping offers to customers.
    • Having 0.5 % or less collection rate.
    • Must utilize Amazon’s Buy Shipping at least 98.5% of your orders.
    • Withstand with Amazon’s return policies
    • Should deliver orders with Amazon approved Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers.
    • Allow Amazon to handle all the customer's queries.
    • Capability to fulfil orders with “zero-day” handling time.

    Even though currently there is a waitlist for the SFP program, as soon as it opens you will have to enroll yourself for the SFP program and will have to pass the trial period which is for 5 to 90 days with a 200 minimum order to get SFP status.

    Here are the pros and cons of Amazon SFP:

    • Enhanced exposure on Amazon
    • Enjoy more control over inventories
    • Eliminates storage and shipping costs
    • Flexibility for product modification
    • Availing Amazon's customer support services


    • Amazon SFP status maintenance
    • High shipping rates
    • Difficulty in managing huge numbers of orders

    On Amazon you can use a maximum 200 characters to write the product title.

    Before we move forward with further information, Amazon sellers should be aware of the key elements that every product title should have.

    • Brand name
    • Flavor and/or variant and/or colour
    • Size and/or quantity - Size in case of any wearable item and/or a number of units you are providing in a pack.
    • Keywords - According to the target market.

    Product title doesn’t limit your creativity in 200 characters if you want you can play around the limit to make the title more attractive. For instance, you can include a bonus selling feature in the title that represents the uniqueness of the product or you can also put the brand name at last ( if you’re not well known) and can begin from the product or quality you are offering. The best way to select the best-suited title is through A/B testing to determine which phrase gives out the most clicks and sales.

    Amazon product title is much more than the short phrase and is matter because:

    • Help to get better ranking in search appearances.
    • Navigates customers to find the product more easily.
    • Bestows potential buyers with a brief insight into what your product actually is and what is there for them.
    • Higher conversion rate as it increases the visibility of the product.

    Conversion rate is a percentage that signifies the number of times you had turned the visitors into the customers. In general, it is often influenced by factors such as the number of people clicking through to the advertisement, the competition level, price comparison and seasonal discounts, etc. But Amazon conversion rate focuses mainly on the sales made through the platform.

    The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of sales by the number of times people visited the listing.

    On Amazon, a conversion rate of around 10% to 15% is considered good.

    On Amazon, to find your conversion rate, go to Reports, then Business Reports and then find sales and traffic. Now under the labeled "Order Item Session Percentage", you will get your conversion rate. To get it for each product, you will have to check out the same column in the “by ASIN” reports.

    If you have a high conversion rate but low profit, then it will be of no use. Similarly, if the conversion rate is high but visits are low then also it will lead nowhere. For instance, your conversion rate is 60% and visits are 10 means your actual sales is only 6, whereas if the conversion rate is 5% and the visits are 1500 means your sales are 75 products. In such a case conversion rate of 5% is far better than 60%.

    The multiple ways to increase the conversion rate

    • Frequent optimization of products and brand content
    • Sign up as Amazon prime seller
    • Offer competitive prices and other exciting offers
    • Don't forget Amazon PPC
    • Ascertain supervision of reviews and ratings
    • Run external marketing campaigns
    • Take the help of A/B test

    The packaging does impact the customer's purchasing decision and they unknowingly get influenced by packaging. It does not only save the product from getting damaged but also imparts details about the product. Apart from serving this basic purpose, if you wrap your Amazon product attractively in a package then it will be an eye-catching candy for all like to own something unique and beautiful. And not to forget your product packaging is the first impression that defines your services.

    The basics of Amazon product packaging:

    • It should be able to prevent any physical damage.
    • It must include all the required="" information and labels as per the requirements.
    • It should contain appropriate cushioning.
    • Use top-quality materials for the packaging, don't be a miser.

    Do not let the negative reviews affect adversely instead be mature and deal with it properly because removal is not an ideal way.Here are the ways to deal with the negative reviews on Amazon:

    • Determine if the review is legitimate or not
    • Acknowledge the review
    • Formulate a process to respond
    • Respond quickly and professionally
    • Contact the customer directly
    • Be solution-oriented
    • Do nt entertain hostile reviews

    The best ways to make Amazon product packaging attractive are:

    • Keep it simple
    • Be authentic and differentiate it
    • Opt for customising boxes/wrappers
    • Consider the demographic traits of the customers
    • Focus on all-weather packaging

    Responding to the negative reviews on Amazon is a way to let others know that you are serious about your product's quality. It builds the credibility of your Amazon marketplace. But be sure your response looks genuine, not defensive. Moreover, negative reviews increase the trustworthiness of positive reviews while letting to the informed purchasing decision.

    Do not let the negative reviews affect adversely instead be mature and deal with it properly because removal is not an ideal way.Here are the ways to deal with the negative reviews on Amazon:

    • Determine if the review is legitimate or not
    • Acknowledge the review
    • Formulate a process to respond
    • Respond quickly and professionally
    • Contact the customer directly
    • Be solution-oriented
    • Do not entertain hostile reviews

    It is an algorithm that aids Amazon’s product search and is different from Google. The A9 delivers the search result through two strides: first, it pulls the accurate searches from the catalogue. Secondly, according to relevancy, it ranks the product. It evaluates the algorithm based on "human judgments, programmatic analysis, key business metrics and performance metrics” to derive the best search results for its customers.

    Here are the effective tricks to improve ranking on Amazon:

    • Let traffic drive-in through external resources
    • Keywords are best companion
    • Trust Amazon buy box
    • High-speed shipping and order process is a lead
    • Top-level categories
    • Don't underestimate the superiority of reviews
    • Evaluate bounce back rate and time on page

    Amazon is a buyer-centric e-commerce platform; it has a strict policy concerning the returns. That's why if the seller wants to avoid the suspension of the account he/she must comply with such regulations and should respond to the customers immediately.

