Perks of being an Amazon Prime Seller

Selling on Amazon is a roller coaster ride, sometimes you make a profit and sometimes not. Yet the best part of connecting with Amazon is the worldwide exposure, right!

Amazon is the leading eCommerce platform. It assists every business, be it small scale or large scale, maybe that's why today it has 5 million sellers across all its marketplace and each month at least 197 million people around the globe visit the Amazon website. With these given statistics, one thing is clear that selling on Amazon is not a cinch, it demands efforts.

However, do you think your efforts are worth it??

In the age of globalization and digitalization, for business to stand out they must put efforts but smartly, and the Amazon sellers who function smartly with the "prime badges" enjoy the privileges of being exposed to the prime shoppers along with the regular shoppers. Around 150 million people across the globe have Amazon Prime subscription, by opting for prime an Amazon seller gets acknowledgement from this number of people, which is not at all a small thing.

Amazon prime badge is the indicator of the seller's trustworthiness, which helps them to gain customer's trust and a strong customer base. Getting an Amazon prime badge is much more than this, it unlocks the door of ample opportunities for Amazon sellers like you.

  • Enhanced visibility to the shoppers - On a platform like Amazon, visibility is the most significant aspect; conversion rate, sales, customer interactions all come after the visibility. If you are least visible on Amazon, then how will you be able to broaden sales or conversion rate. Amazon prime sellers get enhanced orientation and easy accessibility towards both regular and prime shoppers. Besides, the number of prime subscribers is bolstering and this prime crowd tends to search for the product with prime badges more to experience quality services.
  • Enjoy a prime day - As mentioned before, Amazon tends to provide more privileges to Amazon prime sellers and one more addition to the list is the prime day. It is a 2-day annual shopping event with exciting deals and new product launches only for the prime members of Amazon. This event has been a hit and is very much beneficial for Amazon prime sellers for being a part of such an event is a great opportunity to gain more customers and give a push to sales.
  • Get early access during sales - Amazon provides early access by a day or few hours to the Amazon prime seller, allowing them to start ahead of the regular sellers. Whether it is a Great Indian Sale or a Black Friday Sale or any other festive sales, prime sellers can approach customers before other sellers. This gives an incredible opportunity to prime sellers to sell more due to the sales rush.
  • Unlock the key to quick delivery - Becoming a prime seller you get unlimited access to 1-day or 2-days delivery. Shipping plays a vital role in attracting customers, the lesser time you will take to deliver the product to the customer, the more chances of repetitive purchase will be there. The best way to avail of this opportunity is by registering for the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) option. Be quick with your shipping and attract more customers to your marketplace.
  • Boost sales figures - A seller approaches Amazon with the motive to intensify his/her sales. Become an Amazon prime seller, and give the much-needed push to your sales. Exposure to millions of customers, fast delivery, more time for sales and so on, all these aspects keep a critical part in boosting your sales and for this to avail, you will have to gain the prime badge. Grab the opportunity and amplify your conversion rate while reducing the dropping rate with this Amazon prime badge.

How to become an Amazon prime seller?

Becoming an Amazon prime seller isn't difficult at all. Amazon runs many campaigns for the sellers to become prime seller, all you ne3d to do is to fulfil the required eligibility according to the program. The ways to become an Amazon Prime seller are:

  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
  • Seller Flex
  • Local Shops on Amazon

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Being an Amazon prime seller has its own perks. From enhanced visibility to quick delivery, it is beneficial at every step. Selling on Amazon needs a professional approach while complying with the rules and regulations as laid by Amazon.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

Lead your journey with us!!


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