Key Points to consider before Hiring a Freelancer Or an Agency

Many business companies are stepping forward to outsource their business processes to a third party while some are yet confined to their insight team. Nowadays, the territorial boundary has no restrictions over the talent and availability of services for business requirements. Thus outsourcing has emerged as the best solution for requirements fulfillment within time and for reducing the overload of the company insight team. If you too think to hire outsourcing service provider, you might have come across these questions regarding outsourcing:

1. Is there any sense to outsource? For more information read- Outsourcing: Why it makes sense to outsource?
8602473808 2. Next, How to outsource your business processes?
3. Who to hire as an outsourcing service provider: A Freelancer or an Agency?
4. Last but not the least,  who is a freelancer and whom do we refer to as an agency?

The above questions are quite tough and need to be answered for proper business execution. finally, when you have made up your mind to hire an outsourcing service provider, you might have stacked on a conflict between freelancer or an agency.

But, before coming to any conclusion, you should think about the complexities and objectives of your project, and in altogether what you need to achieve through your project within the estimated budget.

Freelancer Vs Agency:
Freelancers are individual professionals who work independently and therefore directly communicate and deal with their clients. 
While an agency is a team with specialized and skilled members working together on the projects for their clients where only the project lead communicates with the client and instructs his team to work as per the client's needs.

Depending on various factors, Let us know more about the pros and cons of freelancers and the agency of specialized skills teams available for outsourcing.

Pros of Freelancer:

1. Affordable rates: The cost factor becomes more important particularly when you are in the initial phase of your business. Hiring freelancers can be the best choice when you have more expenses and works to be done. As freelancers work independently, they themselves make their rate chart as per the skills they acquire and they work for.  More often, freelancers are specialized in one particular task, so they charge only for it rather than for the overall project. The only thing they consider while costing is the project length and the complexity of the task they need to complete. 

2. Specialized Savvy: Freelancers offer those services in which they are experts and can serve their best. With specialized skills, they focus on their work. Just you need to recognize that special savvy for your project.

3. Directly connects you to your project: When you give your work to a freelancer, the freelancer is the point person with whom you are contacting and consulting for your project. This direct communication more often clears and avoids the misinterpretation among the client, project lead and project members. You directly get involved in your project and thus can share your views and requirements more clearly to the freelancer. This helps in achieving satisfying results.

Cons of Freelancer:

1. May be out of reach: Although overseas has not been a problem to search for talent and skill, it can be a problem to reach the overseas freelancers if your territory time zone differs. In urgency, freelancers might be unavailable because of their flexible schedule and location.

2. Not only works for you: The freelancers can bite off more than one can chew as they are free to work with as many clients as he/she wants. You can’t bound them to work only for you. This may sometimes result in the stockpiling of many projects on their working table, making them fatigue. Their fatigues might harm the quality of your project. 

3. Difficult Reinstatement: As freelancers work remotely, you cannot catch up with them in quick sticks when they quit. Although you have contacts with them yet in case they can relinquish your project anytime due to any reasons, which might leave your project half-done. Then searching for the new one for the same work requires all initial steps which can be cumbersome and might be more tiresome to find a new person who can work on the remaining project.  

4. Multiple Freelancers need more management: When your project is versatile and demands various skills likewise,  for managing an Amazon store, you need a store setup and management, product onboarding, A+ content, image processing and many more features with freelance writing services for your products, you need to hire multiple freelancers which would require a proper coordination among them. If you lack in proper management and coordination, it may affect your amazon store. Thus hiring and managing multiple freelancers can be an exhausting process especially when their time zone differs.

Thus it is suggested to hire a freelancer when:

  • You have a small size project
  • You efficiently can coordinate with multiple freelancers
  • You need a few specialists only
  • You are interested in all the process of your business

An agency:

An agency is full of specialized skilled members working in a team to collaborate with your project. For instance, for Amazon store setup & management, you need a complete Amazon support team that can handle your store as a whole. In an epitomize way, you just need to hire only one agency whose team leader will handle all the stuff for your project on behalf of you.

Pros of Freelancer agency

1. Complete Package:  An agency is stuffed with specialized and skilled professionals who integratively work to complete the multiple tasks for your project. This agency is all in one and complete package to leverage you with the completion of your project with efficiency and expertise.

2. Long-Term Companion: When you find the perfect fitting team for your company processes, you can easily work with them for a long time on more projects. Once set, this specialized freelance team would be always your first choice to complete your project.

3. No Burden to manage: Hiring a freelance agency gives all your management burden to the project manager or CRM person of the team. He is only responsible for coordinating with all his team members for completing the tasks for you. In case of any replacement or emergency, the agency takes responsibility for reinstatement and task completion even in the deadline. The right agency with the right CRM person is a bonus for your business. 

Cons of Freelancer agency

1. Pricey: Hiring an agency can be more pricey than hiring freelancers. An agency costs for all professionals as a whole plus the overhead costs which makes it more expensive. Some agencies also incur charges for office team places. But for these charges, they offer complete services from a number of specialized and skilled professionals in one place. You don’t need to search for individuals for different services. However, if an agency charges are properly calculated and compared with the charges of hiring multiple individual freelancers for the same services, the agency charges might be equivalent or lesser than the freelancer charges.

2. Complex: Multiple tasks needs streamlining among them. If the project is lengthy and clients demands for more services, the project’s complexity increases and thus the management complexities. But these complexities can be mitigated by hiring the right agency for your business processes.

Thus it is suggested to hire a freelancer when:

  • The project is lengthy
  • Timely completion is required
  • The project requires more professionals and skilled persons
  • You have other responsibilities in your project.
  • You are interested in all the processes of your business.

Most of the renowned companies are gaining fruitful results by hiring the contractors who are helping in twirling their business but the battle of hiring freelancer vs agency has no results yet because the reality is that both hiring options go through their pros and cons depending on the needs. The business chooses between them according to their project requirements and budget concerns. So what is your project suitable for: Freelancer or agency project.

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