How Important is Quick and On Time Delivery for Consumers

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing industry and it is anticipated that by the end of 2021, 15% of the total retail spending will come from eCommerce. Also, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, when consumers had no other option but to remain at home, e-commerce boosted as no one expected. Many retailers switched to the online mode of selling and also witnessed that online space is great for reaching potential consumers.

Firms know that the competition in the online space is cut-throat and they need to up their game to fit into the expectations of the consumers. Along with quality and aftersale services, Ontime and quick delivery are other factors that sellers need to consider, as this also influences the purchase decision of the consumer.

Let us look at some statistics:

(According to a survey conducted with 4000 consumers as sample size)

  1. More than 70% of the respondents cite convenience and free shipping as the major reasons to shop online. 
    Online shopping saves time and gives shoppers a wide array of choices to select from, an option not available at brick and mortar stores.
  2. Consumers that were willing to pay a charge for same-day delivery accounted for 41% and according to the survey, about 24% of the consumers were willing to pay additional charges for faster delivery.
    There are often instances when a package needs to be delivered the same day, because of an event like birthday etc. In such cases, sellers need to give an option of same-day delivery with an additional charge. If a seller is not able to offer a rapid delivery option, however good a product is, it becomes meaningless for the consumer.
  3. Other online platforms along with Amazon have said that 61% of the consumers look for free delivery options while making a purchase.
  4. The survey also revealed that more than 81% of the consumers were inclined to add more items to their shopping cart to reach a minimum cart balance to exercise the "free delivery" option.
  5. 70% of the consumers are likely to purchase from the same seller because of the online or quick delivery experience.

From the survey, it is clear that to retain your customers, delivery needs to be optimum and on time. Sellers need to anticipate demands to make their supply chain efficiency and storage in line with the anticipated demands.

Along with delivery, amazon sellers need to maintain their amazon product page efficiently. 

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