Aye, to selling on amazon

I am looking forward to pumping out, all, about selling on Amazon, the holy grail isn’t it?

Success is like a roller coaster ride, where sometimes aloft is cheerful, and, going down is fearful. And in this era, success is selling on Amazon. And, I hope this blog will definitely encourage you to start selling online on Amazon. In the upcoming 2 years amazon’s annual sales will cross $100 billion, interesting, isn’t it? Ahh, but as we know, nothing interesting is ever one-sided, over 40% of these sales are attributed to the third-party sellers. That is 40% of the pocketing is done by outside merchants. So, just breeze up, and get yourselves a chunk of your Amazon pie.

Amazon ain’t any behemoth, but an avenue to success. So just stop chickening out, because once you start to sell, your profits on Amazon will also start to swell. I know anything new is spooky, but this blog might help you to clear all your myths about Amazon.

Many, must have started pondering “Oh, it sounds just like another online selling site, and nobody is gonna make any almighty dollar for more than a couple of weeks, except some big fishes….I ain’t have any time for this.”

It’s fallacious because I have seen people, who started selling on Amazon with a shoestring budget and are earning more than 50000 almighty dollars, crazy amazing right?

Just stop being a want-entrepreneur (one who blabbers a lot about starting a business but eventually does nothing), so just ante up and start playing with the flow. No to hamstringing, these are some misconceptions about selling on Amazon, illustrated with their solution.

1. Amazon just another e-commerce website:
Amazon is not just Amazon, it’s “the amazing Amazon”, and yes you heard it right. Amazon is the name of the vast and gigantic river as well as forest, which provides livelihood to more than one-third of the species in the world. Likewise “amazon.com” is not just a website, it's more like a tremendous river of e-commerce giving livelihood to all the Amazon sellers in the world.
According to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Google’s biggest competitor is Amazon, not Bing or Yahoo or even Baidu, isn't that enough a reason to sell on Amazon?
Amazon has dwarfed all the other e-commerce websites, so if you really want to succeed in e-commerce, here is the chance where you can learn swimming in this vast Amazon Sea.

2. Ehh, “Difficult”, selling on Amazon:
All you have to do is make a decision, the rest will be taken care of by Amazon service providers. Lives become easier, with fulfillment by Amazon program. And also there are a lot of Amazon service providers (ASP’s) who hold expertise on “how to sell on amazon”, you can always turn to them, they will take all the elbow grease to make your journey of being an Amazon seller fruitful as well as worthwhile.
Just to let you know, ASP’s can provide you services like Amazon consultancy, catalog and content management, E-marketing and much more.

3. Missed the boat of selling, sailing on Amazon?
If you think you can’t be a success on Amazon, today, then you are probably wrong, because I have heard bells of success, of sellers going from nothing to achieving everything in just a few weeks.The boat is still on the harbor, so hustle, hustle, hustle and get on board and reap all the benefits from selling on Amazon.

4. Amazon “crowded to suffocation”, to enter now
Well, initially it might seem to oh-inspiring and be daunting to enter the world of Amazon when already more than 2 million people are living in it, but in real, there is a room for everyone in here. Let's consider the fact that there are more than 200 million products on Amazon in the US, and in addition, the site has more than 175 million monthly visitors, this makes it easy for everyone to carve out a niche for themselves.

5. Success is, to only list the product on Amazon
Success is not an accident it will take efforts to get one while launching a new product. If you think amazon product listing and writing up a generic description will boost up your sales then I am sorry, to break your bubble.

There ain’t any shortcuts to success; just because you have listed your product doesn't mean you can skimp on Amazon marketing & optimization. It is really crucial to optimize your listings on a regular interval in order to get a higher ranking on the Amazon search engine. There are a lot of Amazon service providers who can help you to outrun your competitors.

Conclusion: No more eleventh-hour decisions, this is the time to get in the boat and take the control of the wheel, and sail to the success land on the sea of Amazon. If you keep up to the trajectory of Amazon, then the coming years as an Amazon seller will be good years for you.

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