Amazon vs Website Where to Start Selling First

One of the most important questions that every businessman in this digital era faces is whether to sell on your own website or sell on Amazon. This question surely is tricky as on one hand you have the world's largest e-commerce platform and on the other hand, your personal website is where you have full control. In this blog, we will discuss whether to sell on Amazon or on your website. What will be more beneficial and what are their cons and pros of them? So let's get started right away!

Amazon being the largest e-commerce platform surely gives you a wide customer base.

  1. It has more than 200 million prime users.
  2. Most people search for their products first on Amazon.
  3. It sells 4000 items per minute in the US.

Apart from a wide customer base, let us discuss what are the pros and cons of selling on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon Pros-

1- Wide customer base -

As already mentioned earlier, selling on Amazon offers you a wide reach. Amazon is the most visited website globally and is the most trusted E-commerce platform worldwide. Selling on Amazon will offer you a large audience that you may not be able to access on your personal website.

2- Increase in sales -

With Amazon having huge traffic, your sales and revenue are bound to increase if you are listing your products on Amazon. All you need is to follow the Amazon seller guidelines and optimize your listings and your revenue will surely increase.

3- More convenience -

Amazon platform has seller-friendly features and is more convenient which your website may not have. 

4- Saves Cost-

Selling on Amazon saves you costs that you may need to incur for your website development and design. It also saves the cost of your website maintenance, hosting, etc.

5- Improved brand protection -

Listing your products on Amazon offers sellers more control over their listings on Amazon. It removes the fraudulent listings from Amazon and hence prioritizes your listings and contributes to increasing your sales. You may also use sponsored ads to promote your product and boost your sales.

6- Access to a huge seller community -

Amazon has a huge seller community that can help you to share information, take advice, and establishes connections with these sellers.

Although selling on Amazon has a number of benefits over selling on your personal website. However, there are some disadvantages too. 


1- Huge competition -

Amazon has a huge seller community of about 9 million. Although it is advantageous at some point, it creates a huge competition for your products. This can make it difficult for you to sell your products.

2- High seller fees -

There are a number of seller fees that you need to pay if you are selling on Amazon. These are-

  • Seller plan
  • Referral fee
  • FBA fee
  • Others

3- Less Control -

Selling on Amazon gives you less control over your products and sales as you need to abide by all the rules of Amazon.

Now you must be quite aware of how selling on Amazon can benefit you and what are its cons of it. 

Now let's talk about the pros and cons of selling on your own website -

Selling on your website Pros-

1- It's an easy process -

Selling on your website does not need to abide by any rules, you just need to have your own website where you can sell your products.

2- You are in the spotlight -

Unlike Amazon, you do not need to compete with any other brands or sellers' products and you have full control over it. There aren't any distractions like people also viewing or top deals. 

3- Higher brand presence -

As your brand is only about you, it offers you a higher brand presence. If any customer buys any product from your website then your brand presence would increase. You can take full credit for your products and all the earnings go into your pocket.

4- Full control over your website -

5- Access to data-

Selling on your website offers you access to in-depth and all data about your customers, the time spent by them on your website, the products they have accessed, etc. 


1- Cost of website maintenance -

The cost incurred on website maintenance is high and it's not easy to maintain and update your website regularly. The responsibility of maintaining and developing a website can be a pain for your business.

2- Increased Cost -

Selling your products on your website requires a huge investment - you need to develop and design your own website, need to have your team and employees, marketing strategies, promotions cost, and much more.

3- Less reach -

As compared to Amazon your website offers you limited reach and less traffic as Amazon is already a well-built platform with millions of users. 

4- Difficult to build trust -

If your website is new, it is quite difficult to build trust among the customers as the number of frauds and scams has increased a lot. On the other hand, Amazon is already a worldwide trusted platform.

Conclusion -

Reading this article you must have some clarity about choosing your option. You may also go for a multi-approach where along with your own website you may also list your products on Amazon.

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