How to Rank your Products Higher on the Amazon Search Listings

Amazon is a virtual platform where potential buyers meet the sellers. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has come a long way in its journey. While Amazon is one of the major competitors in the industry today, it is also a great facilitator. Small and medium businesses benefit greatly as they can easily bring their products in front of a wide target audience through amazon listings.

Today, On average, Amazon sells just over $410 million worth of products every day. During the holiday season, certain warehouses can sell more than $1 million in a single day. According to Amazon statistics, more than 5 lakh sellers have registered with Amazon India. With such a huge competition, it becomes important that firms bring up their A-game in improving the visibility of their product listings to gain a wider audience reach.

Before we dive in to understand how to improve the search ranking for the product listings, we should understand how the amazon A9 algorithm works to show the listings.

Amazon's A9 Algorithm
Amazon's A9 algorithm, just like google, uses keywords to display results. The more relevant the keyword, the higher chances of appearing early in the search rankings. But one key difference between the two is that along with keywords, Amazon also emphasizes sales conversion rate. The major reason for considering the combination of the two is to expand sales. The products which have high sales conversion rate are likely to be purchased by consumers and hence amazon prefers to list them higher on the search rankings.

List of ways to improve the search rank of product listing:

  1. Keywords: We all already know by now how important the keywords are.  To incorporate the most relevant keyword in your product listings, You need to think like your buyer. Imagine if you were the buyer, what would be the keyword you would enter in the search box to find your desired product. The more time you devote to understanding this mechanism, the better results your keywords will fetch for you.
  2. Product title and description: Try to keep the product title short and easy to read. If the title is verbose, it might not gain a spot in the first few listings. When a buyer usually searches for a product on amazon, he types in a very specific word or set of words. Your product title should have all those specific words to appear better in the search rankings.
    The product description is the next important thing. Make your product description in points starting with the most relevant fact to the least relevant ones. Also, do not miss any important details. For this, it is always suggested to go through your competitor's way of listing products and descriptions. This helps to not only know about the competitor's product but also helps in identifying if you have covered all the important grounds.
    Also, make sure to mention one or two USPs of your product to create a positive brand image.
  3. Customer Reviews and answers: An efficient way to establish that your products are of high quality is by gaining quality reviews on your products. Once a customer purchases a product, a personal emailer or reminder can be dropped reminding them to rate the product and give reviews on Amazon. The better rating and reviews your product has, the more buyers it attracts which in turn leads to more sale and conversion rate. Also, as a seller, make sure to answer all the important customer queries as other customers might also have similar questions. Also answering consumers queries paints a good seller image which inturn helps build brand image.
  4. Product Image and Size: In a virtual shopping platform, the most relevant thing through which a consumer judges a product is the images and video. Make sure to put high-quality images, which when zoomed also give a clear picture of the detailings. Also, in the customer review sections, Make sure to include some images from the consumer using the product. This makes a more convincing case for buyers to make the purchase decision. If the sales go higher, your conversion rate increases, which in turn affects your product rankings.
  5. Price of the product: The pricing of your product is a very important factor for sales conversion. You need to provide competitive pricing if you are not a well-established brand for which people are willing to pay high. Keep an eye on the prices of competitor product prices. Also putting up some discounts or attractive offers will benefit the conversion rate.

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