The Sellers Guide to Amazon SEO

In the digital era, online marketing has a great role. If one wants to sell their products on Amazon in order to beat the tough competition and grow your sales it is very I'm to optimize your product listing and make your content SEO friendly. In this blog, we have provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide for sellers to Amazon SEO.

In this blog, we will discuss -

Why is Amazon SEO important?
How does Amazon SEO work?
How can you optimize your product listings? 
And, some SEO-friendly Amazon practices?

Why is Amazon SEO important?

Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing your product Listings in order to rank them higher which helps you increase your brand visibility, boosts sales and revenues, sales growth, and increases traffic on your products.

How does Amazon SEO work?

1. Amazon search box:

Shoppers search for items by entering the related phrases or words in the search box and Amazon gives the results accordingly. The sellers can use those keywords or phrases in their products listing content that the customers are most likely to search for. 

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2. Search filters:

While searching for products the shoppers use various filters to find the products they want to purchase and to narrow down their search options like a new season, price ranges, color, features, etc.

3. Search results:

Your products can appear in the search results if you optimize the following -

Making all these SEO-friendly will help you to increase your rankings and increase your visibility in the search results.

4. Sponsored products: 

One can also use sponsored ads for promoting your products on Amazon which will make your products visible to the shoppers more thereby, increasing the chance of purchase.

5. Amazon sales rank:

Based on your performance on various parameters, Amazon gives ranks to the sellers. The higher the rank, the more your potential to grow and boost your sales.

How can you optimize your listings?

1. Keywords research:

Putting the keywords in your product listings that customers are more likely to search for is the easiest and the most essential way to increase your visibility. One can identify those Keywords by doing keyword research. Search some Keywords and phrases in the Amazon search box and see what products are visible. This will help you to identify the right keywords for your products.

2. Optimize product title:

The product title is the first thing that catches the customer's attention. The product title is one of the primary things that is used by Amazon and search engines to measure the relevance of the page as per the customer's search. But don't use inappropriate titles, they must match your product image. The product title must not be too long as longer titles are harder to read which might drag away the attention of the customer.

3. Optimize product description: 

One can add brand names, sizes, material types, colors, packaging, quantity, and other relevant details in the product description.

4. Use A+ content:

Using A+ content will increase the chances of sales, higher conversion rates, and increase traffic if used effectively.

5. Optimize product images:

Images must be of high quality otherwise it may not attract customers towards your products. A poor quality image gives a bad impression of your products to the customers. Insert multiple images with different angles to give a full view of your product to the customers. Effective images stimulate the customers to make purchases.

6. Optimize product pricing:

Offer competitive pricing as other sellers may be offering similar products at a lower price. Keep free shipping charges. This will help to influence your conversion rates and sales growth.

Some amazon SEO best practices -

  • Don't use repeated keywords.
  • Answer the product queries on your product page.
  • Try to focus on what your customers would like to know about the product rather than on what you want them to know.
  • Be descriptive about your products, but clear and concise.
  • Be truthful about the products.
  • Don't make exaggerated claims.
  • Follow the Amazon seller's terms and conditions and guidelines.


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