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Amazon Catalog & Content Management- Get Amazon Webstore Advantage with Evantage!

Make your webstore an exciting shopping destination for your shoppers and boost up your sales with Evantage. In this era of cut-throat competition, an amazon webstore with some products listed could be simply drab if it's not well organized and designed featuring all your star products and services. And hence, Evantage does that part for you. Starting from setting up your seller account to order processing, we scrutinize each aspect of your store and provide promotional services for your storefront that enhance your business.
Now, "keywords" play the most significant role in drawing customers' attention to your product. There are other great conversion elements available as well, such as optimized product images, data informed copywriting, favorable user reviews and social media connectivity. We manage and integrate all these elements together in order to create a robust landing page that in turn boosts your search relevance and helps you to achieve top seller rankings.
Let's further dive into what we do:

Under Catalog and Content Management Services

Fabricating the Product Stories for your StoreFront

As soon as a superb landing page is designed, we need to focus upon the products that we have placed in the catalog of our storefront. Each unique product has to have its own story and that is what we fabricate for you - a keyword rich attractive and genuine content for your products, that will drive the customer to the individual product landing page. Now let's us dig into what exactly an Amazon Page is:

Amazon Product Pages

An attractive, intuitive, interactive and well managed landing page is what makes you one of the best sellers on Amazon. This is generally considered to be the most fundamental gear of your Amazon account, yet most punctilious! From little hair clips to wide-screen LED TV, we list them all. Our professionals are adept at inventory management and hence we expertly create Amazon product facets, as per Amazon product guidelines. We design an A+ Amazon content for you that encompasses all the features of your product and thus, branding it the right way to make the customer experience great! This custom-made, keyword rich content helps enhancing sales and customer loyalty.

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Amazon Product Optimization

Next comes the art of optimization! While we see that a perfect product landing page is the end, we need to understand that, it's just the beginning. There's a lot more that is needed to be practiced for achieving the best results. So let's comprehend the nitty-gritty of Amazon Product Optimization:

  • An enhanced Amazon Product Listing: Most of our efforts will be in vain, if our products did not make the search results - isn't it the reason why we are grilling so much? Thus, our team of experts will take care of it. With a better understanding of Amazon Search Algorithm, we won't simply optimize your product content, but also improve your products' visibility - helping them to rank higher in the search results.
  • Amazon SEO & Metadata Writing: We won't stop at the store/product front-end content! We would rightly work on the back-end metadata part - generally ignored yet the most significant thing! This includes on-page SEO, architectural analysis, keyword/phrase selection for meta-content optimization, metadata title creation, description and management, product reviews, ratings and even pricing. Thus helping you to top the organic search results.
  • Writing the Amazon Product Reviews: Good product reviews are no less than the frosting on the cake - as they stimulate your sales by providing your customers a reason to trust and invest in your product. Thus, we provide you product review writing services from excellent Amazon copywriters that construct honest, informative and persuasive reviews for your product.
  • Omni-Channel Retail Services/Solutions: We do not restrict our services to just Amazon, but we let you span your venture to various different marketplaces as well. We diligently work on your product content i.e. title, descriptions, etc. that help improve the visibility not only on Amazon but on other channels too.

The Art of Winning the Amazon Buy Box!

As your Amazon Consultant, we thrive to advance your business in all possible ways. And buy box is one of the most sure shot strategies, that Amazon itself conforms is the most effective in making purchases. It involves a complex algorithm that tracks your product price, customer ratings, shipping time, response time, fulfillment methods and overall merchant status. But with us around, you don't have to get into it. Our amazon service experts make sure that you have the best chances of winning the Buy Box.

Competitive Advantage for Amazon Retailers

Evantage provides you a complete Amazon store services and management solution. With the combination of technical expertise and Amazon sellercentral skills, we have helped our clients to achieve a competitive advantage over other vendors. We support online retailers, manufacturers as well as drop-shippers throughout the Amazon seller-processes, along with a complete back-end support. We streamline your business operations and help you reach out to maximum customers at a global level. So wait no more and outsource your Amazon business services to us for the best experience and leveraging results!

Checkout, How We Work!
Account Creation and Documentation:

We first create your Amazon Seller account to take you on board to a new ecommerce journey! And hence you are required="" to share your phone number, credit card details, Tax ID and all business information which will be carefully verified by Amazon.

Product Onboarding:

Finally, after all the registrations and approvals, Amazon now allows you to onboard your product listings for selling to the customers. Evantage does that with full expertise! With a team of adept content writers and backend SEO managers, we create the best product landing pages and an attractive web-store that will fetch you, maximum customers.

Activation and Post Approvals and Registration:

Once verified by Amazon, your seller account is now activated and you are now the part of Amazon seller community. So the next thing we help you with is Brand Registry. Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon and helps you create a trustable image among customers. Also, sometimes your product category might require some special approval.You are even asked to provide UPCs, ISBNs, etc., which will no more be your headache, once outsourced to us!

Management and Optimization:

This is the most significant step of all, as it includes complete inventory management along with smooth order processing. We regularly update your seller account and optimize each product's sales by running various ad campaigns and continuously enhancing the content. We work on product reviews, their metadata, store-views, purchases and all the aspects of your seller account so that you are able to expand your business without getting any stress.

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3) Sit Back and Relax - Now that you have successfully outsourced your Amazon selling services to us, it's time for you to have a sip a cup of coffee and see       yourselves excelling in the world of e-commerce!

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