How to Get the Best Amazon Seller Badge

Who doesn't love appreciation in exchange for the efforts he/she put to accomplish the strenuous task? Selling on Amazon is also a strenuous task that demands consistent efforts from the Amazon sellers and in return, it bestows sellers with multiple non-monetary incentives that create robust positions across the Amazon marketplace.

One such incentive is "Best Amazon Seller Badge". Initially, Amazon provides the badge only for the #1 best seller in a category, but now numerous products in a single category can hold the badge simultaneously. Now, in general, there can be 100 best sellers in a single category, meaning the broader the category the more competition there will be.

What is the #1 best seller badge?
The best seller badge is the orange ribbon icon that you can find on the top-left corner of a product page, this is awarded to the top 100 best sellers. This badge indicates that the products have a higher product ranking in terms of sales in a specific-relevant category. Permitting customers to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

How it is determined to whom #1 seller badge will be given?
Amazon algorithm A9 decides the eligibility for winning the seller badge. If sellers in any category managed to attain high sales ranking in the top 100, he/she will get the badge. But the crux is Amazon’s algorithm updates bestseller status hourly. Even though it is not stated by Amazon on what factors it decide the ranking but it is clearly evident sales history and sales velocity are primary factors

Theoretically, it seems easy to get the #1 seller badge but in practice, it is way more complicated. Amazon has millions of sellers making it extremely difficult for sellers to come in the top 100 to get the badge.

Nonetheless, it isn't impossible but before that Amazon sellers must ask themselves a question is it okay to focus solely on getting #1 seller badge?? No doubt, it will take your sales to another level but often sellers are in a fit of getting it, forget the meaning of the rational decision and run behind it without thinking. Hence, before you move forward with the mission to get a badge, don't neglect other elements of Amazon.

Below are the ways that should be followed effectively to increase the chances of getting a badge:

Category - It is the most significant aspect since the #1 seller badge was given to 100 best sellers in every category across the Amazon marketplace. Not every category is similar on Amazon, some have high niches competitively than others. That's the reason it is easy to get a badge in the category with the small niche. However, this doesn't mean you can list your product in this category unless your product is relevant to it. Amazon is very strict regarding the listing of products in the category if it finds that you have chosen the wrong category, the consequences will not be in your favour. This also affects your conversion rate and hampers your search rankings on Amazon.

Competition - Amazon is an ocean that has small retailers, established brands, and not to forget Amazon itself sells on this platform. So, it is nearly impossible to beat Amazon in its game. With effective pricing, buy box, and FBA you might outshine others but not Amazon. Instead of wasting time to compete with Amazon solely, you should take your steps accurately. If you see a private label brand offered by Amazon, it certainly has the #1 Seller Badge. But if you find a category where Amazon doesn’t have a private label offering, it’s an opportunity to win the badge, only if the category is relevant to your product.

Pricing - When it comes to purchasing, the final nail that drives the consumer's decision is the price of the product. For getting the badge you need to sell as much as possible and competitive pricing is the way to it. Monitor your competition and you don't have to sell at an extremely low price but you do need to stay within an acceptable range for shoppers. However, if your product is costly than your competitors', state all the reasons clearly in the product description and makes sure it justified the reason for a high price. Competitive prices attract more sales, which boosts your ranking.

Above mentioned ways are additional steps to gain the #1 best seller badge, apart from this, other ways such as SEO, Amazon PPC, keyword research, and listing optimization are something that should be graved into the mind of sellers to survive on Amazon. Getting a seller badge is all about increasing sales to the level that you enter into the top 100 in your product category.

How can we help?
To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
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