For what reasons Amazon Buy Box can be lost by the Sellers

Amazon Buy Box is a kind of direct invitation for buyers from the sellers. Amazon sellers have to put a lot of effort to get the box from fulfilment method to landing price to shipping time to tracking and shipment rate to the multiple factors, sellers go a long way to get it, so it’s quite devastating to suddenly lose it one day.

This box is the white rectangular box that appears on the right side of the product detail page, which assists sellers to deliver value to the customers in exchange of monetary value. A box is crucial to getting higher visibility and more sales on Amazon, a missing way buy box not only decreases the sales volume but also affects the visibility of your Amazon store. Buy box is the direct way of influencing consumer's decision hence it's significance can't deteriorate.

Why is the Amazon Bux Box very crucial for Amazon sellers?
As buyers click “Add to Cart,” the seller with the best price and outstanding performance will be the one to have their product added to the customer’s cart. The “Buy Now” button below “Add to Cart” is the most direct path to purchase on Amazon, requiring the fewest clicks on the part of users to make a sale and since extra steps generally reduce customer conversion significantly, the buy box is very crucial for the sellers.

Now in the earlier blog we have already discussed what is a buy box and how you can attain it. Here, we are going to discuss the reasons due to which sellers can lose it.

Amazon solely ranks and determines eligibility based on an algorithm A9. How it works, is unknown to all of us, for it is a closely-guarded secret, so we cannot make any accurate assumption on it. But as there are multiple ways of winning the buy box, there are multiple ways to lose it as well.

  • You have an insufficient inventory - One of the main points for buy box eligibility is the flow of adequate inventory all the time. Your product page shouldn't show "out of stock". Thus, unfortunately, after winning a buy box, sellers fail to maintain the adequate inventory he/she will lose the buy box. Buy box increases much traffic for sellers and as we know Amazon is a buyer-centric platform; the last thing it wants is the bad and frustrating consumer experience because sellers don’t have enough in stock to meet the potential surging demand. It may seem not a big deal but you must be aware of the fact that Amazon has millions of sellers and many of your competitors do have ample sufficient inventory to meet demand.
  • You haven't opted for competitive pricing - Competitive pricing of products on Amazon is significant to be in the marketplace. Your pricing strategy highly influences your eligibility for having the buy box. Having competitive pricing doesn't mean that you have to charge a price lower than competitors because as a competitive price is made up of several things, like whether shipping costs are included or not. However, it does mean that your price should be lower by meeting some criteria.
  • Your inventory has been hijacked - In case your inventory hijacked you will lose the buy box. Amazon is enormous, dealing with an unauthorized seller or someone selling counterfeit goods is extremely difficult. It is complicated to hunt down and eliminate. Amazon has a strict set of rules regarding this, so be alert.
  • Your inventory has no prime eligibility - Prime eligibility is the easiest way of getting the buy box, even though it isn't a thumb rule that if your inventory is prime eligible, you will get the buy box. Therefore, in case you’ve decided to opt into a different fulfilment method and noticed your Buy Box is gone, this could be the reason. If this happens, you can always switch back to a Prime-eligible method of fulfilment or keep with your current one and work on the other contributing factors to get it back.

Final Thoughts
Having a buy box is the way to stay ahead in the competition. Therefore, Amazon sellers must be aware of all the factors that may result in loss of your buy box.
To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 

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