5 key features of effective product listing on Amazon


Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. Billions of sellers and buyers across the world come on this platform to exchange products in terms of monetary transactions. Amazon has considered “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world”. It is an influential economic force because it is one of the big four companies along with Google, Facebook and Apple and is a cultural force because people from all around the globe visit Amazon.

To sell products on Amazon, sellers are required to do product listing on Amazon. Amazon Product listing means to have a page for each product that a seller wants to sell on the website. This page should consist of all the information related to the products such as titles, description, images and prices. Buyer gathers all the information related to product utilizing product listing. Thus, product listing forms a pillar to increase the sales of products.

Amazon is the top-notch e-commerce platform; it is pretty hard to mark your presence online on such a large scale. It requires lots of efforts from sellers. Product listing is the basis of the product that ensures your conversion rate.

Features of effective product listing
Here are some that you should take into consideration to do an effective listing of your products.

  • Knowledge about a product -- . While doing the listing of products, complete information of a product needs to be added. Make sure to have an overall summary of your product such as UPC, dimension weight, colour and other relevant details because it’s frustrating to come across halfway only to know that you don’t have sufficient information. The first rule of selling is to know about your product. You cannot sale your product unless you have overall knowledge about your product.


  • Navigating content – In the myriad of millions of sellers like you, it is imperative to create content for a product that easily navigates buyers to your site. Add popular keywords in a title related to a product. Relevant keywords improve your ranking in search engine optimization and better ranking helps to appear in the top search results. It is a technique to attract traffic on a website that increases the probability of a high conversion rate. It is best to take the help of Amazon service providers to have digital marketing-driven content for your product.


  • Comprehensive product description – A product description can be called as a spokesperson of a product. A product description tells buyers about its benefit and what value you are offering with your product which others don’t, influencing buyers’ decisions. While writing the description, include each minute details of a product and always use interactive style while describing it. Product description enriches the quality of the product listing. 


  • Simple to scan – Amazon buyers’ don’t read an entire page of a product. That’s why Amazon sellers must list products impressively to draw buyers’ attention. Amazon allows sellers to write five bullet points for every product; making it easy for a buyer to read quickly, show the prime features of a product in first bullet points and other characteristics after that, and use uppercase alphabets to highlight keywords. Furthermore, present content in such a way that buyers find it easy to read and can spot any information within seconds.


  • Appealing images– Since the buyer cannot touch a product on e-commerce; images of a product encourage them to visit your site. While, uploading images use high-definition pictures, accurate image angles, light or white background and many other things need to follow. On e-commerce, visuals of a product represent its quality. Amazon has issued guidelines regarding the size of the image and other things to maintain standardization. Hence, sellers should hire Amazon Service Providers to avail of professional photography.

The prime reason for the success of Amazon is customer satisfaction. Each month more than 197 million people visit the website. That is why; Amazon has many guidelines, policies and regulations for sellers to maintain the standard on the website. It requires services from professionals and experts to meet all criteria. Since overlapping in anything may lead to suspension of the account, sellers should hire service from Amazon Service Provider Network.
Amazon Service Provider Network is a network of thousands. Amazon Service Provider which helps sellers to manage right from creating an account to a customer support system. Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers.
Evantage, with its product listing optimization services, assists you to lead in the largest E-commerce search engine. We are here, to assist you in optimizing Amazon product listings and maintain your brand's existence on the Amazon marketplace.
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