Ways to Find the Potential Customers

The competition in e-commerce and an online market has been rising round the clock. At every selling platform, you will find a myriad of sellers as the retailers or involving in wholesaling and thereby providing large options to the buyers. This creates a tough and minacious situation for the new sellers and as well as for those who are thinking to switch from the less crowded market to the wider audience.

To earn and exist in the online market, the golden thing you need to have is the customers. No doubt, the customers get easily fascinated and attracted towards a unique and branded commodities, but what if you are on the start of anything and trying to prove your products as unique and beneficial for the buyers. It takes time and moreover a lot of efforts to get success. With all this, you are also supposed to earn the profit and meet the expected ROI and AOV of the business, which collectively becomes difficult. 

So here we are sharing the effective solutions to find a customer for your business. 

1. Know The Market

Knowing what the market is offering to the customers is the foremost requirement to launch your foot ahead. The online retailing gurus suggest that before putting your product in front of customers directly, you should find about the requirements, needs, and demands of the consumers. If you are selling online like on the Amazon store, then, find out the best selling category on Amazon and then come into the competition. Proper research and analysis of the market and its trends need to answer the following questions-

  1. What do they like?
  2. What type of services is prevailing among customers?
  3. What should be the price of your commodity?
  4. Who are your competitors?
  5. How can your product/service be different from the existing sellers? 

2. Create a Competitive approach

With your research, try to read out the mindset of your competitors and their strategies. Turn your research into a fruitful impact. You can know the differences and voids between you and your competitor’s services, between the customer’s demands and your supply. Build a competitive approach and strategy to reach the customers by showing how are you unique from others in the market. Give the customers a reason (many reasons, in fact) to choose you. 
Select your platform, whether you want to sell online or offline, if online then Amazon or eBay or Etsy or Walmart. After picking the marketplace, you can know the competitors and make an effective move. 
3. Display your products and services to customers

Having found the differences and uniqueness in your products, it’s not the time to just let your products in the paper rather show it off.  Make your Unique value proposition and show it to all. Let the customers know about the commodities and if required add a demo video or manual assistance for the users.

4. Make your Approach wider- Use Social Media

To find the customers and especially the right audience is quite difficult. Therefore, you need to be active in every place where you can hope to have a potential audience. Regular post articles, videos, images of your products and services on social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr. Instagram and everywhere the people are active. The activities and interests of your posts will help you in reaching the right, interested and potential customers.

5. Contact 

Once you could know the interesting social media active customers, the next step you should take is to contact them either through email or message and take regular follow-ups. When you would start contacting them, there are more chances that the viewers will be turned into customers. A step for increasing the conversion rate of the business. 


E-commerce business is no more simple and easy if you couldn’t find the right customers for the products you are selling or the services you are offering. An effective strategy is therefore required to reach the potential customers else uninterested consumers will just increase the bounce rate of your online store.

We at evantage offers an effective strategy and sales-boosting formulas to make your sales from zero to millions. Come to us and get the benefit you want in your online business.

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