The Complete Guide to Amazon Keyword Research

Keywords, a term that is an integral part of digital marketing, whether it comes to Google, Bing or Amazon, keywords play a significant role in enhancing organic search. Selling on Amazon with around millions of sellers, it is the keywords that increase the sellers' visibility across the platform. Forgetting keywords is like forgetting advertising the product because if you don't forget keywords while listing then it won’t be found via search.

Amazon keyword strategy defines that way of optimization of product content to get into the top search results and to make it effective keyword research is crucial. Amazon is both a search engine and a place to sell products. It indexes data and uses an array of factors to determine product appearance in the search results, which seems like a search engine, whereas, it brings sellers and buyers on a virtual platform with the purpose of trade, making it an online marketplace.

Including the relevant keywords is like finding out the right piece of the puzzles, for achieving this Amazon keyword research is requisite.

What is Keyword Research?
Amazon keyword research is the indispensable part of Amazon search optimization. Keyword research means to find out the relevant keywords that consumers use to find the product. Keywords and keyphrases are very very specific to what you sell on Amazon. It is the effectiveness of keywords that optimize your content to ensure its position in the search results.

The purpose of keyword research is to create a list of all keywords that are relevant to a specific product.

There are two types of keywords:

  • Primary keywords - These keywords are directly related to the core product itself. It describes the products' identification and description clearly. For instance, 'off-white shirts' etc.
  • Secondary keywords - According to the product, these keywords are distributed into various categories. It usually targets the type of people, use, size etc. For instance, 'Men's/Women's', 'large/small' etc.

Amazon is different from Google or other search engines. It works using an algorithm called A9. This algorithm decides the order of search results in the marketplace. The A9 considers the following factors:

  • After searching for a keyword, the number of shoppers that add your product to their cart
  • A number of positive ratings and reviews your products have received on Amazon.
  • The ratio of units of product sold per page visit
  • The relevance of the product based on product title, product image, keywords and description.

For ensuring that your product appears in the top search results on the platform, you need to tick these above factors.

Ways to come up with the relevant keywords on Amazon

  • Put yourself in consumers' shoes - It is a cliche of marketing but is always effective. Think yourself as a customer and determine if you are going to search for the same product as you are offering as a seller, what words would you type in the search bar? Additionally, find answers to questions such as "what additional value is there", "what items they would buy instead of your product" etc. Look across the social media platform to find out the trend going on related to your product. All these aspects will help you to find the relevant keyword for your product.
  • Get seed keywords - Seed keywords are one or two words without any modifiers. Whereas, SEO-oriented keywords might include modifiers. Seed keywords are short and are the base, it is used to give a clear idea to customers about your products. For instance, you are selling filter coffee powder, then it will be your first seed keywords. Then you would also have other seed keywords such as 'coffee powder', 'filter coffee', 'caffeine'. Study your product thoroughly to find the best-suited seed keyword but make sure these are the words that actually describe your product in a word or two.
  • Let Amazon find you keywords - If you ever notice, you will find out that even Amazon suggests you keywords through Amazon autocomplete. When you type any product in the search bar, it automatically gives products as a suggestion. These are the terms that are searched most. However, this approach requires patience and refinement as you have to find the pattern of search terms by typing every letter individually. This should be done systematically. Moreover, it would be helpful to give you an idea about which other categories to list your product in.
  • Don' forget backend keywords - Backend keywords are usually forgotten by the sellers, but it should be known that algorithm A9 indexes such keywords. Just because they are out of sight, doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. Backend keywords are not seen by customers but they still directly affect your search ranking. Amazon sellers have five lines and 250 characters to add keywords that don’t appear anywhere else in their listing, accessed through the backend of Seller Central.

Final Thoughts
Finding the right keyword may seem a strenuous task in the beginning but over a time Amazon sellers get habitual with it. Apart from the abovementioned tips, there are many other ways to get relevant keywords such as 'related items', 'competitors' product', etc. A seller must include both primary and secondary keywords to get the product high search ranking.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 

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