What role Customer Relationship Management plays for Amazon sellers?

What role Customer Relationship Management plays for Amazon sellers?

Digitalization in business facilitates both merchants and buyers to come to the e-commerce marketplace. Online purchase is gradually increasing, as per a report by 2040, 95% of shopping will be done through e-commerce. Earlier when there was no or less trend of e-commerce, competition among merchants was not that difficult because it was restricted in a certain geographical area. Now, thanks to e-commerce that there is no restriction regarding the geographical area, one can sell and buy anything from any place at any time.

In 2018 estimated 1.8 billion people purchased online. On Amazon itself, 197 million people visit every month. Increase in customers is proportionally increasing the competition among merchants. In an online business, the price of similar products is almost the same, now this raises a question, “how do customers make a choice?” Customers go through reviews which give them an idea about merchants’ service and relations with customers. 

Like offline business, an online business can't have personal relations and interaction with the customers. That’s where CRM comes into light. Amazon sellers use CRM software to maintain customer relations online which is important for merchants.

Importance of Customer Relationship Management for Amazon sellers-

 To maintain customer relations on Amazon requires expert digital marketing skills and technical skills. Amazon Service Provider Network allows merchants to take help from Amazon Service Provider to support them in maintaining customer relations online.

Information about customers – CRM supports to acquire and maintain the database of information about customers like geographical and demographic information, product preferences, purchase history, contact number, email etc. All these things are stored properly on the database, replacing the manual file and sellers can utilize this information to increase sales.
 Buying pattern of customers – From the information collected about the customers, merchants analyze the busing pattern of consumers to understand their behaviour whether it is complex, habitual or variety seeking. It helps to understand the demands and expectations of consumers and is important to fill the gap between consumer and product. By using this information merchants can influence the decision of customers.
Customer segmentation – Every consumer has a different preference. Millions of buyers on e-commerce have different gender, age and location. CRM software divides the consumers into different groups based on their age, gender and location. Segmentation is beneficial for merchants and service providers for having personal contact through mobile or emails as per the needs of the consumer.
Personalize marketing strategy – CRM maintains information about customers, analyzes their buying behaviour and divides them into different groups which enable service providers and merchants to develop and formulate different market strategies as per the kind of customers. The main advantage of personalizing marketing strategy is that merchants reach to the specific and targeted audience. 
 Customers’ loyalty – Customer loyalty is like a lifeline for business, having a loyal customer is very important. CRM helps to know more about your customers which enables merchants to develop personalized marketing strategies by which they oblige to their needs effectively. Thus giving customers personalization of the experience and encouraging them to remain loyal to your brand.
Retain and Attract new customers – CRM helps you to target a specific audience thus you let the information at the right end. CRM also supports merchants to maintain personal contact through emails and texts with their customers to know about their query and to track their loyal customers and give them a special discount, offer or rewards, this will help to retain the old customers as well as attract the new customer.
Building a reputation – Customers' attitude towards a product and brand plays an important role in building the brand reputation. CRM supports maintaining personal relations with customers to solve their query, to offer them special offers and discounts on their special days and to make a personalized marketing strategy. All these things when done together retain and attract new customers, ultimately help in building the brand reputation.
Reduction in management cost – CRM helps to track the buying behaviour of consumers and let us know which product has the highest sales, thus help a merchant to manage inventory properly and not increasing inventory management cost. It reduced the cost of advertisement and promotion. Since CRM is capable enough to attract new customers you need not require doing an extra promotion to attract the customers, thus saving your cost.

Customer Relationship Management is the concept of modern marketing which helps merchants to boost their sales and increase revenue. But CRM requires heavy knowledge and expertise of digital marketers who have the potential to use it in the right way. Merchants on Amazon can take help from Amazon Service Provider Network.
Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.

Evantage makes sure that their clients receive the best and follow every guideline carefully given by Amazon. Our best digital marketers analyze the problems of clients and give the required solution we help you with the best service.

Hire us for executing effective customer relationship management!

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