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With a team of 450+ full-time employees, Evantage is one of the leading Amazon store management service providers in USA, that stimulate the performance of Amazon web-stores across major global firms with their expendable Amazon consultancy services. We offer you the most efficient Amazon store management, Amazon business management catalog management, content management, digital marketing and back-end support for your firms while building a competitive advantage in order to successfully achieve your organizational goals.

Evantage believes in delivering precise results, required="" exactly for you Amazon web store management and setup. Enriched with cross-industry experience and expertise, we dispense our prowess to small, medium and large organizations from across the globe. From the very fundamental setting up of Amazon store and listing multi-faceted information on their products to optimizing the stores and processing customer orders, we believe in providing complete customer satisfaction to our clients.

The major aim at Evantage is to provide our clients with the best Amazon Web-store experience, while helping them sell online on Amazon with best possible solutions. Leveraging Amazon marketplace and building a strong web presence for your store is something that matters to us the most. Our every action is dedicated in order to make your Amazon business services pave its way to success!

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Sustainable Prospect

Global companies must go ahead all the way through fair collective bonds, valuable resource consumption and 'green' innovation, in order to develop sustainably. Chic solutions and logical insights guide companies to face the challenges of sustainable development. A road map ensures sustained action to become more profitable. Evantage store recognizes sustainability as part of global economic and social well-being. Sustainability in businesses can be achieved through three key factors –Collective Bonds, Resource Intensity and Green Innovation.

Smarter Organization

Brilliant execution and quicker transformation aids enterprises in providing higher value to clients. But, it calls for neutralising the difficulties of a globally related marketplace with the demands of localization. Future enterprises should assist associations across stakeholders to bend and accept change. Universal economy faces continuous changes and it requires massive efforts to achieve top position and it is hardly possible to retain top position for a longer period.

Latest Commerce

The technological advancements like Internet, mobiles and other latest devices should go with with customer needs to fill the gap to ensure remarkable growth globally without barriers.

Persistent Computing

Companies must assess concurrent statistics from numerous embedded devices to present better commodities and services with client requirements. Figuring and storage infrastructure plays a key role in cost-efficiency, quality of service and nimbleness. Artificial intelligence, cloud-based solutions and sensor networks are a business imperative.

Digital Consumers

These days, consumers have more knowledge and consider just after experiencing. A digital network enables self-service as well as co-creation. Tailored solutions come with need based solutions, which promotes exploration and access new demographic sections. The new generation is blessed with various devices such as Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, handhelds and PDAs offered by latest technology which is very helpful in communicating, social networking, shopping, and entertainment. These devices are being used by a petty shopkeeper to biggest business tycoons who contributes in enhancing the expectations of all buyers.

Healthcare Economy

Information Technologies has innovated cost efficient strategies with minimal wastage. Latest medical devices with respect of IT industry development, evidence based medicine has ensured the self care of patient. Also development of social media awareness, active & healthy lifestyle has emerged in society. Major technological and scientific development and trends in the healthcare industry have shown incredible prospective in custom-made medication and treatment.