Simple Ways to Create Amazon Product Listings

For potential and budding Amazon sellers, it may seem difficult to list the products on Amazon. Once you complete setting up Amazon Seller Central and other documentation, comes the listing of products.

Listing of products is like a window display of your products, as we call storefronts. Just like a window displays attracts buyers to come shop, your product listing's image and title magnetize shoppers to click. Once shoppers land on your product detail page, they get a full impression of your item including a detailed description, customer reviews, and additional images.

What is the meaning of Amazon Product Listing?
Amazon Product Listing is the product details of every item that you are offering to your customers. It is a technique of creating a product catalogue by including the product description, images and additional information to present the product.

A listing showcases all details that buyers should know to make a purchase decision. Thus, in a way, we can say that listing is the key to making Amazon sales.

Amazon sellers should always list products and design product pages in a way that’s going to attract buyers quickly and easily. You should also know that on Amazon, you have to create a new listing if you’re the first seller to offer that exact product in the marketplace. Whereas, if multiple merchants are selling the same product, they share an Amazon listing. Now that we know exactly what Amazon listing means, let's look at the easy way to list it on Amazon:

  • Scan the product to the list - For a listing, first, you need to scan the product, for this Amazon Seller app allows you to scan barcodes (UPC, EAN or ISBN) on your products. If you already had the one then all you need to do is to scan using the scan button on the top right corner of the Amazon Seller App’s home screen. Additionally, in the case of existing barcodes, simply match the product to an existing product associated with that barcode. Once done with this all you need to add the offer details of your product.
  • Match up the products with the existing listings - Since Amazon offers millions of products, to prevent the same product from appearing many times, Amazon renders a product matching feature. Under this feature, you match your product to an existing one and if you find the one, then you have to fill in additional offer details (price, quantity and shipping method etc.) for the product, which will appear on the detail page of that product. In case you don't find the same product, you can always create a new listing but before that make sure that the product for which you are creating a listing is certainly not on Amazon.
  • Use “Prepare your listings” feature - If your product information is in excel file, you can simply use this 'prepare your listings' feature. Amazon sellers can use this feature by clicking on 'prepare your listings'. Once you click on it, Add a Product’ page in Seller Central. After that follow 4 simple steps to create listings of the products.
    1. Upload product file
    2. Confirm categories
    3. Match product information
    4. Create listings
  • For listing many products use  “Custom inventory template” - If you are intending to sell large quantities of products, then this template is the best for you. This offers a minimum set of attributes in an excel sheet to list a large number of products in one go. You can include complete information about every product you want to sell in a single template. This template not only saves time but also is beneficial to maintain the accurate record of all the products without any complications.
  • Elements for the best Amazon listings:
    The basic elements of great Amazon listings that drive sales. They have:
  • SEO-driven keywords
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Scannable formatting
  • Engaging visuals

Final Thoughts
Selling on Amazon isn't a walk in the park but with the right strategy and action, you can become a pro in it. Amazon product listing is the crucial task, so follow up the above points, list your products and grow your marketplace.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 

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