5 Effective Measures to Serve the Customers with Indeed Satisfaction

It is rightly said, “Customers are the king”. To make the king (customers) happy and satisfied, you need to focus on every basic and advanced service while serving them. The satisfied customers are the valuable asset for every business. Therefore, while entertaining the customers, you need to keep everything in the right place and work with extra care so that you would not lose your valuable customers. 

When a customer clicks on the buy button, a series of tasks gets triggered for the retailers behind the screen. From the order receiving to order fulfilment and delivery and even returns (if any) you must keep yourself active to serve your customers quickly but with the qualitative services.  

We are here giving you the 5 effective measures to serve the customers with indeed satisfaction. 
1. Efficient Order Tracking 

The very first step that needs to be accurate in customer service is an efficient order tracking. As soon as the customer clicks on the buy button of any product of your store, you immediately should allow them to track the status of the product. They expect the exact date of arrival of the product and shipment updates. It increases the customer trust over you thus increases the satisfaction factor too.  

2. Accurate Inventory

Proper inventory management is the secret to success in online retailing. The accurate inventory counts impacts positively on the sales and order fulfilment without failing and cancelling the orders. The marketing gurus suggest the inventory forecasting is useful and you should adopt this strategy depending upon the orders you are receiving. Also, proper inventory management boosts the sales and orders and improves your performance. Keep the balance between the sales and orders and never run out of stock or excess of inventory. If talking about Amazon, it constantly keeps on checking your store performance and counts the ODR that depends upon the successful order fulfilment and reviews left by the customers.  

3. Speed

It’s all about the speed. The online customers expect the prompt and quick delivery and services. For order fulfilment, you must work with the airspeed and should be active in picking, packing and sending the product to the customer’s destination. As much quick you will be in picking the inventory, faster you will be in selling and delivering. Customers love this kind of services and service providers.  

4. Right Order at Right Place

Most of the time customers lodge a complaint that they have received the different product than they had ordered. Around 23% of returns on Amazon occurs due to wrong items. This raises the question over the service and accuracy of the service providers. Also, most of the times, the delivery boy dispatches the product at the other address causing delay to the right owner of the product. Thus you must have an efficient in-house team for picking, packing and shipping the product at the right place within the estimated period of time or you need to outsource the shipping service to the delivery team. If you are owning an Amazon store, then, using FBA, MFN and Easy ship service will be useful in creating a good customer experience. 

5. Returns & Refunds Efficiency

When a customer feels trust and satisfaction over the product and sellers, then, only he makes the confirmed buying decision. But sometimes, there occurs the condition of returning (in case of size or different products) and he requests for returns and asks for the refunds. At this time, he expects the easy process without any issue in reimbursing the refund. Easy execution of the return process and requests (obviously if the requests fits into your criteria) builds the trust over you and the customers don’t feel cheated. Know- How returns and refund take place on Amazon. If you satisfy their query and sort out every matter with proficiency, for the next purchases, there are more chances that they will choose you. 

Customer satisfaction depends on the accurate order fulfilment and prompt service. Whether you have an in-house team or outsource your shipping service, you must abide yourself to offer the best in class order fulfilment service. To serve the customers satisfactorily you as an eCommerce retailer need to focus on every basic service while entertaining them. With an increase in delivery speed, decrease in shipping costs and quicker service (you can avail Amazon Prime shipping), you can provide the satisfactory services to the customers. Always remember, customer satisfaction matters the most. Amazon focuses on building a good seller buyer relationship.

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