Amazon Search Terms How to Add Hidden Keywords to Your Amazon Listing

If you are a seller on Amazon then you must be aware of the importance of keywords. In order to optimize your listings apart from your product details and description, a very crucial aspect is hidden keywords which are often ignored. But, it is very important to enhance your visibility and traffic. In this blog, we will discuss what are hidden keywords and how you can add hidden keywords on your product listings.

What are hidden keywords?
These are the basic words which are added to your product details or description but aren't visible to your customers. They are the words that customers usually type while searching for the products. Hidden keywords make sure that you have tagged almost all the possible words that customers are likely to search while finding their product on Amazon.

You might be thinking about the importance of using hidden keywords and how it actually works. So here is your answer!

Importance of hidden keywords -

1- Using hidden keywords ensures that your products are more likely to be visible to the customers.
2- It gives you more control over your product listing.
3- It helps to increase your visibility and thus the chances of customers buying the product increases. So, hidden keywords help you to boost sales on Amazon.

How to insert hidden keywords on your Amazon product listing -

You need to follow some simple steps to add hidden keywords in your product listing. Here is a step by step guide - 
1- Select manage inventory option from the inventory drop-down.
2- Find the product in which you want to add hidden keywords and then click on the edit option.
3- Click on the keywords option and then enter your hidden keywords by clicking on the search term fields.
And you are all set!!

You must have understood now that how to add hidden keywords but there are some do's and don'ts which you must keep in mind before adding hidden keywords -

What are the do's?

You can add some abbreviations, character names or any such words that are related to your products. Example - If you are selling Marvel animated t-shirts you may add the character names like iron man, Hulk, etc.
However you must enter these terms in an order in which the customers are more likely to type in the search box.

What are the don'ts?

1- You must not add the keywords repeatedly which you have already entered in your description as this will not do any good.
2- Another thing to keep in mind is that always enter the keywords related to your products and it must not be misleading , this may frustrate the customers.
3- Don't enter brand names in your hidden keywords as it is misleading to associate your products with a brand which you don't own.

These are some of the things that you may keep in mind while writing hidden keywords in your listings.

Conclusion - 

To wrap up, hidden words are a great and cost effective way to increase your traffic and customer base. But what is more important is to use it wisely. 
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