List Of Mistakes Amazon Sellers Should Avoid

If you are an Amazon seller, you are likely to make some mistakes at any point of time in your business, and this article is especially for you. 

Amazon lays down its selling policies clearly and also suggests the practices through which you can avoid committing any mistakes. The guidelines made by amazon are driven by the shopper’s experience and it, therefore, contains a lot of specific requirements to be followed. 

But, if you are a newcomer, mistakes might occur unknowingly. Below listed are the basic mistakes any seller is likely to make while setting up accounts, handling orders or selling on amazon.

I. Failure in setting up Amazon account
An  Amazon seller’s account is where it spends a wholesome amount of time checking orders, managing sales, uploading the inventory, seeing what items are being listed and/or purchased. The campaign settings, inventory valuation, and product performance are also handled at this account. Therefore, it is necessary to build a solid foundation for the account and that can be done by avoiding some common mistakes.

1. More than one seller account 
Being greedy can get you in trouble. The amazon policy states that every seller should have one amazon account, it's that simple. 

2. Directing buyers to your website
Sellers who try to add a URL to their website including the book inventory or business name are clearly violating the amazon policies. This could lead to creating a bad name on the website, thus leading to sweeping away the buyers. 
Instead of these false tactics, the seller can use other online websites or healthy strategies to increase sales. 

3. Copying another seller
Selling on Amazon is difficult and maybe your competitors violate the policies or do not have an optimized account. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be aware of the new policies, audits, tests and refining the seller account. 

4. Choosing the wrong seller account type
It is very important for you to know the type of seller account that is necessary for you. So, research about the accounts before choosing one. 

5. Misunderstanding the working of amazon
Do not ever consider amazon as any other website like eBay or Google. Amazon is a separate marketplace and has a different structure than these websites. 
You should make sure that your store is capable of handling selling on amazon because it is necessary to derive a high ROI from the account. It is also necessary to calculate your amazon spend and forecast the future profits before you plan to attack amazon with it. 

For more information regarding the Amazon seller’s account, you can visit the FAQ on our website.

II. Product listing mistakes on amazon
For the listing of products on amazon, knowledge about amazon products is a must. If your product and content are as per specifications, you are going to do good but if it is the opposite, you might drown.  The following points may help your boat from drowning. 

1. Including sale coupons in the product title
As much as it sounds tempting to use coupons or sales in the product title, it stands against the amazon policies. And this might give you short term benefits, but it will definitely hamper your account in the long run. Therefore, it is beneficial to include “30% off”, “lowest price” etc. in the product title, which might be considered as a promotional tool.  

2. Using categories not sanctioned by amazon
It is essential to get the products listed in the category of amazon’s browse tree. 

3. Including information in the title not allowed by amazon
The product title should be stated perfectly according to the amazon requirements. For instance, it should include a maximum of 100 characters, starting the name with the product brand, and including numerals. The mistakes like using all caps, HTML codes, or using symbols (!,@,$,&) should be avoided.

4. If your image contains promotional text
Since you have caught up till here, you might know that amazon does not promote any personal promotion in its marketplace. Avoid using messages like ‘sale’ or ‘free shipping’ if you don’t want amazon to see you violating the policies. 
However, we all know that such information helps the brand to grow, so you might want to add it in a crooked way. 

5. Using dark image background
Amazon’s policies provide using images with light backgrounds. This policy is mainly for the benefit of the seller since the light-colored background highlights the products. 

6. Using watermark, text, borders or other tools in the image
Amazon’s image policy is strict, it does not play around with its users as the image affects it all. 
Common errors such as using animated images, or using borders or using multiple colored images when they have to be sold separately.  

III. Amazon’s customer service requirements
Amazon believes in keeping its customers’ needs as the priority. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to have your policies in favor of the customers. The following listed errors are usually made by the sellers:

1. Expensive shipping
You want to make your buyers run away- give expensive shipping. Your seller account relies on good reviews. You might earn good profits in the short run but it will hamper your account in the long run.

2. Late shipping
The buyers enjoy easy shopping but they will be disappointed if the product they order does not reach in the specified time, or takes longer than usual. Precisely, it is necessary for you to mention an accurate shipping date that your store can handle. 

3. Fulfillment by amazon
It is advised to use the ‘fulfillment’ by amazon policies prescribed by amazon to make a firm grip on the shipping speed and customer satisfaction. However, if you are using your own policies there is a possibility that you might anger your customer if your services are not on point. 

4. Managing account through email notification
Using mails to manage your Amazon account involves a lot of risks as mails can be deleted or lost.
Therefore, it is considered essential to review customers’ needs and complaints through the amazon account. And, if it is difficult to maintain that, you may as well hire any agency or outsourcing company to manage the same. 

IV. Amazon’s customer service mistakes
Your customer services affect your seller’s account, page visibility, and sales. Any mistake you make with your customer services in regards to returning policy, shipping speed, prices or reviews directly hamper your account. The most common errors made in regard to amazon customer services are:

1. Paying for positive feedbacks
Amazon provides you with a summary of your account displaying the consumer metric score. If you are not getting any feedback from the buyers, then buying the reviews won’t help you to game up. 
2. Getting upset with the consumers
While on business, you will come across different types of buyers some of them will be sweet while the bunch of others might argue or be whiny. But you cannot afford to get tempered, as it might make the customers run away. 
Give customers the best experience because that is what they get from amazon. 

3. Thinking that shoppers read
If you think that your shoppers read your policies, you can’t be any more wrong. Even the customers who bought the product have not read your policies. So, you can politely retell your policies to the customers. 

The bottom line stands that: the customer is the king. This is the golden rule for every marketplace but it is followed sincerely at amazon. Therefore, if you want to serve at the amazon marketplace, make this rule your mentality

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