Points to keep in mind while using Amazon Keywords

Amazon isn't only an e-commerce platform, but also a search engine. However, it's algorithm A9, makes it stand out from the renowned search engine Google. The prominent difference between both is Amazon SEO algorithm A9 is designed to sell a product across the specific marketplace that is Amazon, whereas Google focuses more on selling advertisements in general.

Customers will certainly find any product you list by using search queries which for sellers are 'Keywords', so optimizing Amazon product listings is vitally important to your success as a seller and keyword is the crux. The sellers must select the keywords that attract interested leads, to reach the interest leads, it is requisite or else you won't be appearing on the search results and for that Amazon is a great platform to market your products to interested leads. Becoming a smart keyword researcher could be the boost that your Amazon presence needs to rise above the rest of your niche.

Amazon is different, it doesn't focus much on keyword density rather it focuses on its relevance.

Here we are discussing some points that Amazon sellers must keep in mind while using Amazon keywords:

  • Focus on your Amazon audience - While selecting a keyword, a seller must go through the complete product information for segregating the primary and secondary keywords according to the preferences of the audience. Focus solely on your Amazon target audience and how they behave on Amazon. Don't try to make the same Amazon SEO plan as Google because both the search engines work on different parameters. Generate the list of generic keywords and tailor it to generate leads.
  • Focus on relevancy instead of density - On Amazon; it's the relevancy of the keywords with the product that matters, not density. Therefore, when you search for the keywords make sure it is relevant to the nature of the product. You must choose the best keywords to get valuable traffic; your goal should be to increase the conversion rate. Also, it gives sellers a chance to incorporate different types of keywords related to the product since there is no compulsion for its density. Amazon has issued very strict policy regarding this and your product listing can be suppressed if your keyword isn't relevant to the product.
  • Ignore subjective keywords - Often sellers think it would be good to include some phrases like "best-seller” or “the best of 2021" or "amazing" but Amazon doesn't support it so try to avoid these subjective keywords. Such keywords are based on the perception, hence you cannot generalize it. Anyone can say that their product is the best and in reality, people won't search for something like "the best dress of 2021" etc. Focus on keywords that describe your product, don't try to form perception by using subjective keywords.

Above are the three important things that Amazon sellers must keep in mind while selecting the right keyword for Amazon. Once, done with this, the next thing you should be doing is:

Incorporate keywords in your product listings

  • Utilize backend keywords
  • Keep track of competitors Amazon SEO strategy
  • Monitor keyword performance

Final Thoughts
Finding the right keyword may seem a strenuous task in the beginning but over a time Amazon sellers get habitual with it. Apart from the abovementioned tips, there are many other ways to get relevant keywords such as 'related items', 'competitors' product', etc. A seller must include both primary and secondary keywords to get the product high search ranking.

To support the sellers, Amazon has its own Service Provider Network that assists the Amazon sellers in carrying out their business operations while complying with the guidelines issued by Amazon. 
Evantage is one of the best Amazon Service Providers that supports this entire chain of events leading to marketing and demand generation for your Amazon store, excellently. We dispense the wealth of our experience to provide you with the best Amazon E-commerce solutions.

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