Why Reviews are so Important for your Amazons Store

Amazon, being the biggest online giant is the first choice for the buyers nowadays. The buyers explore Amazon for their needs. It is the sea of the myriad of products and items for its buyers to sail through it, thus the online product reviews from the fellow buyers help them to pick up the best and needful products and to be aware of the products of poor quality and service. The buyers, prior to making any confirmed purchasing decision go through the reviews and feedbacks of the products they are looking for. The reviews & feedbacks help them to select the best needful product among all available products of different sellers. Indeed, reviews & feedbacks are the common tool for the buyers and sellers to improve their experience. When a product of any seller gets more positive reviews and ratings then there are more chances to have a large sale else negative reviews might bounce back the purchasing decisions. Here it is worth to be noted that the negative reviews can also be removed or changed by customers or Amazon but only as per the Amazon guidelines. If you too have few negative reviews or low star ratings, our blog on How to deal with negative reviews will help you a lot. 

Amazon Vine Program for Reviewers:

Since the real reviews are very helpful for sellers as well as for buyers. If there is any negative review for any product, it helps the seller to improve their store while protects the fellow customers from buying the wrong or unauthenticated products. With this context, Amazon gives an offer for the true and active reviewer on its platform by running an Amazon Vine Program. Amazon sends an invitation to the most trusted & active reviewer to post their point of view about the new launch or the pre-launch of the products on Amazon. These program helps the fellow buyers to know the real and unbiased feedback to make their confirmed purchase decision. For these valuable reviews, the Vine members of Amazon are provided with the free products that the Amazon vendors submit to participate in this Vine program. Neither the vendors can pressure any reviewer to edit or delete the reviews nor Amazon changes their product reviews. The vine reviewer gives true feedback whether negative or positive. The reviews written in the green stripe are the vine member's reviews.

Amazon Stringently maintains its policy for the integrity of its reviews: Amazon has made stringent policies for its sellers to sell their products on Amazon. It strictly complies with its sellers to serve quality service to its customers all the time. Amazon does not only lie on the quality confirmation by its sellers about its products but in an emphasized way also depends on the reviews and feedbacks that have left by the customers on the product pages of Amazon. Here some sellers are being prosecuted for publishing fake reviews while some for offering compensation to customers to edit or delete the negative reviews on their store. These are all against the Amazon policies. Amazon strictly complies with its sellers to maintain its integrity & trust among the customers. Amazon takes immediate action for those sellers who violate its policies (whether by fake reviews or by bribing the customers to change their reviews) and try to demolish the Amazon dignity. Recently,  Amazon has announced national headlines to punish the publishers of the fake review. 

Following are the factors that show the importance of reviews for sellers:

Amazon & Amazon Reviews are the first choice for buyers: Amazon holds the topmost place in the online marketplace, with an average of 183 million users/month out of which about 44 million users are Prime members. This proves that Amazon customers are happy with its services and have trusted for the quality and services they are getting through the Amazon platform. Thus for sellers, it is needful to assist their customers which would turn into better reviews by customers on their Amazon store, These reviews not only will add more shoppers for making confirmed buying decisions but also retain the trust of customers on Amazon.

Reviews influence Buyers: The shoppers are not only shopping lovers but they are review lovers too. A Nielson study has come with the data that emphasizes the love, approach, and trust of shoppers on online reviews about the products on sale. About 70% of customers all around the world rely on online reviews and feedbacks that have been increasing by 15% for 4-years. No doubt, the review trend would increase by more. Thus for a seller, reviews and product ratings are important because they are key to unlock the doors of your store for the Amazon buyers. More will be positive reviews, more are the chances of buyers to come to your store and thus more will be the sales. The merchant only needs to maintain the quality of products on the Amazon store, rest will the reviewers do.
Reviews help Sellers in determining what to sell: The trending reviews for the products help the sellers especially the amateur sellers to know about the market trend and customers likings. There are thousands of products available on the Amazon and yet the sellers keep on adding the new products, thus giving a tough competition to all and especially the new entrepreneurs. Amazon gives rank and makes a list of best selling to least selling products on Amazon. The items that are more frequently sold and get positive reviews by the customers get the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. This helps the sellers to better understand the market on the basis of sales of these products. These reviews, in turn, help them to pick the best product for their stores but the quality assurance is a must.

Reviews help in improving the quality and services: Reviews are the experience which the buyers have from the products they buy. Most of the buyers share their experience of different products whether good or bad on the product page. These reviews not only help other buyers to be cautious or right off the bat buying but also help sellers. The sellers can improve the quality and services with this feedbacks. When buyers share their experience for any product the relevant sellers, as well as other sellers, can learn from the suggestions. As an instance, if any buyer gives positive feedback on shoes of any seller, the other shoe sellers can go through the reviews about what quality and services are making the buyers happy and they can improve their products too if they lack in any service. Similarly, when a buyer gives negative feedback, the relevant seller, as well as other sellers, can have the idea of where and what needs to be improved in their services to satisfy their customers.

Reviews increase the chances to win the Buy Box: Amazon optimizes the product rankings on the basis of the number of reviews posted. When the reviews are positive, they add more stars in the service and product quality of the seller. This helps in higher sales which in turn boosts the chances of winning Buy Box on Amazon and to become Amazon Bestseller. But be cautious, if negative reviews are frequent on your Amazon store, Amazon may suspend your seller account. Thus reviews are important for the sellers to hold their position in the Amazon marketplace.

Indeed reviews are of utmost importance for sellers as well as buyers. Mostly each buyer goes through a product review process before buying any product, while for Amazon sellers, the positive reviews increase the chances of their sales, to win the title of Amazon bestseller, to win the Buy Box. These positive reviews are proof of the qualitative delivery and the trust of the buyers on sellers. But this does not mean that sellers should engage themselves in buying fake reviews. As per Amazon policy, “Any try to reshape or swing reviews, directly or indirectly resulting misleading, false, or corrupted content is stringently prohibited for sellers and Amazon can suspend their seller central account from this giant marketplace.” Thus the crux is that the sellers only need to comply with the policies and guidelines of Amazon and deliver their customers the quality products & services. Rest will the Amazon and positive reviews do.

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