How to create an effective product catalogue on Amazon?

Product Catalogue is a crucial way of increasing retailers’ sales on Amazon. There are millions of different products on Amazon. Amazon itself has an inventory of about 12 Million and including all the marketplaces on Amazon, it increases to about 350 Million. That is the reason; product catalogue came into the light. To divide and arrange inventory as per its nature and types in a systematic way. Thus buyers have not to go through all the trouble to search what they want.

Product Catalogue is the representative of your business. It includes organizing, updating, standardizing and publishing your products information in such a way that it stimulates buyers by assuring buyers’ about its quality. On Amazon, there are millions of products; hence retailers must manage all the information related to their product to attract customers.

These days buyers are demanding; they are ready to pay a high price for the quality product. Advanced technology enables everyone to compete with you on the marketplace, due to which it is strenuous to secure the best deals. 

Tips to create an effective product catalogue -

Owing to the situation of the digital world and marketplaces on Amazon. It becomes crucial for retailers to create an attractive and persuasive Amazon product catalogue. Here are tips to make a fruitful product catalogue:

  • Select the best categoryThe foremost thing is to select the category which suited best according to your product even before thinking about how to create a catalogue. When buyers search something on Amazon, first they search the type of product they want, not the name of a retail shop. If you select the wrong category; there are chances that Amazon will suppress the listing of products.

  • Precise Title – Once you are done with the selection of the category for your product. The Next thing is to give a title to the product. A product title should contain the name of a product and variations like colour etc. The title should be precise, meaning accurate to the nature of the product; it should be short. Buyers don’t like to read the long title; generally, they avoid it if they find the title long and irrelevant.

  • Crucial information – Retailers should make sure that they provide relevant product description and features. Focus on products’ benefits and features of your product which are different from other products. Use powerful keywords to improve search ranking on the websites. Information should write down in such a way that it attracts the target audience. The tone should be natural and easy to understand by buyers.

  • Engaging and clear image – Product catalogue must contain engaging and clear images of the products. Since buyers can not touch and feel your product, they will look at an image closely. An Image should not be blurring. As per Amazons’ guidelines, you can use high – quality image minimum of 1000*1000 pixels. While uploading products’ images follow the guidelines carefully to avoid suppressing the listing of the product.

  • Frequently asked question (FAQ) – A product catalogue must consist of frequently asked questions by customers. It makes it easier for a buyer to know more about your product. Questions should be different from what you already described in products’ information; the purpose of FAQ is to provide more information, not repeated information. It establishes trust between business and consumers 

  • User friendly – Retailers should not only focus on how the products’ presentation would be but also focus on the functionality of the site. You want customers’ to purchase not to go through your product catalogue; hence make sure that your catalogue has “Add to the cart” and “Add to wish list” options and users can find it easily.

  • Appropriate presentation – On online marketplace presentation is the one thing that influences the decisions of buyers’. Design and layout should be according to audiences’ preference. If your presentation, of products, is not up to the mark, then it will not attract the customers resulting in low sales.

Product catalogue and management requires specialized digital marketers who know how to increase traffic and attract more number of buyers. Amazon has many guidelines and rules and regulations that need to fulfil and, if not comply then Amazon suppresses the retailers’ listing of the product. Merchants on Amazon can take help from Amazon Service Provider Network.

Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.

Evantage makes sure that their clients receive the best and follow every guideline carefully given by Amazon. Our best digital marketers analyze the problems of clients and provide the required solution we help you with the best service.

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