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Amazon Seller Conferences 2020

Conferences of Amazon to Attend in 2020

The best way for a seller to open different dimensions is through networking. You can grow by making connections with others and getting a bit of expert advice. 

Amazon along with its customers takes care of the seller too. It proposes profitable policies for the sellers. From changing its customer policies for the customers to the FBA services for the amazon prime sellers, amazon has done every bit in helping both the customers and sellers to provide the best experience. 

Being a philanthropist, amazon organizes various conferences during the year for the benefit of the sellers. These conferences are also called Amazon Web Service Conference(AWS).

There are a number of conferences organized every year, therefore it becomes difficult to choose the conference you should attend. The following listed are the top 22 AWS Conferences in 2020. 

            Webwinkel Vakdagen

           Date: 29-30 January 2020

Place: Utrecht, Netherlands

About the conference: it will focus on the most important online retail issues and focuses on digital commerce.  

Speaker: a long list of speakers

Savant Events

Date: 28-29 January 2020 (Berlin, Germany)

         10-11 march 2020 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

         13-14 May 2020  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

About the conference: these conferences are described as high-end boutique conferences focusing on customer centricity in the digital revolution and supply chain.

Speaker:  Pim Spaanderman, Jack Peters at Alibaba and Damien Poelhekke, are the key speakers.


Date: 4 February 2020

Place: The Royal Lancaster, London, UK.

About the conference: The sessions in this conference include delivery, cross border trade, consumer experience, logistics and supply chain strategy. 

Speaker: Brody Buhler, Garrett Bridgeman, Dr. Clemens Beckmann and more.

eCommerce Berlin EXPO

Date: 13 February 2020

Place: berlin 

About the conference: the conference basically focuses on all aspects of eCommerce in one place.  

Speaker: Isabelle Ette, Lisa Dauvermann, Shefali Bhatnagar and more 

The Prosper Show

Date: March 2020

Place: Las Vegas Convention Centre

About the conference: The conference is for eCommerce professionals and Amazon sellers. The talks will be about increasing the sales online including a trade show and some pre-show workshops. They will mainly cover topics like, “how to build a successful video strategy on amazon?”, “how to use crowdsourcing to launch successful private label brand?”, and “clicking funnels for eCommerce seller?”

Speaker: The main speaker for the conference will be Michael Gerber, who is also known as the world’s number 1 small business guru. 

Sellers Summit

Date: 6-8 March 2020 

Place: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

About the conference: It is an “intense two-day workshop” and the “ultimate eCommerce learning experience”. The main aim of the conference is to teach how to run your own successful business. It will help you learn about finding profitable products, improve amazon sales and implement the most up-to-date strategies. 

Speaker: The speaker is Steve Chou, the founder of and other eCommerce websites. Other speakers include CEO of Jungle Scout, Greg Mercer and other successful amazon speakers. 

Rocky Mountain

Date: 17-18 March 2020

Place: Banff, Scotland. 

About the conference: The main aim of the conference is Conversion Rate Optimization and networking i.e. meeting new sellers.

Speaker: Cam Gordon, Marty Greif amongst many others.

ASD Market Week

Date: 22-25 March 2020

Place: Las Vegas Convention Centre, US

About the conference: This conference is a place for buyers to interact with sellers. This helps the seller to grow the customer base. And helps you to learn ways to sell smart. 

Speaker: Source Direct


Date: 22-25 March 2020

Place: Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, US. 

About the conference: This is the biggest retailers conference with the sole aim of expanding the retailers’ network.

Speaker: The speakers include top women specialists in the industry. 


Date: 23-25 March 2020

Place: MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, US.

About the conference: If you are a seller or a work for someone who is a seller on Amazon, then you should attend the conference. You can hear people talk about the latest strategies for selling the products over amazon.

Speakers: Joseph Hansen (Buy Box expert), Ben Aldern (Founder of Prestozon), Jeff Cohen ( Chief Marketing Officer of Seller Lab), and others.

Magento Imagine

Date: 29 march-2 April 2020

Place: Las Vegas, US

About the conference: It attracts the biggest innovators and helps in networking with key merchants, partners and developers.

Speaker: various global commerce leaders on one stage 

eShow Madrid

Date: 31 March- 1 April 2020

Place: Barcelona, Spain

About the conference: it brings together the sellers of eCommerce and digital marketing. The main focus of the conference will be Black Friday, and AI shows.

Speaker: Anthony Ellison, Andrea Picchi, Guillermo Morales, and others.

Internet Retailing Expo 

Date: 1-2 April 2020

Place: NEC Birmingham, UK

About the conference: The conference deals with every aspect of eCommerce. It also includes digital theatre, omnichannel experience workshop and more. 

Speaker: yet to be decided

eCommerce Summit

Date: 25-26 May 2020

Place: Pullman Hotel, Barcelona, Spain.

About the conference: this is an invitation-only conference for retailers. It basically focuses on the European market and topics such as fashion and lifestyle, consumer electronics, home and living, and food and care.

Speaker: Libby Potter, Sebastiaan Berkvensand, Willem Wijnen and many more.


Date: 8-11 June 2020

Place: McCormick Place West, Chicago, US

About the conference: Workshops on different topics are held during a period of three days. The various topics include commerce technology, operations, customer service, market operations, omnichannel marketing, etc. 

Speaker: Tom Mcgee, Josh Luber, and more. 

Date: 14-16 July 2020

Place: Southern California, US

About the conference: The main aim of the conference stands in defining the new boundaries of retail in the eCommerce sector. 

Speaker: Lockie Andrews, Joe Beier and more.

MIDWEST E-COM Conference

Date: 17-18 July 2020

Place: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. 

About the conference: It will provide the users with new tactics to learn about online selling. It will also help you to learn what changed in the Amazon marketplace. 

Speakers: Liz Fickensche is one of the key speakers. 

eTail West/ eTail East

eTail East

Date: 10-13 August 2020

Place: The Sheraton, Boston, US.

About the conference: This conference is a good way to learn from peers about different ways of successful selling on amazon. 

Speaker: Katie O’Brien,  Megan Kessler, Program Director of eTail Boston and more.

eTail West

Date: 10-13 August 2020

Place: The Sheraton, Boston, US.

About the conference: The conference is a gathering of some of the top minds of online selling, helping you to learn a number of strategies.  

Speakers: Noam Paransjy from SVP Digital is the key speaker.

eCommerce Expo

Date: 30 September- 1 October 2020

Place: Olympia, London, UK.

About the conference: The conference includes everything related to eCommerce beginning from technology and ending on marketing.  

Speaker: Not released yet. 


These conferences will help you gain the expertise that is in the eCommerce sector. Visiting these conferences and learning the lessons by the experts is better than opting for a hard way for it.

Evantage is one of the leading service providers supporting its sellers with the basics of amazon. Our main aim is to provide helpful information to the Amazon sellers and support them with the sheer potential to take them on top.

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