How to market your product effectively to Generation Z in 5 plausible ways

It is time to make a shift in the process through which you sell products. To increase your sales and reach a better audience, it is suggested to target the generation of active users who are the next active decision-makers i.e. the Generation Z. Are you struggling with the question of how to do it? Will your strategies be effective for this fraction of the audience? Just like every change in generation, we see different buying patterns, similarly, Gen Z is no different. But if you dig down deeper, you will find some good ways that will help you sell your products effortlessly to this sect of the customers.

But before we get down to listing the strategies,  you need to know who Generation Z actually is and what is their expectation from the market?

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z is inclusive of the people who were born between 1996-2015 i.e. the current age group of 04-24-year-old young adults. The buying patterns of this generation are different from that of Generation X and even differ a bit with the Millenials. Considering the usage of the internet, mobile phones, and online sites, from a young age, their interaction with the eCommerce website is quite enveloping. The emergence of eCommerce and the development of trends, the shift from the flea market to the online platforms, therefore social selling is not an alien concept for them, and this becomes the reason they don’t shy away from exploring new stores on Instagram and Facebook. 

The first big purchase of this generation, like a mobile phone or other electronic accessories, would also have been from any eCommerce web store. This generation waits for their online order more eagerly than Generation X would have waited for their letters, which makes them well aware of the online ecosystem. They have different expectations from the market which will make them the leaders of the currently running omnichannel eCommerce stream. To target this generation, you need to be equipped with recent trends and be in line with the short-term trends which take social media by troll every day.

How to market your products to Generation Z?
Now it is time to learn the different techniques to be in line with the recent trends in the market and be aware of the expectations of the targeted audience. Below listed are the five ways through which you can effectively market your products to the targeted audience. 

Join the trend
Gen Z is always bustling on social media. They are active every time and intake a lot of content every day. Therefore to influence them, it is necessary for you to trace the recent trends and come up with the strategies to match the everyday trends. Every day on social media is a new trend and a new format. Any information becomes a new advertising strategy and meme material like Ananya Pandey’s talk over nepotism on a Rajiv Masand’s chat show. It became the reason for the advertisement and henceforth, a promotional campaign. 

Therefore, it becomes essential to look out for such trending content which can be noticed by the customers. Good content always sells on social media, therefore, it is essential to keep a track of the trending and modify your content accordingly. If your content could stand out and grab the attention of this generation, then you don’t have to worry about your sales going down. 

Quick and timely delivery
No strategy can beat a good delivery system. Be it old school, but you can not achieve customer satisfaction without fulfilling their expectations. For Generation Z, good delivery speed is everything. They expect a one-day or two-day delivery time and anything below that does not qualify as a good delivery experience for them. 

For achieving a zen level of fulfillment, the first step is to optimize your inventory and warehouse and by shipping products with a solution like ours. 

Sell experiences, not products
Behold the power of rich experiences. Good technology, economic boom, fast communication, innovative inventions were what mattered to the older generation, but this generation considers experience more important than any new discovery. They feel that experiences are shrewd, and you should have a solid reason for purchasing the products because they believe in the theory that 25% is the product while 75% is its utility, benefits, and application. 

The best way to sell your products is to make Gen Z realize that they need your products. This implies that you have to focus on selling 75% of the product rather than depending on just 25%. A regular marketing campaign will be considered unnecessary in the coming times. 

This approach was taken into consideration by Apple. They never focus on selling their smartphones. All they focus is on showing the benefits of the products. The ‘shot on iPhone’  campaign focused on showing how you can get a better shot through the camera, which built the trust of customers on the products. 

Enhance every social channel
With an all-round presence on social media, Gen Z has a stronghold on every social platform. From Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to Youtube and  LinkedIn, they consume different content in different forms and this diversity in content is not new to them. Therefore it is essential for you to create varied content suitable for each platform. For instance, if you post an explanation on youtube, then instead of posting the whole video on Instagram, you can put up a shorter version of such video. This tactic helps in optimizing the content for every social platform, conveying the same message in different ways making it unique. 

Strengthen the mobile commerce
Gen Z has early access to mobile phones which has inclined their buying habits towards the phone. After the coming of Amazon and Flipkart, they have stopped using the laptop. Therefore it is necessary to make mobile commerce stronger which includes eliminating the roadblock and keeping the process simpler. Furthermore, investing in a mobile application can prove as one of your best decisions, as it makes experience personalized and easier for the customer. 

It is not difficult to fulfill the needs of Gen Z if you know the right tactics of the digital world. The thing such as good user experience is never out of fashion, even Gen Z also believes that along with the previous generations. But while focusing on it, do not forget to keep focusing on the latest trends and with that, you will be able to sell to every generation that comes into being. 

At Evantage Store, we assist you in managing your sales and reaching to the target customer by satisfying the needs of the customers you target. Our Amazon expert team will help you to smoothly target Gen Z by coming to you with new content and tactics for meeting the current trends, thereby making the customer get attracted by us.

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