Key features to write interactive product description

Key features to write interactive product description

On Amazon, managing an online store is not only about uploading products and making catalogs effective. It is more than that, principally because the buyers and sellers do not have any personal contact. There are billions of buyers on Amazon and, so are the competitors. Showcasing products is not enough to increase sales representation of your product quality and its features in words to convince your customers about it.

A product description is the marketing representative for a product. It makes a buyer aware about your product and answers the questions like, what it is actually, how to use it or what worth does the product hold? It tells buyers about its benefit and what value you are offering with your product which others don’t influence buyers’ decision. A product description is not only limited to products’ details only, but it also increases your online visibility.

Today, consumers no longer do blind purchasing; they look for options where they can get the value out of the money they are putting in. On Amazon online marketplace, standard product description makes your site look professional and stand it out from others. While writing a product description, you should be well aware of what you should add and whatnot.

Features of the interactive product description -

Product description should have the proficiency to encourage buyers to click on ‘Add to Cart’. Here are characteristics of a good product description

  • Interactive tone – The very first thing while writing a product description is that it is in an interactive style and should not sound like an essay. Since at an online marketplace, you don’t have face to face conversation with your buyers, thus your product description should have that tone that sounds like interaction. To make an interactive style, don’t use many technical words. Use simple words and languages that can easily be understood by buyers

  • Earmarking to a target audience – Content should be written in such a way that it earmarks the target audience. Content should answer the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions of potential customers. First know the characteristics of your potential customers like age, gender, demographic background etc. Billions of buyers visit Amazon for online shopping. If you are unable to target the audience for whom you have created the product then your conversion rate will be low.

  • Clarity of content – Content should be clear, precise and relevant to the product. Mention all the relevant information like pricing policy, shipping schedule and warranty and refund guidelines etc. Don’t beat around the bush, the buyer will leave the site if they didn’t get the answer or information they are looking for. Relevant and short content is much better than irrelevant and long content. Content shouldn’t have circumlocution tone; it should be straightforward.

  • Unique selling proposition (USP)–Product description should include all the benefits of the product that are meaningful to potential customers. Remember you have thousands of competitors on Amazon marketplace, to make your product stand out you are required to provide that value with your products that no one is offering. Show uniqueness of your product and use power words like highest quality, best, affordable and so on, to highlight it. USP is instrumental for influencing the consumers’ decision and stimulates them to buy your item.

  • Easy to scan –Once you create content then another task is to present it impressively. By using bold fonts to highlight the headings, bullet points to describe the features of a product, different font sizes to mark up the significant information like pricing, guarantee and warranty guidelines, refund policies etc. Present your content in such a way that buyers find it easy to read and can spot any information within seconds. It is the easiest thing to do yet significant enough to gain the attention of buyers on your site.

  • Use of keywords – Keywords are those words which are frequently used by buyers to search for any particular products. Product description must consist of related keywords, but remember the density of keywords should not be below and should be too high. Keywords also aid SEO and make your search ranking better on the website. Usage of keywords increases the online visibility of merchants on Amazon.

  • Avoid indiscreet content - Both sellers and buyers use Amazon across the world. There are millions of people from different countries and religions. So you must avoid any mockery and indiscreet content which may directly or indirectly hurt the sentiments of others. Amazon has a strict policy regarding this which may even lead to permanent suspension of sellers’ accounts.

Product description requires a high set of knowledge and skills to create since it should be short but at the same time convenient enough for customers. Amazon issued guidelines and limits of words regarding product description content that needs to be fulfilled. Merchants on Amazon can take help from Amazon Service Provider Network.

Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.

Evantage allows the registered sellers to showcase the proposition of their products through enriched web content. Interactive product descriptions will eventually result in higher and optimal conversion rates, stimulated traffic and exponential sales when strategize effectively. With a team of experienced digital marketers we work to create value for our clients

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