The Amazon Shopping Events Calendar When and How to Make the Most of Amazon Events

Amazon launches different shopping events at different times in which a number of offers are provided to the users for shopping. During these events, they carry on extra campaigns and marketing to inform the customers about their brand and to shop at these events. During these events the Amazon traffic increases and with the support of the Amazon campaigns, these events are great times to enhance your sales.  In this blog, we will discuss what Amazon shopping events are and how you can make the most of them to enhance your sales.

Amazon shopping events-
Amazon shopping events are seasonal events usually during holidays or festivals. Being an Amazon seller you must plan your inventory as per these shopping events in advance.

How to make the most of the Amazon shopping events -

In order to participate in the shopping events you must first set up a lightning deal during the event, but this is not enough to boost your sales. Here are some tips that one can use for enhancing your sale on Amazon and make the most from the Amazon shopping events -

1- Inventory planning -
Along with the setup lightning deal, one must plan their inventory in advance during these events. Amazon would sponsor your products as you have set up the lightning deal, hence one should make sure that your products don't go out of stock. But too much stock can also be risky as it will increase your storage cost. Hence, do some thinking and planning before making your inventory.

2- Keep products as per the sale-
You must list your products that are related to the season or the festival as most of the shopping events are seasonal and festival based. People are more likely to buy products related to the season, festival, or holiday.

3- Brand content-
You must put enhanced brand content that is very likely to increase your customer engagement and boost your sales.

4- Increase your products reviews - 
As your sales are very likely to be increased during these events and hence you must take the advantage of this and increase your product reviews. You must sign up for a sales backer which will send an email to the customers who purchase your products automatically. This will help you to increase your sales even after the shopping event is over.

5- Increase your sponsored budget -
During these events, you must increase your bids and budget for your sponsored Campaigns. This will cut your competition and your products are more likely to be visible in the sponsored ads.

Through these tips and advance planning you can grow your business to great scales during these Amazon shopping events.
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