How to deal with the Returns on Amazon

How would you feel if suddenly an email notification pops up with a subject matter “Refund Initiated for the Order No.#09-234-7899"?

Frustrated right!!

For a seller, a journey on Amazon cannot be full of velvets, of course, selling on Amazon is good but dealing with returns is annoying almost for every seller. Multiple questions start raising in mind such as " how it's going to affect my performance matrices", " what if the product won't be resold", "Is the buyer going to leave me negative feedback" etc.
Dealing with the returns isn't rocket science; still, it should be done carefully for you don't want to face the negative downturns. Besides, for an Amazon seller, the returns mean the deterioration of a profitable transaction.

Amazon is a buyer-centric e-commerce platform; it has a strict policy concerning the returns. That's why if the seller wants to avoid the suspension of the account he/she must comply with such regulations and should respond to the customers immediately.

Amazon sellers should always be cautious and straightforward when it comes to dealing with the returns.

Here are the pointers that one should always follow to handles the returns without creating another issue:

Maintain a record of the returns - The points you should always remember is to maintain the record of everything related to the returns. Especially if you are dealing with prime shoppers. The reason is Amazon immediately refunds to the prime customers without waiting for the item to get back. Amazon will notify you regarding this and now it's your responsibility to keep that mail safe because in-case if you haven't received the product within 45 days it will be easy for you to verify.

Ask for reimbursement - In continuation with the above point, if you do not receive the product within the 45 days then you need to consult Amazon. Even though it doesn't happen always but still you should be ready with the mail in case you haven't received it. If needed, set a reminder for 45-days, but do not delay in requesting it under any circumstances.

Contact the buyer - Whether you received the negative feedback or not, you should contact the buyers and send a quick apology for a bad experience and ask them if they got the reimbursement or not, it will not only stop them from leaving the negative feedback but will also create a good impression about your brand. 

Plus, by consulting them you will get to know where you went wrong, which is very helpful to improve those mistakes and prevent them from repeating. This small thing in the business matters a lot, so don't wait for customers to post negative feedback, take action immediately.

Find out the reason for return - You can find out the reason for return in the following manner:

 Step - 1 - Log in to seller central.
 Step - 2 - Under reports column, select Fulfillment.
 Step - 3- You will see the option customer concessions, under that click on Returns.

You will get the details regarding the returns from here, but the catch is, it doesn't show up all the returns. In such a case, you will need to open a ticket with Seller Central and ask them why the item was returned.

Inspect the returned product - In case you are an FBA seller, request the return from the warehouse and check it yourself. Because workers over there might miss something in their inspection in a hurry as they have to deal with thousands of products to see if it should be returned as fulfillable or unfulfillable. 

Once you get the product, inspect it thoroughly for often customers tag the item as "defective" just to save shipping cost and the cost has to be bear by the seller. If in the inspection you find out that the product is not defective, you should immediately open up a ticket in Seller Central to settle the issue and get the money back. 

Remember, only do this if you are absolutely sure that there is no damage, not even a single scratch. But, unfortunately, if it is defective, take the responsibility, try to find out the reason for the damage and do not try to resell it.

Final thoughts
By following the above points, Amazon sellers can easily deal with the returns. While formulating a plan for returns, make it as simple as possible and ascertain that it complies with Amazon's policy.

There is no need to panic regarding this for you can always take help of Amazon Service Provider.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

Lead your journey with us!!

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