How to Create an Amazon Brand Store on Amazon

Amazon is a great marketplace and a platform to sell your products and make a brand store. It helps to set up your products by cataloguing and listing in categories.  You can sell your products on amazon easily but knowing how to create an amazon brand store on amazon will enable you to grow your business to the next level and will create brand awareness among people globally.

With various tools and features, you can improve your products visibility and sales.Through amazon stores, people get to know many other brands and a rich experience of online shopping is provided to customers. Customer experience improves by creating a brand store on amazon related to traffic, sales and engagement within a certain period of time.

What are amazon stores?

Stores setup on amazon to sell and buy various products online. Free of cost service for sellers to sell, advertise their products on various pages to increase its valuability, sales, and awareness among people around the world.

Need of an amazon store

The main aim is to drive more and more customers to your product. A place created for customers to find various brand products on one platform. Improved mobile experience is provided and ranking , traffic is increased. Product is popularized and promoted among new and old customers.

Through amazon store , customized stores can also be made by adding a single or group of products at one place and including images, videos to showcase products. Great platform for launching new products and brand.

Important features of an amazon store

  • Different designs for various pages to showcase your products. Attractive and beautifully designed templates available to ensure that it attracts the eyes of shoppers. 
  • Products with images, videos made and description written to provide right information about the product to customers. 
  • Social media promotion can be done to increase the awareness and traffic of the products. 
  • Multiple pages are provided to include your products and customizable shopping experience according to the business requirement. 
  • Clear and high quality of images and videos can be uploaded on amazon stores without any problem. 

To create brand amazon store , follow below given steps-

  • First, create a professional seller account by entering your name, address and all the required information.
  • Register with amazon brand registry to avail features of advertising, promoting your products.
  • Build store homepages by selecting right templates and then create various store pages.
  • Add content on your store pages to provide some information about your product.
  • Upload your products on pages and submit for review.
  • Then, product pages will get published and your brand store on amazon is made. 

So, now you are ready to sell your products on amazon. Selling your products on amazon will surely guarantee an increase in sales, customer engagement etc. Evantage provides this service and ensures to grow your brand globally.

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