Why should you Showcase Reviews on Your Ecommerce Store

Whether you are selling on your ecommerce store or on Amazon platform, the ultimate goal is to drive traffic. This traffic of viewers if convinced can be converted into the potential buyers. Therefore you should be wise enough to choose the right products to sell on Amazon or on your ecommerce store and should present the products in a convincing and attracting way.

The ecommerce gurus say that apart from picking the right products to sell and effective marketing campaign, the reviews left by the previous buyers affect the viewer’s mind and based on which around 85% of the visitors turn into confirmed buyers.

The reviews that define the quality of your products, satisfactorily services and prompt delivery can make other buyers fall for you and will increase the conversion rates of your store. Though every seller understands the importance of reviews but most of the time they forget to add to their Amazon store and therefore lack of getting more customers attraction. 

Here we are mentioning the importance of showing reviews on your ecommerce store:

1.Builds Trust Bridge

The reviews and feedback act as the building blocks for trust bridge between the consumers and service providers. The customers trust more the reviews than the marketing campaigns of the brands and products. When the previous buyers share their experience about the products they had bought from the same service providers and show their gratitude of buying or list out the benefits, the customers start building trust over your products. The words of mouth are more powerful than any other campaigns and promotions. Therefore we always recommend you to showcase the reviews on your Amazon store or other ecommerce store or website, so that others can know more about you and your services. 

2.Works as Social Proof

The smart buyers know the difference between the edited photoshops, catalogs and real picture displayed by the earlier buyers and users. Though having the professional photos of the products you are selling is always advantageous but you know customers build their trust and buying decisions on reality indeed. Therefore when you will allow the user’s reviews to display on your store, it will act as the social proof for your services.  

3.Strengthens your social media Plan

Obviously, to make your products easily discoverable, you use SEO tactics and run various social marketing campaigns. Amazon provides PPC, advertisements and marketing campaigns to promote the products. This requires a lot of time, efforts and money and yet run with the risk of failure. But adding your customer reviews will make your campaigning more effective and authentic. Do promote the customer's reviews and what the buyers are telling about your good services. This will be cost saving as well as time-saving too.  

4.Helps you in knowing your audience

As much as helpful these reviews are for customers more are for you. When customers share their views about the products and services, it’s not mandatory that always are in your favor but most of the times, the customers may give you suggestion on how to improve your services or what do they like in your products that will help you in improvising your performances along with the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Thus, displaying reviews is always beneficial in attracting large shoppers towards your store while at the time helps in maintaining the trust of the existing customers over you. If you have not showcased the feedbacks, reviews, and ratings yet then, don’t become late. Let your customers say about your quality services and others know about it.


Reviews are always important for online retailers. The retailing experts focus on showcasing the reviews and feedbacks on the ecommerce store. Though Amazon has several policies about how to ask reviews and feedbacks and what not to do to leave them with their reviews. If you are selling on Amazon or thinking to sell on this giant marketplace, take a pill of its guidelines every day and be healthy and fit in this online retailing.

For any assistance, you can come to us at Evantage, who works for the Amazon sellers to help them in setting the Amazon store to meeting the expected ROI with sales-boosting services.

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