Ways to utilise Amazon Backend keywords effectively

Optimization listing on Amazon is crucial to ensure your product is visible to shoppers. We all are familiar with SEO techniques that assist us in placing our products in high search ranking. However, this keyword research and SEO is slightly different for Amazon because of its search engine, which is very particular and structured.

Amazon search terms are the keywords that shoppers often use to find the product. Amazon’s A9 algorithm matches these search terms with the terms mentioned in the product listing. If it is relevant then the algorithm will assemble relevant products for search results. Keywords are the spirit of Amazon search ranking. The e-commerce platform Amazon offers "backend keywords" to help businesses reach more relevant traffic.

What are Amazon backend keywords?

Amazon backend keywords are the terms that can be used by Amazon sellers to their product listing for improving its visibility. The shoppers can't see these keywords but Algorithm A9 can easily use this keyword to place the listing in the search results. These are the hidden search terms.

How to find where you can input Amazon backend keywords?

In simple steps, you can find out:

Step - 1 - Log into Seller Center

Step - 2 - Click the inventory lab

Step - 3 - Search for the "Offer" tab

Step - 4 - Click on "Keywords" and open the hidden keyword section.

The maximum limit of utilising backend keywords are 250 bytes NOT 250 characters. If the limit exceeds 250 bytes, then Amazon.

Now that you know what Amazon backend keywords are, let's move forward.

The Amazon Search Keywords provides valuable leads to the seller. Here are the effective tips for you to optimize Amazon backend search keywords.

  • Select the most relevant keywords - Since the maximum limit of using the Amazon backend keyword is only 250 bytes, it's crucial to select the most relevant keyword. You need a right and accurate keyword to be recognised by the Amazon algorithm for appearing in the search result. For finding out the most valuable keyword you use Google tools to determine the most valuable keyword for your campaign. The keyword should align with your product
  • Don't need to stuff keywords in the content - Usually, when we optimize content for Google SEO, we tend to use multiple keywords in the content for high ranking. However, things or should we say SEO doesn't work like this on Amazon. As long as the keyword is relevant and aligned with your product detail, you don't need to use the terms multiple times. Amazon will show your product in the search ranking even if you have kept the keyword density low.  Amazon doesn't recommend keeping the keyword density high, yet it encourages sellers to use different keywords instead of repeating a single word again and again. Also, don’t use the same keyword twice on the backend. Once is enough to rank for it.
  • Make a distance from punctuations - While inputting Amazon backend keywords, there is no need to put commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks, and or any other punctuation between the keywords. These punctuations don't add any value to the keywords, so din:t use it unnecessarily. For separating keywords from each other just include space between the words.
  • Keep a track of keywords performance - Most Amazon sellers after putting keywords don't keep a track of its performance. It's crucial to know whether the backend keywords are driving valuable results are not, if not then again do the research and optimize your listing. For tracking the performance of the keywords, check your keyword index and rank performance. Besides, don't optimize your main page frequently with new keywords especially if your ranking is high. Rather, you can add new keywords to the backend keyword list.
  • No difference between singular and plural - While inputting the backward keywords there is no need to add the same in singular or plural form. Amazon algorithm works effectively, it knows that shoppers will search for singular and plural versions of your product. Space is limited for backend keywords, so don't waste space. For instance, you are ranking for "Black strips T-shirt", it will rank your listing for " Black strips T-shirts" as well.
  • Comply with Amazon - It is a well-known fact that Amazon has strict guidelines. If you want your backend keywords to perform well then follow the rules and standards as mentioned on the website. Regarding the Amazon backend keywords, it has some rules which are as follow:

           1.  Incorporate relevant keywords.
           2.  Don't use brand identifiers.
           3.  Arrange the keywords in a logical order.
           4.  Don't use superfluous words.
           5.  Stay under the length limit.

Final thoughts
Amazon is the best e-commerce platform to introduce your business online, all you need to do is to put in smart efforts. Amazon backend keywords have the potential to take your listing high in search ranking. For customers to find products on Amazon, it’s important to provide Search Terms they might use when searching for what they want to buy.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 

Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

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