Tips to respond to the negative reviews on Amazon

Reviews!! A personal recommendation for the customers and the performance indicator for the Amazon seller.

Amazon functions on the notion "customers come first" and if you have a bad reputation in Amazon, then it's going to be much more expensive and difficult for you to sell on Amazon. Ratings and reviews on the Amazon determine your reliability and aids you to build a brand reputation. It shouldn't be shocking to know that around 80% of the shoppers counted on businesses with 4.0, 4.5, and 5 stars.

When we talk about reviews, how can we forget the negative reviews, right!! After all criticism and the success go hand in hand

Negative reviews have the potential to deteriorate your brand image directly since many Amazon shoppers prefer to go through reviews before placing an order. But on the other flip, it is beneficial for you too as it helps to increase the standards of experience you are bestowing your shoppers with.

Often it may appear to you as to why there is a need to respond to the negative reviews when you can remove them.

Responding to the negative reviews on Amazon is a way to let others know that you are serious about your product's quality. It builds the credibility of your Amazon marketplace. But be sure your response looks genuine, not defensive.

Moreover, negative reviews increase the trustworthiness of positive reviews while letting the informed purchasing decision.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and selling on it, in itself is the prominent thing. So, do not let the negative reviews affect adversely instead be mature and deal with it properly because removal is not an ideal way.

Here are the ways to deal with the negative reviews on Amazon:

Determine if the review is legitimate or not - Unfortunately, in the age of vicious pursuit, it is not something new for some sellers to use tactics against another one. Few sellers go against Amazon's terms of services to boost their sales by harming others. Therefore, before responding to any reviews check if the review is valid or not by cross-checking it with the available data and if it is not, lodge a complaint against it to Amazon. There is no need to respond to such reviews and if it is legal then handle in the following manner.

Acknowledge the review - The very first thing you should do is acknowledge the review. Don't ignore and remove it. If the customer is sharing a negative review and you won't reply to it, then don't forget he/she might have a negative word of mouth which will surely bring your business down. Also, in modern marketing, it needs relation with customers to survive the competition without them you won't be able to go long. Amazon strictly cares for its customer so you better not ignore them and if you're finding it hard, connect with Amazon service providers for assistance.

Formulate a process to respond - Negative reviews are not a one-time thing, throughout your Amazon journey you will have to face it frequently. Also, negative reviews are susceptible, concerning the way it brings hostile effect, it would be best that you hatch a complete process that suggests how you are going to handle it always so you won't end up messing it up because customer satisfaction should be the top priority. The policy regarding this should define the steps you will be taking in different scenarios.

Respond quickly and professionally - Always respond professionally and politely to the reviewer and within 24 hours or max to max 48 hours not more than that. Study their review and if you feel that the reviewer himself has done something, then explain them professionally and if it's your mistake apologize and assure them that you will correct it soon. In the world of the internet, it won't take a minute for new to spread like fire in the jungle. If you behaved recklessly with the customers, then there are high chances for your image to get tarnish. Besides, being a seller you must solve the queries of customers, it will aid you both in enhancing trust and retaining customers for the long term.

Contact the customer directly - Once you respond to the shopper on the comment, you might want to connect with the person directly to resolve the query. Even though it can be difficult since you will have to find the person who’s using a pseudonym. And you might tag yourself as an online stalker while doing so and that's not what you want right!! But fortunately, if you find the verified person through social media, connect with them if he/she responds then understand the issue thoroughly and solve it and keep the apologetic tone.

Be solution-oriented - Always strive to solve the problems of customers quickly. Asking for an apology again and again will direct you to nothing and worse, it will leave the shopper frustrated with your services. If the customer is having some kind of problem in using the product, teach them or if he feels the product is defective then replace it. Find the solution to the problem instead of giving up. You use the brand name Amazon with your marketplace so be sure you keep it intact.

Do not entertain hostile reviews - Many shoppers out there use foul language and cuss words in their reviews. There is no need to entertain such reviews unless the person is eager and persistent to return the product. Surely, customers are significant but it is not a way to take it out. It would be better of you to remove such reviews from the page. Appreciate the criticism, not the hostility.

Final thoughts
Your response to the negative reviews unknowingly comforts the potential customers that you will help them even if they faced any bad experience. Always respond with an apologetic tone if it's your mistake and if you want you can provide some sort of gift cards to them.

There is no need to panic regarding dealing with the negative reviews for you can always take help of Amazon Service Provider.
To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

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