5 Important Factors When You wish to Expand your business Internationally

Selling on Amazon is always profitable and it allows the exposure to its online sellers. It does not confine its sellers to the specific regions or a boundary rather it opens the doors of its market overseas. Riping the benefits of selling across the international market, you can make more money through the Amazon and your Amazon seller central account. 

Though selling internationally is not easy because it requires a few extra efforts to set your online business overseas. The thought of selling outside the domestic region creates the anxiety and fear among the novice sellers and even sometimes to the set sellers of Amazon. A set and a strategized plan are always needed to put the best foot forward in international selling. 

So here we have come with the basic but the utmost important 3 factors which you will need to start selling internationally. Let’s know them.

1. Accurate Product Selection

While international selling, you are going to ship the products outside the border, therefore, you must be precise in picking the products which are not hazardous in any way. Neither to the buyers nor while being in the shipment process from one location to another. Any wrong or harmful product could create troubles in the shipment in the other country. Ultimately it will affect your business, therefore, a research of the overall market and Amazon guidelines for international selling must be grabbed before moving ahead.  After all, prevention is better than cure!

2. Pricing Structure

Shipping abroad is obviously costlier than selling and shipping in the domestic areas. The international selling would definitely increase your budget and therefore working with the set price structure is always recommended to make the profit in your business. Depending on the region, size, weight, and distance, the shipping price varies. Also, based on the research you should distinguish the products which require insurance and which do not. 

Accordingly,  set your budget for shipping and choose the precise service provider so that at the end you can be left with the expected profit in the business. 

3. Carrier Support

A good carrier and transport is a major factor to decide the efficiency of your online business, especially in international business. If you are located at the U.S., you can easily find the international shippers and carrier support. Get a list of all the carrier and transport service providers and pick the one who will suit your business needs. 

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In the U.S., you can use USPS, FedEx and also Amazon’s shipping service for international deliveries. But before picking anyone as your shipping partner, calculate the billing and prices and then decide. There are many online tools available for calculating the shipping prices at an international level. Everything should be in your budget. 

4. Payment Mode

How do you accept the payment from your customers affect the number of confirmed buying decisions? As for now, you have decided to expand your business across the border, so allowing every mode of payment that majority of the buyers prefer must be availed to them. For international selling, you need to be cautious while including the payment mode as it is not easy for the buyers to trust any temporarily or new payment process. 

The buyers only go to the secure payment mode. For instance, credit card and PayPal are worldwide accepted and people trust those services, so you should allow the buyers to pay via such modes. Also, depending on the region you have chosen for your business, you need to add payment modes. As in China, people prefer AliPay and Wechat Pay for making their purchase while the Dutch people don’t do their shopping through traditional credit cards. Better you find the popular and secure payment mode in the market you have planned to sell.

5. Check the packaging

Yes, we agree that packaging is the task that needs to be completed by the carrier and transport service provider but believe us- the last checking is always beneficial. Since all the deliveries are for overseas then a double or triple check for the proper packaging. The shipment service providers may have different prices for different types of packaging. Therefore ensure the best packaging service so that the products can travel unaffected to a long distance. 

Get the best packaging deal depending on the size, weight, and distance keep the products safe so that they can reach the buyers safely without any damage. 
In any case of discrepancy, you will have to deal with the returns and refund and that too at the international level. So to avoid any hassle and trouble to both the sellers as well as the buyers, be careful at the starting itself.


The online retailers when all set in the domestic market wish to expand their businesses to generate more revenues and profit.  Here, Amazon is the giant platform which gives its sellers more opportunities to make money and profit.

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With the set budget, right products, and shipping partner you can expand your business beyond your domestic region. Evantage offers the helping hands to its all sellers with Amazon account set up and the sales-boosting services to grow your online business on Amazon.

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