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What Our Client Say

Store setup and management

  •   21 Dec 2019
  •   USA

I have used evantage's services for amazon store management and I am glad I chose them. They are one of the best companies you can hire for store management, the staff is cooperative and thus all the work happens at ease. I am happy to say that they stand up to my expectations and I definitely recommend them.

Erick Rowan

Amazon marketplace management

  •   19 Dec 2019
  •   USA

I had started a new business on the Amazon marketplace and I was facing difficulty in getting good product visibility and ranking. But with evantage by my side, I got desired results and now, my company has a steady business and sees constant growth.

Chad Gabble

Vendor central management

  •   10 Dec 2019
  •   USA

When I had planned to expand from seller-central to vendor-central, I was in a plight as the workings differed from the seller-central. While searching for help, I got a reference for this team from a friend who had worked with the team in the past. I am glad I chose them as they have managed both my stores effectively and efficiently. The evantage team even trained my staff for taking care of the hassles involved in order processing.

Bray Wyatt

Seller central management

  •   10 Dec 2019
  •   USA

I chose Evantage for managing my amazon seller's page and I was more than satisfied with the work. The team is well organized and I have stopped worrying about the work altogether. Because of their help and dedication, I could concentrate on other works.

Daneil O'Brain

Product onboarding

  •   10 Dec 2019
  •   USA

I had a great experience working with the Evantage experts. They managed to successfully help our products reach the customers and also helped us in meeting ends with the competition on the Amazon through their regular competitive research and strategies.

Roman Reigns

Taxonomy and organization

  •   10 Dec 2019
  •   USA

The evantage expert's team helped my product get recognition in the market, thus boosting my sales. The people work with utmost proficiency and they care about your time. It was a wonderful experience working with them.

Brock Lesnar

Image processing

  •   08 Dec 2019
  •   USA

The moment evantage's experts started developing images for my products, my sales started to increase. I am highly satisfied with the professionalism they carry while working.

Robert Rhood


  •   29 Nov 2019
  •   UAE

Evantage surely helped in making my SEO game strong by using various keywords. The team does not waste any minute and caters well to your needs.

Codhy Rhood

Review writing

  •   25 Nov 2019
  •   UAE

By providing artistic writers to write good reviews and product information, evantage really helped me in gaming up my Amazon seller's account and matching up with the competition.

Edie Gurrero

Omnichannel marketing

  •   14 Nov 2019
  •   Canada

Evantage, with its omnichannel marketing, helped me to keep up with the recent trends in the marketplace and helped in connecting with the millennial mindset. I am really glad that I chose them.

Satpal Singh