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Amazon is the world's biggest eCommerce portal that houses millions of sellers. There are various benefits that can be gained by the sellers from various seller-centric programs while influencing the massive user base held by Amazon around the world. Study shows that around 50% of the retail sales are conducted by amazon. Therefore, the growth of your business is guaranteed if you refer to amazon for selling your products. 

With its global selling program, amazon gives you a platform and a thorough process to target the international audience and sell your products to them. The following topics listed underneath with be explaining to you about the Amazon Global Seling and the features it has:

Amazon’s Global Selling Program
Amazon Global Selling Program is a platform for the sellers providing them the opportunity of easy, simple, and convenient products that can be sold in the international markets.  The program was started by amazon in 2015, and recently more than 35000 sellers are already utilizing it for reaching out and selling their products. According to the statistics by amazon, more than 120 million Indian products have already been listed on the international market doing good business abroad. 

Amazon covers ten international markets under its Global Selling Program. The list is as under:

  • North America 

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • United kingdom

  •  Germany

  • Spain 

  • Italy

  • France

  • Japan

  • Australia 

You can create your seller accounts on these marketplaces and begin selling your products in different categories.

Steps to proceed with the program

Step1-  Choose your marketplace
The first step includes choosing the marketplace where you will like your goods to be sold from the above options. 

Step2- registering your Global Seller Account on the marketplace
Once you choose your marketplace, now all you need to do is to register your seller account in the marketplace chosen by you. You would be required to use an international credit card for all transactions as you have to pay monthly subscription whilst setting up a Global Sellers Account

Step3- verify your documents
Once you are done with step two, you must submit your identity proof and business address proof to check your account. 

Step4- select category of products and list them
The next thing to do is choosing the category you want to sell your product in and use the listing tools to place those products in the marketplace. 

Step5- decide the delivery procedure
This step includes deciding if you want to deliver your products yourself or through Amazon FBA.

Step6- appropriate pricing of products
Pricing is the most crucial element, and that is why it should be taken care of. Price your products according to any ongoing sales and festivities. The featured products should be priced accordingly to get more customers to the marketplace listing.  

Step7- advertise your products
You can use the amazon advertising feature to reach out to a broader audience if you wish to stand in the global marketplace. 

Delivering the products internationally
There will always be a choice given to you by Amazon for fulfilling your products yourself by option for Fulfillment by Amazon. 

  • Fulfillment by Amazon

Here,  fulfilled by Amazon provides you with an opportunity to utilize Amazon’s international fulfillment centers to fulfill your orders. Under FBA, you send across your stock to the nearest international fulfillment centers, and when you receive a request, Amazon picks, packs, and ships your products to your buyer within two days (as mentioned by Amazon).

  • Fulfillment by Self

Unde fulfillment by self, you have the option to ship your products with the courier company of your choice. You manage the inventory, warehouse, and package your products yourself. You can also opt to ship with a courier aggregator that offers you the choice of courier partners or a courier company. Either way, you can send the products at your own convenience and decide the better-suited option for your business. 

Amazon Global Selling pricing
If you apply for the Amazon Global Selling program, you are required to pay monthly fees for every marketplace you choose. 
When you choose to sell using Amazon’s global selling program, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee for every marketplace. The pricing structure varies for each market and below is a brief description for each.
  • United States

Pricing policy in the US gives you two plans- professional and individual. The individual plan membership is free of cost but asks you to pay an additional USD 0.99 selling fee per item along with the referral fees and variable closing fee. Whereas,  the professional plan costs $39.99 and saves you from paying the additional charges. As apparent, the professional plan comes with more features and is a better choice for people selling more than 40 products per month.

  • Europe

As in America, you get a choice between two plans when you ship to Europe – a pro plan and a basic plan. The pro plan subscription costs 25 pounds per month and is suitable for sellers with over 35 shipments per month. The basic plan is free of cost and ideal for sellers with more than 35 shipments a month. Though, if you wish to opt for the free plan, you cannot utilize Amazon FBA.

  • Japan

There are two types of selling plans in japan, professional, and individual. The details of the plan are the same as that of the US.  The price of the professional plan is JPY 4900 per month, and the basic plan membership is free of cost.

  • Australia

In the pricing plan of Australia, you have to pay a fee of AUD 49.95 per month. Along with this, you have to pay a referral fee, closing fees, and refund fees for each item sold.

Benefits of selling with Amazon Global Selling Program

  • Wide audience reach
With the Global Seller Program, it can be easier for you to sell to various countries and get access to millions of customers there. As the demand for authentic Indian products increases, it
helps you to sell products quickly and make instant profits. 
  • Lift all-important sale seasons

If you sell to a domestic audience, you can only leverage a few sales. But in the case of international selling, you have a chance to attract customers with sales all year round as different festivals are celebrated in different countries throughout the year. 

  • Easy exports of products

Exporting products can be a hassle for many owing to the costs, formalities, and extensive paperwork. These long drawn causes a loss of time and energy for most users. Amazon’s global selling program makes it easier for you to ship products easily across borders without having to deal with these problems directly.

  • Get paid in the home currency

The best part about this program is the fact that you will get paid in INR. You do not need to go through the process of currency exchange, etc. You can sell to people in USD, AUD, pound, etc. but you will receive your final due in INR.


If you are a seller who decides to opt for the Global Seller Programme, then you can reach millions of customers without fail. If you can manage between Amazon’s marketplace and your own carrier partners, you can also save more on shipping. Choose wisely and grow your business beyond boundaries!

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