    Here are the pointers that one should always follow to handles the returns without creating another issue:

    • Maintain a record of the returns -
    • Ask for reimbursement
    • Contact the buyer
    • Find out the reason for return
    • Inspect the returned product

    You can find out the reason for return in the following manner:

    Step - 1 - Log in to seller central.
    Step - 2 - Under reports column, select Fulfillment.
    Step - 3- You will see the option customer concessions, under that click on Returns.

    Once you get the product, inspect it thoroughly for often customers tag the item as "defective" just to save shipping cost and the cost has to be bear by the seller. If in the inspection you find out that the product is not defective, you should immediately open up a ticket in Seller Central to settle the issue and get the money back. Remember, only do this if you are absolutely sure that there is no damage, not even a single scratch.

    Getting an Amazon prime badge is much more than this, it unlocks the door of ample opportunities for Amazon sellers like you.

    • Enhanced visibility to the shoppers
    • Enjoy a prime day
    • Get early access during sales
    • Unlock the key to quick delivery
    • Boost sales figures

    Becoming an Amazon prime seller isn't difficult at all. Amazon runs many campaigns for the sellers to become a prime seller, all you need to do is to fulfil the required="" eligibility according to the program. The ways to become an Amazon Prime seller are:

    • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
    • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
    • Seller Flex
    • Local Shops on Amazon

    Around 150 million people across the globe have Amazon Prime subscription.

    Amazon backend keywords are the terms that can be used by Amazon sellers to their product listing for improving its visibility. The shoppers can't see these keywords but Algorithm A9 can easily use this keyword to place the listing in the search results. These are the hidden search terms.

    In simple steps, you can find out:

    Step - 1 - Log into Seller Center
    Step - 2 - Click the inventory lab
    Step - 3 - Search for the "Offer" tab
    Step - 4 - Click on "Keywords" and open the hidden keyword section.

    In simple steps, you can find out:

    Step - 1 - Log into Seller Center
    Step - 2 - Click the inventory lab
    Step - 3 - Search for the "Offer" tab
    Step - 4 - Click on "Keywords" and open the hidden keyword section.

    The maximum limit of utilising backend keywords are 250 bytes NOT 250 characters. If the limit exceeds 250 bytes, then Amazon.

    The Amazon Search Keywords provides valuable leads to the seller. Here are the effective tips for you to optimize Amazon backend search keywords.

    • Select the most relevant keywords
    • Don't need to stuff keywords in the content
    • Make a distance from punctuations
    • Keep a track of keywords performance
    • No difference between singular and plural
    • Comply with Amazon guidelines

    The ideal return rate on Amazon shouldn't be more than 8%-10%. On Amazon, return rates impact the performance metrics of the seller, which curbs down many opportunities that sellers might utilise. Therefore, as an Amazon seller, you must try each and everything to cut down your return rate.

    • Don't go with window dressing
    • Be sure about the quality of product
    • Know the reason behind returns
    • Always provide accurate product details

    Being in the market for a long time, serving as one of the leading Amazon Service Providers, we thoroughly understand what fact is and what a myth is. If you are looking forward to starting your Amazon journey, first get your facts clear. It's time to debunk the myths.

    • For selling on Amazon you need to invent a new product.
    • SEO optimization on Amazon is as similar as on Google.
    • It is very much difficult to understand Amazon
    • It is compulsory to participate when Amazon offers a new program.
    • You can only earn on Amazon during festival offers.

    Amazon Product Listing is the product details of every item that you are offering to your customers. It is a technique of creating a product catalogue by including the product description, images and additional information to present the product.

    Let's look at the easy way to list it on Amazon:

    • Scan the product to the list
    • Match up the products with the existing listings
    • Use “Prepare your listings” feature
    • For listing many products use “Custom inventory template”

    The basic elements of great Amazon listings that drive sales. They have:

    • SEO-driven keywords
    • Detailed product descriptions
    • Scannable formatting
    • Engaging visuals

    Amazon keyword research is an indispensable part of Amazon search optimization. Keyword research means to find out the relevant keywords that consumers use to find the product. Keywords and keyphrases are very very specific to what you sell on Amazon. It is the effectiveness of keywords that optimize your content to ensure its position in the search results.

    Ways to come up with the relevant keywords on Amazon:

    • Put yourself in consumers' shoes
    • Get seed keywords
    • Let Amazon find you keywords
    • Don' forget backend keywords

    The best seller badge is the orange ribbon icon that you can find on the top-left corner of a product page, this is awarded to the top 100 best sellers. This badge indicates that the products have a higher product ranking in terms of sales in a specific-relevant category. Permitting customers to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

    Amazon algorithm A9 decides the eligibility for winning the seller badge. If sellers in any category managed to attain high sales ranking in the top 100, he/she will get the badge. But the crux is Amazon’s algorithm updates bestseller status hourly. Even though it is not stated by Amazon on what factors it decides the ranking but it is clearly evident sales history and sales velocity are primary factors.

    As buyers click “Add to Cart,” the seller with the best price and outstanding performance will be the one to have their product added to the customer’s cart. The “Buy Now” button below “Add to Cart” is the most direct path to purchase on Amazon, requiring the fewest clicks on the part of users to make a sale and since extra steps generally reduce customer conversion significantly, the buy box is very crucial for the sellers.

    Here are the prime reasons:

    • You have an insufficient inventory
    • You haven't opted for competitive pricing
    • Your inventory has been hijacked
    • Your inventory has not prime eligibility

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