A Comprehensive Guide on listing your products on Amazon com

Crores of customers across the world visit Amazon even for their daily basic needs and shop online. Thus Amazon provides a gamut of chances to its sellers to earn a high profit-margin. So what are you waiting for? Rush to Amazon set up your account and list your exclusive products for sale.  
Hoping that you are done with the
Amazon store setup and are now ready to list your products. The next step is Listing & optimization on the journey towards the Amazon marketplace and you can be the king of top-selling products on Amazon.

If you are a new seller, then you might go through the confusion of whether to start as an individual seller or professional seller (In any confusion, refer- 
Professional Seller Plan and Individual Seller Plan on Amazon-Key Differential points). The selling plan you choose opens the option for listing on your Amazon seller central account. If you opt for an individual selling plan, you can list a single product once at a time while if you go for a professional selling plan, Amazon allows bulk listing for your products.

Here are some nuggets of information you need to know while listing to get your products in Amazon products list-

You need to have- Item condition, price, and item quantity; Additionally, you can add restock & sales date.
For an individual seller; Amazon allows product listing individually but a professional seller can upload the bulk products while listing.

Steps for listing products on Amazon:

1. Start by signing in to your Amazon seller central account

2. Click on the Inventory tab and select Add a Product. This is the only option for individual sellers but professional sellers can also go through this option if they have a single item for listing on Amazon.  Here, two listing options are available. You can either list by going through “sell yours” option to look for similar products that are being sold on the Amazon platform. For this, you can use a  search bar to enter the information of your products. You will be provided with Amazon’s catalog. If you find the one same as your product, list it as yours by hitting “Sell yours” tab, next to the product on the Seller dashboard. This will help you to add your product in Amazon listing.

3. Amazon provides the next option of the unique listing when you don’t find your product in Amazon’s catalog. In this case, you can create your own catalog file and upload it to Amazon in any format viz Text, Excel or CSV file.

4. But when you have a long list of products to upload you should select Add Products via Upload. But be cautious, this option is only available for Professional Selling plan holders.

5. After opting for any option, a window will open covering vital information, offer, images, description and more info sections to fill the complete information about your product/products.

Vital information section: This includes Title, brand, manufacturer, shape, color, size of the product which is being uploaded.

Offer Section: Here SKU, the quantity of products and any offer if applicable are described.

Images section: In the Images section you can upload 10 appealing and attractive images of your product from each angle.

Description Section: Here the bullet points and description information describing your product is uploaded.

More info: Here search terms related to your products and cautions if applicable are filled.

6. The merchants can add new items and can create a Product and a Product Page for the new items. For this, you need to give complete details of the manufacturer, name of the product, and most important UPC (Unique Product Code, 12-13 digit barcode). 

7. At last, you need to generate SKU code (Stock Keeping Unit) that helps merchants to identify the product, its price, and the manufacturer. This SKU alphanumeric code can be 40 characters long. SKU number helps sellers in differentiating among their products. If you do not generate SKU, don’t worry, Amazon will do it for you.

8. Some categories like jewelry or Automotive Powersports and much more on Amazon are restricted for individual selling plans but are open to Professional sellers. To list in restricted categories, professional merchants need category approval. An invoice and relevant documents are submitted mandatorily needed while requesting approval.
With all these processes, the listing of products gets completed on Amazon.com. If you have all the details of your products, you will not face any problem during the listing. Your products would be visible to buyers and they can click on the buy button of the products on your Amazon store. The proper listing process is key to take your store to the top of Amazon. To drive more sales, Amazon SEO and Amazon optimization are recommended. If you lack Listing Optimization,
SEO & Metadata services, you are suggested to take help from Amazon Service Provider. One step ahead in the listing process would take you many steps ahead in paving the path of success on Amazon.

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